com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news, and it was okay. We have here again back in our spotlight the ios 68 bro smart watch, okay. So this is a continuation, video of our review of menus and features of the ios 68 smartwatch. This time were going to test or check its sensors, whether its it is working or not. Okay. This includes the this includes the blood pressure, as well as the body temperature monitoring. Okay, so lets start again. If you have any questions regarding this wearable, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your queries. Okay again, this is the i was 68 68 pro smartwatch that features magnetic charging. I mean wireless charging, okay, so lets start okay, so we have here. The display screen lets access the different health functions here. Okay, so lets check. Then we have different menu style here. Okay, we have the smart style. Okay, we sit here and we have the other one. Okay lets check it. First, okay lets take a closer look at the different menus here: im, not really familiar with the different icons. Okay lets go back to the menu option; okay, great: this is, i think, oh, so this is like a voice command. Okay: okay, let me check okay wheres that main menu main menu options; okay, so we have four apps smart style and nine apps lets go back to the four four apps, which is much easier to navigate.

Okay, so im not really a fan of bubble type: okay menu; okay, although its a very popular option for those who have the series seven or series six smartwatch: okay, okay, lets start okay lets check uh. Where are we now lets? Look for the heart rate? Monitoring? Okay, so we have here the ecg, okay, so heres, the heart rate, okay measure completely so lets start lets check, so it is detecting now so lets see if its going to work or not so we have here the results. 73 bpm measure complete so its not automatically checking your heart rate. You still have to active, activate it by tapping on the graphics here: okay, so thats it for the heart rate, monitoring again for the sensor seal, especially the especially the health sensors uh. The results are just for references and not really for a tool or results for diagnosing your health status. Okay, so also, i have here the blood pressure, its not a medical grade sensor here, but its okay, a good addition to your variable. Okay, its now measuring lets check okay. So we have the results here: another one: okay, okay, so thats it. We have 100 over 85. So that seems like that is normal. Okay, blood oxygen lets check. Okay, so start lets see. Is it okay lets see its now? Measuring okay, 97, okay, so it the results. Okay shows up less than just a minute: okay, okay, just a few 10 20 seconds.

I think so lets check about the body temperature here. So we have 36. Is it working lets, check and well see 36.3 celsius? Okay! About this one, okay lets see, we have an increase in body temperature; okay, no, maybe its not working correctly or maybe its just a big sensor well see, then maybe well check it on the hot water. Next time well see: okay, its not far from the normal. Okay or the previous results here: okay, well just check im going to check up on the hot water, okay and see whether it will work or not. Okay, well update you with the results. Okay, we also have. I dont know if i noticed that theres an ecg yes, so i dont know how its how it will provide your result with the metal okay sensor here on the side similar to other variable, okay, so its that it detects your heart rate as well as the Ecg here im not sure if the result is pretty accurate or not okay, so, as you can see here, its still detecting okay, although im not laying up laying it on my wrist okay to app okay, again, lets see. Okay well, see so far. The bits per minute here, its not detecting any, it seems like okay, as you can see here, it works even though that im, not using it okay very disappointing, seems like its a fake sensor here for the iowa 68 pro you see it still, showing results seems Like its all animated here and really not a real sensor for the wearable okay, then lets check other options here by the temperature.

What are the other health sensors here? Okay, we dont have a briefing guide: okay, so thats it for the health sensors. We also have a sports function check our previous video for the different sports activity for this variable. Okay, okay, so we have here the sedentary im, pretty sure you are familiar with it. Okay lets see if this thing works. The games – okay lets, go back to the games. Where are the games? Okay, so ninja climbed? So, okay? How do you play this? One? Music? Hey go back again! Lets try! Okay, so you tap on it. Okay, so thats how you play the game. It looks very hard i dont know if im going to enjoy playing this one. Okay, lets go back top gun about this one; okay, its a shooting game; arcade, shooting game; okay, so thats how you play the game its not that responsive and due to the small screen yeah lets, try another one: okay, go back start game; okay, okay, just a Simple go: okay, but its really, i think smart watch is really not built for this type of game, its its a little bit slow, okay, anyway, still a good addition to get bored and want to play at least a few games on this wearable. So it has at least two games here: okay, so thats it the features, the health features and, of course, the games available in the iowa 68 pro smart watch, but it looks good okay, i just dont like the health functions here, seems like its not really providing Or its not really detecting your health status, but instead it provides you fake, okay.

Some second seems like an animated result: okay of your health status, okay, so thats it for the ios 68 pro smart watch.