But every so often there is an exception to that rule and thats. What weve got today a potential exception to the rule when them hang reached out to me and said: hey check out our newest smartwatch. I was very, very dismissive. I was about ready to drag this into my recycling bin and just write it off as yet another generic smartwatch. But when i read the email and looked at some of those promotional materials, i was actually pretty impressed. This thing looks like it marries both style and functionality into an incredibly budget smartwatch, but what were going to look at today is whether it lives up to those expectations. As we take the review of the nem hang smartwatch, hello, everybody. My name is robert, and this is the new review Music. Yes, that is right. I have had a complete rebrand as myself and the channel grows. I wanted my channel to reflect that and my brand to reflect that. So let me know in the comment section down below what you think of the new logo, all of the new graphics and maybe ill adapt it and change it a little more over time to get it just right for you guys and for me anyway. Lets get on with reviewing the nem hang smartwatch, but of course, before we do that, i do just have to let you know that nem hang did send this out to me for free for review. That is, of course, not going to affect how i feel about the smartwatch.

Everything that i say are my own thoughts, but lets go ahead and unbox it. So here we are with the outer packaging and im going to be honest with you. I was pretty underwhelmed. It is incredibly generic packaging. There is no way to tell what brand this is. You do get to see the color in the top corner there and it comes in a few different ones. I went with the gold and sort of a brown tan on the back. We do see a few of those specks but of course, lets stop looking at those specks and the box and see what we actually get on the inside on the top front and center. We do see the watch body itself with that 1.17 inch display. We do also get a magnetic charging, cable and, of course, the straps as well, underneath that main body, we actually do see some paperwork and perhaps most interestingly, of all, a screen protector. It is so very rare to see screen protectors, given as a free gift. With these smart watches, i dont think ive ever seen that before, but it would become incredibly useful because im going to be honest, the amount of times ive worn a smartwatch and scuffed it on anything. As i walk past is very high. So, to have a way of protecting that in the box is just incredible and more brands should start doing. This lets go ahead and take a quick tour of the watch body.

As noted, i have the gold version here, but others are available. The front of the device shows that 1.17 inch display and the relatively small bezels. We will talk a little bit more about the screen later, but lets continue the tour as we take a look around the outside. With that gold trim, we see two buttons. The top button will allow you to turn the screen on and off, while the bottom button allows you to go through the menus and interact with the watch itself. On the back, we see the points for those standard magnetic charger. This is fine. For the most part, every generic smartwatch comes with this style of charger. It can be a little bit annoying to line up perfectly because it only fits one way. Personally, i prefer the puck charger of the apple watch, mainly because i can just sort of drop it on and it will automatically connect. I dont have to fiddle about to get it exactly right, but for its price point it does the job and its fairly easy to connect up because of those magnets, and of course we do get the heart rate sensor on the back here as well. This is nothing new, its a very generic heart rate, monitor that still appears to hold up, but well talk a little bit more about the heart rate. Monitor a little later on. Lets really quickly talk about the straps. Quite honestly, these are more high quality than i expected them to be, especially for that 50 pound price point.

The tan brown color is certainly more feminine than i expected, but i really dont hate the look the straps attach, like basically any other smart watch, strap you just pull down the pins and slip them in place. This basically means you can buy third party straps from amazon and ebay and youre almost guaranteed that theyre going to fit. So you can always switch up your style with ease, and this watch is pretty stylish. They feel strong and robust too im going to be honest. When i look at many generic smart watches, these straps feel flimsy stretchy and like theyre, going to break after a short period of time. These really did not feel like that these felt incredibly high quality and i can see myself actually using it for a fairly long time. They are, of course, the silicon which is perfect, because this is meant to be a sports wearable, so its not going to degrade over time with sweat as youre running or doing any other kind of exercise. The straps also have enough cutouts to basically fit any size of wrist, so you dont have to worry too much about this strap, potentially not fitting your wrist. When you first turn that screen on, you really do just understand how much design has played into this watch. It looks incredibly good every single watch face that is being pre installed on here. It blends those slightly thick bezels out of the picture all together, i came to the conclusion not too long ago that every generic smartwatch basically looked the same.

These squared off boring designs with incredibly big bezels, but this just isnt the case. This is an incredibly stylish and good looking watch with that 1.17 inch display in the round body with that golgi accents i just i cant get over it. I really do think this is the best looking smartwatch ive ever seen, even with a watch like this, the apple watch series 7. I do think this looks better than it. The screen size is not too big either. It sits well on my wrist and doesnt appear to dwarf it too much its not too thick and its not too big. Even on my girlfriends wrist, it really didnt dwarf and looks just about the right size if youre looking for a statement, piece and really dont care too much about the smart features and just want to be able to track your steps in a day. This is the way to go honestly if thats, all youre. Looking for you can stop this review now and go and buy this watch. It is a stunner lets talk, smart features, though, in terms of an os. This is running the very generic smartwatch os, which basically every smart watch, runs and thats, not a bad thing. The os itself is actually very, very good. The first thing you see when raising your wrist is that watch face. What i loved here was there was that every watch face that was installed would complement exactly this watchs design and if you connect it up to the mobile app, you have an almost limitless amount of different spaces that you can choose from to download to your watch.

So, no matter what your style is or how youre feeling that day, you will have a watch face. That is just perfect for it, but of course, before we continue with this review. If this is the first time that youre, seeing my face on your screen than one lucky you and two go down there, hit that subscribe button smash that bell notification icon. So you get notified every time i upload, while youre down there is low. Let me know in the comment section what you think of this watch: do you like the style of it or do you think it just looks a little bit. Tacky id be really interested to know what you think, but, of course, without further ado lets go ahead and continue with this review. Swiping down from that home screen gets you to the quick settings and theres quite a lot here. You can change the brightness from basically nothing, so you can use this in bed or in a darker environment like a cinema, all the way up to the brightest setting, which is blisteringly bright. Honestly, i was so impressed with being able to view this thing outside. While i was in direct sunlight, brightness and youre going to have no issues here whatsoever, you can also go into more in depth. Settings also set do not disturb mode, so no notifications are going to come through and buzz on. Your wrist constantly annoying you swiping up is where youre going to see your notifications, and this watch has the same fall down as every other generic smartwatch, and that is.

You just cannot reply to any of these notifications. Every notification that your phone gets will be mirrored onto the watch, but there is no way for you to interact with them. You cant reply to a text message. You cant open an email. It is a very limited feature. So if youre looking for a smartwatch to be able to actually interact with notifications, this is certainly not the one for you and i would skip it looking at something like the wear, os watches or even the apple watch. If youre on the ios side, swiping, left and right from your home screen gets you to a few of the key different fitness activity apps, it became apparent to me very quickly that this is not a smart watch. This is a fitness tracker with a few smart features. This is totally not a bad thing, but what it does do very well is that fitness based activities so lets have a swipe through and have a look at. Some of those apps that are pre defined in your home screen. First up is steps. Steps appeared pretty accurate to be honest. These sat very well with my apple watch and appeared within about 100 or 200 steps of each other, its really displayed in a nice way. That makes it easy to read and easy for you to see when youre gon na hit your goal and what your goal is for that day be that ten thousand steps or twelve thousand five hundred.

Of course, you do get inactivity pings every hour as well. So if you are just sat down and not moving anywhere, your watch will vibrate and tell you to get up off your ass and get walking. This is a really nice feature. Every smartwatch has it, but its still nice to see it here. Next up was sleep tracking now, ive always been skeptical of sleep tracking, particularly in smart watches and its about the same here i found it was very, very inaccurate. During the evenings just sat there watching tv, so a couple of hours before bed. My watch would start to believe that i was in a deep or parked sleep and it was very, very odd, so the actual results that i got from sleep tracking were wildly off um. If you do want to use the sleep tracking feature, it is there and it can be useful to give you a general idea of how your sleep is. But i would not use this as a real set in stone, and this is how much sleep i get, because it is wildly inaccurate. Next up is weather. If you sync this up to your phone, it will show you the weather, in a really nice and broken down way, giving you a nice graphic of whether its raining, sunny or thunder and lightning or snowing. You can only have one location synced up at a time which is a bit annoying, but it can be useful to give you a general idea of what the weather is outside the last two options are very health related, that is heart rate and blood pressure.

