It rather is a smartphone. What i mean by that, i will let you know in this video hey. My name is leonard youre watching the product review. Yeah thats me, so this smartwatch has all kinds of features. Well, i wouldnt recommend using this mob watch for sleep tracking or sport tracking, since this one is really chunky, but otherwise it is worth taking a look. So today we will go over all of the features and the specs. Now before we jump into the video. Please leave a like and subscribe to my channel if youre new also click the notification bell to always be notified whenever i upload new videos and now with that being said, lets start with some specs. So this smartwatch has 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigabytes of internal storage, which is insane ive, never seen that in a smartwatch with the built in 13 megapixels camera, you can take photos and videos which look decent for a smartwatch camera and you can store them On your smartwatch right here, a short clip. Well, you can even do some videos with this one, but theyre not the best, but at least you can do a little bit with this camera. The cosplay 2 has a caromic bezel with a plastic case and a silicon strap with a quick release function. Unfortunately, this watch only comes in a color black, but at least you can change the colors of the straps anytime you want to.

We also have built in gps, a mic speaker, a slot for a sim card, so you can actually use the smartwatch like a smartphone and call friends, write messages and other stuff, and this watch is waterproof, oh and by the way, as you can see, this watch Is massive, it has a 1.6 inch color touch display with a resolution of 400 by 400 and so much for the specs so lets head over to some features which are by the way, a lot. If we swipe to the left, we get to all of our features. So, first up we get the phone sms and our contacts just in case you want to put in your sim card and use this smartwatch without your smartphone being nearby. We have the usual stuff, like the heart rate, sleep and blood oxygen tracker, which can be said in the gowfit app over here we can adjust the tracking interval timer of these trackers and see all the stats for the day last week or even month. Once this watch is connected to the internet, either via your home internet or the sim card, you can browse the internet, use the google assistant, which is working just fine. In my opinion, and of course you have google maps now you cannot use the two finger technique to zoom in and zoom out, but at least the double tap is working next up the weather, widget and this one looks massive and super clean.

So you have all the updates for today and for the next six days since this is an android 10.7 smartwatch, you have the app store as well, so you can download whatsapp, instagram, snapchat and all of this stuff. If you want to. The only thing i noticed is that the buttons are sometimes a little bit off screen, so you have to be very precise if you want to select anything, but therefore typing is very easy, as well as the watch faces. You have all kinds of different watch faces on this one, some digital ones analog funny looking ones or you can even take your own pictures and use them as a background. Now, just to complete the list, we have a rather bright flashlight, a calculator, a recorder, music player gallery, breathing exercises and a calendar. The most used feature on the smartwatch may be the sport mode, even though i think its really uncomfortable doing some sports with such a chunky, smartwatch but anyways. Overall, we have 31 different sport modes to choose from like wrestling ping, pong, rope, jumping and the normal stuff. Like running cycling and walking with the smartwatch, you can even customize your desktop settings or just your app layout, so you can kind of like make it look like an apple watch. Have the apps in one two or three rows lined up, which are my personal favorite? If you swipe to the left, we get to our notifications, swiping down to our daily stats, music play and the weather, widget and swiping down takes us to our quick panel, where you can set the screen.

Brightness, bluetooth, wifi, dnd flight mode and all of that jazz and basically thats already all of it, as for last lets, talk a little bit about the battery life overall, you cannot expect too much of it through the 1260 million per battery, which sounds a lot. You only get roughly one day of battery life which really isnt that much so you really have to treat this smartwatch like a smartphone now folks, thats already it for the video, if you like it, smash that, like button smash the subscribe button, if youre new to The channel also click the notification bell to always be notified.