Vice a few shortcomings and a few alternative options, so stay tuned. The first couple of reasons why the xiaomi redmi note 80 is one of the best budget phones, design, build quality and the display and all that the phone looks very similar to other devices out there. But it is still beautiful. Nevertheless, ruggedness is enhanced, with Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and rear. Also, the device does not have any official certifications, but it is splash proof which is a very rare feature, any budget segment. In fact, I think this is one of the standout features of the xiaomi redmi note 80. An LCD display is also really nice, sharp it has beautiful colors and even though it is all but reflective, it's still viewable outdoors. Another reason why the redmi note 80 is great: a good combination of reliable hardware with good specifications and software that has plenty of features despite a low price. The point can handle 3d games quite well. All of the games run fine, but you may see a few skipped frames here and there, but no major lag. I played asphalt: extreme shadow pi3 on the highest graphics settings and pop g on medium visual settings. However, if you are truly passionate about mobile gaming, go with a redmi note 8 pro that has a more powerful CPU. Any dedicated cooling system check out my review of it and you'll find all the links and show notes down below the video me.

Ui 11 is still love it or hated for some users, but the overall performance has been really good and there are plenty of features and customization options to play with. However, the UI is based on android 9, which is a little bit disappointing. The third reason why the redmi note 8e offers great value a good balance between essential and extra features. For instance, we still have a headphone jack and excellent loudspeaker, a loud and clear earpiece, great call, quality and signal reception, ire, blaster, nice, feelin, buttons, dual SIM card and he dedicated micro, SD card slot super fast fingerprint scanner and a reliable face unlock feature. The note 80 also ships with an array of sensors GPS, has been reliable thanks a Snapdragon chipset, and there is NFC for mobile payments and other stuff reason number four. Why the redmi note 80 is awesome, really good battery life thanks to a large capacity. Four thousand milliamp hours unit it's possible to get over 12 hours of screen on time, while using the phone for the basic stuff and watching videos. Also, it takes just about two hours to fully charge it with a supply charger. You also get the clear TPU case inside the packaging, which is, in my study by the manufacturer reason number five combines both pros and cons of the device. Some may complain about a camera module that sticks out quite a bit from the phone, but this is actually one of the most versatile setups you can get on a budget vise with a few caveats.

They light image. Quality using the main lens is really good. However, the wide angle lens produces quite soft. Looking images reminding you this is a cheap device. After all, also the macro lens is kind of gimmicky. If it has to me, it's really hard to get a sharp looking picture unless you use a tripod to nail focus but who uses tripods with phones, you can also record videos with a macro lens which is cool and everything but I'm, not sure. If you're going to use this feature very often again, you need a tripod unless you are a fan of shaky footage. Teleportal pictures use digital zoom, meaning that the results are just mediocre, also the ability to take 48 megapixels high resolution pictures is a nice feature, but I suggest you use a regular 12 megapixels mode for more reliable performance and better overall image. Quality portraits, usually look really nice thanks to a dedicated depth sensor, the night mode has become really impressive even on budget devices, and the note 80 is a good example. The quality is really nice using the mainland's much better than in auto mode. However, the wide angle ins performance is quite bad. I really like selfie image quality, but only in good lighting in low light. The selfie shooter kind of falls apart. The four key video is shaky, but really sharp and detailed. If you prefer smoothness over detail, choose 1080p resolution, you can also record smooth videos using a wide angle.

Lens 1080p selfie video looks really nice for a budget device and the sound recording quality is quite good. So we've come to the conclusions part and the only shortcomings about the xiaomi redmi note iki include the android 9, which is not the latest version of google's OS and the camera is not perfect and some features are a little bit gimmicky, but is still one of The best setups in the budget segment other than that this is a great budget device and it held up really well over the past couple of months. For the current price of about 170 bucks is definitely one of the best budget devices you can get in the competition slightly cheaper, redmi note 8, a little bit more expensive, redmi, note 8 pro that has he more powerful chipset for gamers and larger battery and, of Course the latest xiaomi redmi note 9 s which cost more than all of the phones i just mentioned, but it has his Snapdragon 720 G CPU, a massive 5020 million hours battery upgraded design with a quad camera setup and a lot more subscribe to the channel. For my full review of this device that is coming out soon, so what is your pick? Would you choose the xiaomi redmi note 80? Would you go with the redmi note 8 Pro, or would you choose another device, as always like the video I've liked it? Please subscribe to the channel if you haven't already drop me a comment down below.