This is the unboxing video of all new evo w56. This is the successive model of w26 let’s quickly unbox and see what’s Music inside Music, oh Music, Applause, Music. This is the mesh metal belt which we get with this watch. The quality of the straps is excellent. No issue is faced even after wearing it for hours. The magnet is also very strong. This is the silicon case, which is also included with the watch. It’S made of tpu material disadvantage of tpu is that after few days, it will turn from transparent to brownish color. This is the user manual and m. Active app is used to connect. This watch with smartphone i’ll show how to establish connection with smartphone later in the video. This is truly wireless charger. All the older versions had two pins at the back of the watch for charging, but this is same like provided with original apple watch. It has got green light. I’Ll show that also this is 44 mm silicon strap. I have reviewed many watches, but this watch has got the best quality straps. This is the watch itself. The color and body design is very accurate to original series 6.. This watch has got both the buttons working, unlike other watches, which i’ve reviewed earlier. This is the first watch which has got functional, strap, release buttons. As you can see, the text are also engraved in older versions. It was just printed which was not of good quality.

Once the straps are locked in place, it will not slip out, which was one of the major problems in all the other watches Music. Music. Now let’s turn the watch on. As you can see, the crown button is working and the rotation quality is also much better than other watches. I’Ll quickly show how the charging works on this watch i’m, using my power bank to charge it Music. There is no indication on the watch if it’s charging or not so only through the green light given on the charger, can help you make out if it’s charging or not Music, now let’s go through all the watch faces. It has got many of them so enjoy the video for next two minutes: Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so so total there are 50 watch faces and custom watch face is not supported, but you can try installing by following the steps given in the i button. It has got two menu styles. Once the watch is connected, you can make and receive calls and notifications. Even this watch seems not to be equipped with sensors. Now let’s go through the settings. Menu hey. As you can see, the model number is w56. Now let me show how to connect the watch turn on bluetooth and search for your watch and connect. It then turn on location as without location. It will not pair with the app you will need to download m active app, which is now available on play store.

This app is still under development, so in future they will still add more features to it. Turn on notifications of the app which you would like to receive in watch that’s it for today. If you guys, like the video, then please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon.