com, the premiere site, 4 smartwatch specs new san reviews. Okay, we are on the second part of our video review for the ios 68 pro smart watch. Okay, so this time were going to check on the menus and features of this new wearable again, this smartwatch is in the i its in the series: 7, okay, series, 7 model, okay, and, as you can see here, we have a sporty look with the crown button Here button on the bottom and we have the flexible, strap okay, so we have here the details on the back back cover of the smartwatch bluetooth watch: 7 generation: 44 millimeter, okay, whats this aluminum case: okay, smartwatch, okay, so ionx glass, e with ecg. Okay, so were going to check on its menus. Okay, the way the way it responds. Okay and other features. Okay, so we have here. Okay, we changed it last time we have the default watch face here. The mickey mouse watch face okay, so lets check okay. So you can change the watch face by okay, turning the crown button here. Okay, so we have different watch faces. We have simple analog. A digital watch face here, okay, so we have some animated watch face here, for example, this one okay, so thats it theres a lot of preloaded watch faces here. Okay, one of the main features of this one is the split screen menu here. As you can see here, we have the. I think the the display here will, based on the recently accessed menus, okay, sit here.

Okay, we also have several menus here. Okay, if you want to access the main menu here – yes just scroll here on from right to left okay, so we have here several functions. Okay, so were going to check on that okay, so we have the settings here. So this one now, okay lets change. First, okay lets change the menu, so we can check okay again for apps, smart style. Okay lets pick this one, so we have the message here. We also have the dialer. We also have the phone book. We also have the call logs. If you want to read your message, just tap on it and you can read the messages, okay, message, notifications, we also have the bluetooth connection here. Okay, what else we also have the pedometer. I think this one is the okay automatic activity tracking, so it calculates the step bits per minute, as well as the calories. Okay, going back to this one, so notifications, we have ecg, i i dont know if how this one – the texture, ecg okay, well check on that later on, okay, we also have a weather. We also have the sports tracking. We also have a sleep monitor here, so it monitors your deep sleep and the light sleep. We also have the weather. It should be connected to your smartphone. Okay lets check on the heart rate. Okay, just work again are great okay, so we cannot check on that. We have a low battery mode here.

We have the sports here: okay, yeah, the walking running outdoor run, climbing cycle, basketball, badminton ping pong football; okay and we have the history here. Okay, for example, lets check the on the walking. So what are the details or calculates monitors for such way, so it monitors for monitors for the calories, distance, okay, step and your speed. Okay lets stop it. We also have blood pressure here. Blood oxygen we also have a calendar, will also be better temperature. Okay, fine phone stopwatch: okay, boosted music. What else do we have here? You also have a sedentary bluetooth camera heres, the app download for the qr code of your app. If you happen to lost your user manual, we have a language support here. You can change it here. Voice assistant, i dont know if this is siri, that they say. Okay on the promotional graphics lets go back here. So please check your bluetooth connection, motion so fleet to mute alarm, so theres a support for music motion action here. Okay, gesture turn is too bright on the screen. Lets go back again, shake to answer the call flip the mute alarm. Okay, so thats very good. So we have a lot of support for motion gesture, so we have different menus here. Okay, so we pick the for absolute. We can identify the icons okay, but if youre familiar with the icons here, you can just pick other style menu style. Okay, we have power saving mode.

We have games here, so games, ninja, climb and top gun; okay ill. Try to check this later on. I am not familiar with the game. What else do we have here? So whats up support twitter, facebook? We always already have here, okay, so it has a special function. Okay, then, we have status of alert, type vibration, immunity, im, not familiar with this immunity, so we also have the power saving mode for the settings. We have linked to the app clock notification, brightness units – you can change it here. So what also had a password so metric to imperial you can change it sound if you want to have a sound for your smartwatch volume, also display reset and information about your smartwatch, okay, so thats it okay, a quick video review of the different functions and menus Of the wearable okay on our next part when we charge this wearable well check on the heart rate, blood pressure ecg, as well as the blood, oxygen and body temperature monitoring. Okay, so thats it a quick review of the ios 68 pro smartwatch, another series: 7 smartwatch.