Heart rate was perfect: it was within sort of 10 bpm of my apple watch, which is normally my standard for checking these kinds of things. Blood pressure, however, was absolutely useless. I could not get it to work, and even if i could, i dont know how much i would trust it. A watch like this probably cant tell your blood pressure at all. So if you do get numbers out of it, just take it with a massive grain of salt wow. Okay, that is a lot of features right and thats, not even scraping the surface pressing that bottom button will bring up the menu and the list of every app that this watch has installed its quite incredible. Many of these are smart features that arent particularly smart, but can be useful in some senses. Others are very much health and fitness related, so lets really quickly go through some of those apps im not going to go through them all because theres just too many here. Those smart features include music, playback, camera shutters and others that rely tethering on your smartphone. They all work as you would expect, but, honestly, this is not a reason you should be buying this watch. This is not a smart watch. This is a fitness tracker. At the end of the day, these smart features, though, are there, are not particularly well thought out or executed if youre into your health and fitness, though there is a lot to like here, there is, of course stopwatch and timers these work, as you would expect female Tracking sleep and your normal activities and sports as well so lets talk about some of those sports tracking because there are a couple of different modes here, but they do seem to be somewhat lacking.

Lets take a look when it comes to sport tracking. There is no gps here and you actually cant tether it to your phone to start a gps based workout. So, whenever youre outside you cant have that gps signal for cycling or running it will just be a passive working out of how fast youre going and your pace and such it will not be particularly accurate for running. But it will give you a good general idea. You get 10 different sports modes, ranging from running and walking all the way to cycling and even rowing. It is a pretty good range of exercises and i think for most people it will be enough, but there are some glaring holes here. For example, there is absolutely no hit, there is no swimming and there is no weight based exercises. I just dont know why they arent here. It feels like these are missing and they really should be here. Theyre, not particularly hard to calculate and, to be honest with you, these sports modes are almost a requirement in 2021.. During a workout, you do get a plethora of information based upon how many steps youre doing how fast youre going, and this will, of course, all change based upon the sport. Youve chosen youll get distance, speed, calories burnt as well as your bpm. This is all fairly well presented during your workout and its easy to view at a glance. The subtle vibrational feedback as well helps you to keep you in the loop of how many kilometers youve run or cycled or exercise youve completed after your workout.

That data is saved to the watch and can be synced with the h band app. The hband app is not particularly impressive, its very much a generic experience again and its just a place for you to sync all of that data off of the watch to your smartphone. I find that it is a little thin on the ground in terms of features. You can view all of your past workouts sleep data and everything else, but the information thats actually here is not particularly well presented, especially when coming from the watch. It can be a little bit hard to understand a workout and break it down afterwards. Whats most disappointing, though, is there is no way to sync this to other third party services like strava or even apple health, so youre stuck inside of this h band ecosystem, which is not a particularly good one. Unfortunately, so, overall, what do i think of this watch? Well, i think it is the most stylish watch i have ever owned. Honestly. This thing is just a real showpiece and should be used as such if youre looking for smartwatch style features. This is not the watch for you. If youre into your exercise and keeping fit, there is enough here to keep you busy, but im going to be honest with a lack of different sports tracking. You might find it difficult to really comprehensively use this as a smart device. If, however, you are just looking for a watch that you can wear and potentially track steps with and maybe see, a notification or two, this is certainly the way to go, especially for that 50 pound price point.

What do you guys think is this a good deal, or is this just yet another generic smart watch? Let me know in the comment section down below and of course my names been robert.