This is daniel and welcome back to all things. China, have you always wanted to get a smart, rare os watch by google but find it is a bit too costly, wow today you’re in luck, because in a while we’ll take a look at a refurbished smartwear os watch by a brand called mobov, it is costing Only 100 us dollars so stay tuned, and we will take a look it together and see if it’s worth your money, Music, Music, all right, let’s, take a look at its physical appearance. First, this watch technolo comes with a black version as well with me. Is the white version it’s called glacier white? The watch feels rather light, given that it’s waited for 5 atm, which is a 50 meter. Waterproof capability and its construction is also rated as an army grid. So you can take a lot, a lot of punish and still it should works well, there’s, nothing on the left on the right it’s, just one button which will brings you back to the main menu as well as to the watch faces just right at the bottom. Is a microphone on the back? Is a charging port as well as i believe, the heart rate sensor? Okay, nothing on the left. It takes a standard 20 to 22 millimeter watch band, so you can change it as you wish. The watch face is at 1.4 inch with a resolution of 400 by 400 pixel, so pixel density is very, very good.

The watch comes with bluetooth as well as wi fi connection. However, take note: it doesn’t have an imbue nfc chip, so mobile payment it’s not possible at all. All in all, i do like the construction, and i believe you will too as well so next let’s take a look at the watch faces that’s available for this smartwatch. Some people find it’s rather important, because there’s a whole reason of getting a smartwatch is to be able to customize the watch faces so let’s take a look what’s available. If you see some of the watch faces, has a gear at the bottom, a gear icon. This means that you can customize it further, such as the individual compilation. Let’S finish, the rest of the watch face all right. There are quite a number of options. You can even add even more okay, let’s quickly, scroll through let’s, say, for example, you do want to take a look at let’s, say this guy here. Let me finish the rest. Okay, if you want to take a look at this guy, you just have to click. It click it again and there you go a new watch face. Something to take note about the watch face is the watch face. Timeout timing is rather short, i think about five seconds. It will turn off there. You go. I wish well as give us the ability to increase this timing. Unfortunately, we can’t, the only option is you can make the watch face, turn on all the time, but that will consume too much battery, so i don’t quite like it, but other than that i’m.

Pretty pleased at the number of options, a number of watch face: that’s, Music, available Music Applause. So yes, it’s conclusion time, let me go to the pro cons and finally, my final thought. First, the pro this watch is very, very comfortable, very rugged and also very very light, and one other thing is i do like. I do like it. That is a wet os watch, because this means that it comes with google play store and therefore there will be a lot of apps that is available to us and those apps will be updated progressively next, the tracking capability of this smart watch is rather accurate and Fast, comparing the other brand that i bought from china when i went down, i said: wait for a minute or two before the gps is tracked. Sometimes i got so frustrated by breathing. I just won anyway. This guy is tracked right away, most of the time and it’s very, very accurate at uh attracting your distant cupboard as well as your heart rate. So for that it’s very, very good for its corn. There are two that i want to mention. First, one is there’s. No audio feedback there’s no imbued speaker in this smartwatch, which means that you can talk to google assistant, but you will not be able to reply you. It will just give you visual feedback based on text, if not you’re, going to wear a year’s piece. This is how you can talk to it.

Next, the battery life is rather weak about a day to maximum. To about two, i wish it can be even longer, but again, i’ve been i’ve been nitpicking. So all in all, i think this watch is highly recommended at this price. It’S really worthwhile, especially getting rare, os and also the watch, do looks very fashionable. I will leave the purchase link in the description box below highly recommended right now. Mobovu is having a discount across its entire series, including the pro series. Okay with that we’ll conclude this episode. If you wonder just now, there’s a lady who showcased the product she’s the latest member to authentic china, her name is sandy hi. So, in the time to come, our review product will expand not just in gadgets, and it will help me to review accessories as fashion from china yeah. If you like, what we are doing, please give us a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this, please subscribe until next time.