You have a sim card slot on the side of the watch, so you can call your friends and tag them anytime. You want to. You, have two built in cameras, a browser. You have enough storage for all of your favorite tracks and pictures, and you dont even have to pair it to your phone anymore. If you dont want to and can use this one stand alone now, of course, thats an all this watch has to offer, but lets start with hey fox. My name is leonard youre watching the product, reviewer and thats me. This watch has a huge 1.6 inch. Color touch display with a resolution of 400 by 400 and, like i already told you, you have more than enough room for all of your favorite pictures and music files. Since you have 128 gigs of internal storage. Now you also have 4 gigs of ram and in combination with the 2 gigahertz processor, everything runs very smoothly on this watch if its wiping left or right or if you open up any apps now speaking of applications, this watch has a camera function included. So you can take pictures right from your watch or, if its connected to your smartphone, you can use the watch and take pictures from your phone. Now. As i said, you have two different cameras. One front: slash selfie camera in the front of the watch with two megapixels and, to be honest, its not the greatest since its a little hard to turn your wrist and get a good selfie, and you also have a back camera with 5 megapixels.

You can also take views with these cameras, but the quality is not the greatest its, not bad, but its, not the greatest either. So let me show you some examples right, quick, hey folks. How are you doing and welcome back to my channel? My name is leonard youre, watching a product, reviewer and thats me of course say hi to youtube. Next up we have the bitten gps and the different sport modes that we get with this watch. So, yes, we have built in gps and nine different sport modes to choose from not very much, but at least you got the standard stuff covered like running cycling, some ball sports ping, pong and rope skipping. I really would have liked if they included a few more, but if youre looking at it from another perspective, this watch is a chunky, millimeter smartwatch that weighs in at 75 grams, with a height of 60 millimeter. So its more like a good to have thing and its not very suited for sporty activities. Okay, back to the topic, this watch does not support nfc, it is ip67 waterproof. It has a heart rate tracker that does not track 24. 7. got a breathing exercises. An alarm weather widget that gives you a weather forecast for the next week and the phone feature. So, like i already told you, you can call your friends and family right from your watch without the need of having your smartphone nearby. If you have the sim card now, we have a little sim card slot on the side of the watch, which we can easily pull out and put in our nano sim card.

With this one. We have 4g lte in all of our contacts right on our watch. So you can either punch in a number that you would like to call check your call history or use your contacts to call someone as long as were connected to the internet either via your sim card or your wireless at home. You can download all kinds of applications from the google play store, so you can download stuff like instagram, tick, tock, whatsapp, youtube and all of the apps you like now theres just one problem, which is that, because you have the round display, the edges of the screen Are cut off so you can see everything to 100 and its sometimes a little hard to press buttons when they are in the corners. So, as you can see, i have already downloaded instagram and youtube and you can use these apps. Normally you can look at pictures or watch some videos on youtube now, since you have 4g, you can browse in the internet as well and search for stuff for that you can use either the browser app or the google app either way its fine, the lan 415. Also has a watch face store, so you can either check out the pre installed ones. If you give the home screen a two second press and over here, you actually have quite a variety of watch faces, but if thats not enough for you, you can download like a billion more in the app over there.

Basically, everything is covered from analog watch faces. Digital ones, futuristic ones and a lot more. You can actually also upload one or two pictures and use that one as a watch face background as well as, if you swipe right on the screen, you can receive all kinds of messages on this watch and, of course, reply to them. Swiping down takes you to your control center or whatever, that is called, but actually the things you see over there if the watch is connected to a bluetooth, if it has a sim card and the battery life swiping up, takes it to your daily activities, where you Get to see how many steps you took, you burn calories you and mileage, and even tracks it for the past week as well from down here, you can swipe to the left once again to get to your music player.