com the premiere site for smartwatch specs, new san reviews. Okay, we have here the latest one of the latest smart watch in the series: seven: okay, we have the iwo 68 pro smartwatch, okay, its a sears, seven smartwatch with the latest operating system as well as features okay that is similar to the popular apple watch. Seven. Okay, so it is a clone smartwatch under the series. Seven model: okay, so lets have the unboxing of this wearable and check whether what are the updates on this wearable. Are there any improvements? Okay, last time what we have the x22 pro smartwatch. So this time we have the iwo 68 pro smartwatch we are going also to ha. We are going also a going to show you a comparison review of the iowa 68 pro versus the x22 pro so watch out for that. Okay, so lets focus first on the ios 68 pro smart watch. Okay, so lets have the unboxing again. If you have any questions regarding this rebel, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay. So when i purchased this ios 68 pro okay check out the links below uh, they sent me a free okay, and then this is a bumper case. Okay, a silicone bumper cray, a silicone bumper case and, of course the smartwatch comes with a okay, its already included inside. I think its a ski screen protector for the wearable, so thats, very good, okay, so its free.

So we have a screen protector here and we have the bumper case here. We have the ios 68 pro smart watch strap okay, so our smartwatch okay, it is in black color. Okay, ill put it here. We have here the watch. Okay, so it is. It looks like an apple watch, 7. Okay, so lets remove the plastic cover here. Okay, it is in black color, see, wait to it its a bit heavy compared to other models that we already have and we have okay. So it is magnetic charging, also okay, similar to the eye wall to the x22 pro okay and we have a very small manual here: user manual, okay, so very small, its android. We have here the qr code. I think party support app so whats the supporter for this one. Okay, so it is the rd fit app. Okay, so were going to have the demo on that, okay on our next video, so it is magnetic charging okay, as you can see here, okay and we have the bomber case free, you also have the screen protector, free and, of course, the smartwatch so lets. Okay, take a look at the design here, so this one okay, the crown button here – is a bit protruding. Okay, compared to the x22 pro. Let me show you the x22 pro okay see the difference here. Okay, we have the chrome button here and the build shape button here. Okay, speaker hole, i think our mic okay.

So this is our speaker here. This is the back of our x or io: 68, pro, okay, so seventh generation, okay, 44 millimeter aluminum case okay. We also have here an ecg, i dont know if its activate or not okay, so lets try to install the strap here. Okay, so it is for speeding, okay, so thats it the x22 pro smartwatch. Okay, let me compare it with a so this one is your x32 pro. I mean this. Is your ios 68 bro? Okay, so its almost you almost have the same size, just different manufacturing technique. I think okay for the crown button here, theres a bit of difference here, so lets have and check the display screen of the ios 68 pro smart watch again. This is the ivo 68 pro smartwatch, not the x22 pro, but they almost look the same here. Okay, of course, its under the series, 7 generation model. Okay, so lets check, lets turn it on and check. The display. Okay seems like we: dont have power; okay, so thats it. We dont have power for the iowa, 68 bro. Okay, so lets check and charge it first. Oh okay. We finally charged a war wearable. Okay, so here are the specifications of the iwo 68 pro smart watch. Okay. So before we check on the display here, okay, so we have the 1.75 inch display screen available in black silver, silver, pink, blue and red color. Okay, obviously we have the black color here, 320 by 385 pixel resolution.

Okay – and we have a 2.5 d curved tempered glass here, okay, so the processor is mtk2502c okay and we have the battery here: 180 mah lithium ion battery with one to two days of battery life, yeah, bluetooth, 4.0 and, of course available in android and ios. Okay. So, as you can see here, we have the display screen: okay, okay, very slim bezel here on the side, but on the bottom, its a bit wide so lets try to change okay and check. Let me show you okay, this one, so we can clearly see the bezel here so on the bottom part, it is a bit wide here, okay, but on this side it is much slimmer, okay. So this is an animated watch face, so it supports okay whats this. So it sports ground the scrolling of the cro of the watch face by a crown button here. Okay – and we have a lot of watch faces here, as you can see, you have one two, three, four, five, six, okay for the menus. Let me check. We have a menu here, okay, so we have a split screen: menu, okay, beautiful looking split screen here, so we have at least smart style here for apps main menu, nine apps. So we have different menus here. Okay, as you can see, we have a grid type menu, beautiful, looking beautiful, looking icons here, hey so it supports split screen. Different preloaded watch faces as well as different functions and menus here.

So far it looks good. It looks sporty. Okay, so well see on our next video were going to check on the menus the different menus and function of the ios 68 pro smartwatch again. The display screen here is 1.75 inch. Okay, its a 44 millimeter smartwatch with a 1.75 inch screen display ips 320 by 385 pixel resolution; okay, so it is wireless charging, okay, bluetooth, 4.0, with support to support backwards, port of bluetooth, 3.0 android 5.0 and above ios, 9.0 and above platform. Okay, we also have games here. Custom watch face okay, so thats it. This is your ios 68 pro smart watch, as you can see here its available in the aliexpress again watch out for our second video for this wearable. Okay were going to check on the menus and the features different functions of the smartwatch.