This story in particular, is very interesting to me, not necessarily because of its contents, because i feel that shady political practices are just kind of part of the business. But the simple fact that it was so hard to find information about this article that i initially had to find it on the house of representatives judiciary committee website at It had much of the same information, but why was this so heavily censored all across all mediums, so my disclaimer is always that i am what i would consider a moderate and before i made this channel about a month ago, i was not very politically motivated and Knowledgeable, i would just say that i would be kind of a average american. They would consider themselves, as you know, son of the world politically, but you know a critical thinker and a minority. So when a story like this comes along that’s being so heavily censored, it just has the streisand effect where i want to know more about it, and why is it such a big deal that needs to be censored from the internet and when you look online to See that over at the federal list they talk about facebook and other big tech companies are censoring. This story so heavily where uh andy stone is saying that they’re not going to intentionally link their no they’re not going to link the new york post. They want to be clear: the story is going to be eligible to be fact checked by facebook’s third party fact: checking partners in the meantime they’re reducing its distribution on their platform.

So does that mean that facebook is saying reducing the distribution on the platform is saying? Okay, we’re not going to let them share that story and then also when you’re on twitter and you’re trying to click that link. It gives you this warning. This link may be on safe uh link words stating that it’s giving you a screen, that’s, usually affiliated on google, when you’re clicking a link, that’s going to be spam or malware or something where they say. Like you know, four bullet points is a is the reason why they don’t want you to click. This link, saying that hey look, you know, malicious links could steal personal information or harm electronic devices. Well, i don’t think the new york post is doing that. They say that spammy links that mislead people or just disrupt their experience. I don’t think that they’re, like a tabloid and the fourth bullet, point’s, saying certain categories of content. If posted directly on twitter are a violation of twitter rules, i don’t think it’s that i think it’s the third bullet point where they say misleading content that could lead to real world harm. Now, when i look at a story like that i’m i’m thinking that it’s kind of a very politically charged thing for them to say where it’s misleading content that could lead to real world harm. Well, i feel like there was a lot of misleading content that was involving russiagate or the impeachment or kavanaugh or another stent.

Like the original stories behind brionna taylor, were they were real riots. Real people got hurt and there was misinformation, there’s still a donovan mitchell, twitter, post, a basketball player about the situation that still exists on twitter right now. It’S misleading content that has led to real world harm and twitter doesn’t seem to care about it, which kind of makes me feel a little bit insecure as to what big tech and what censorship has in the future. For us and when i’m. Looking at this and seeing that twitter had blocked a editor at the for the new york post, saying hey your account’s been blocked: uh kelly, mcinerney, the white house press secretary, her account has been locked and even people like james woods, who’s just a celebrity. That happens to be an outspoken conservative. Yes, his account has been locked, so there’s a lot to this beyond what i feel about, like you know, what does the contents actually of the of the story? Uh entail so i’ll go over that, but i mean before we get into the story. I just want to make sure you guys, if you enjoy what i’m doing the decoy voice, giving the voice to the silent majority as to what the average american’s thinking. If you like, what i’m doing subscribe down below, show your support, but i mean getting back to the story, so i guess i’ll just kind of rewind a little bit just kind of see, like you know, say just the the broad strokes behind it if you are Liking me and you’re just kind of a moderate where you don’t know much about the politics behind this.

Is they said that you know hunter biden who’s joe biden’s son, when he was the when joe biden was the vice president, he was. He became um on the board for ukrainian energy firm that was being pressured by their government. Official no was was being pressured by a prosecutor that was investigating their company. So from my understanding is hunter biden does not know their language has no experience and energy companies at all, but they bought him on in 2015 or yeah. They’Ve sent 100 biden on 2015 uh a salary to be on their board for 50k, a month which is like 600k a year. Why would they ever hire and why would any company ever give somebody over half a million dollars a year if they don’t speak the language and don’t have any experience in it, maybe there’s a part i’m missing with hunterbot and is just a good uh board member, Maybe i’m just not smart enough for that, but it does seem that there was a a situation where they wanted joe biden. They wanted joe biden to pressure the ukrainian government to fire that investigator and the sad part is. I think i placed the tab super far away, not that one is this over here, where hey joe biden kind of bragged about the idea that he was able to get their government to fire. That prosecutor later on, which is i i mean there’s so much to dig into that.

But the simple fact that you know this is a tucker carlson uh. His speech about this whole situation with joe biden hunter biden. But this part of the interview i don’t know if i can play his episode on my channel or not, but it’s. Basically him saying that he was with the government. He was only there for a little while and told them hey i’m, not going to give you that billion dollars. I believe it was unless you uh fired this prosecutor and they said well you’re, just the vice president, so you can’t do anything and joe biden says: well, you know what just go ahead and ask the president right now: i’m here for six more hours, so you Can go ahead and fire him, and then they ended up firing that prosecutor. So then he walked away from it inside the case itself. They talk about how the uh the uh vatim poser oscar i’m butchering that name the advisor to the board of barisma uh. They were thanking hunter for inviting him to dc and giving them opportunity to meet their father and spend time with him. So if we’re getting the timeline correctly, they hire hunter biden and give him 50k a month. They get to meet joe biden and then joe biden goes to ukraine and pressures their government officials to fire the prosecutor that was looking into their business. Yes, that sounds terrible. That sounds terrible, especially when you’re looking at all the different times that joe biden had denied that he had been involved in his son, like you know, telling people that he’s never talked business about his son and also getting very defensive and angry at a guy.

That asked him about his his son, hi or you know, did joe biden set his son hunter up with burisma for that deal and then he he it’s instead of famous, like you know, look here fat. He called him sedentary called him a liar challenges him to do push ups or something i mean it almost i i don’t know i don’t really know what you can deduce from that, but just this fact that yes, he’s it’s, a very touchy subject for him to Be taught to be asked about his son and their dealings, but back in 2018 it seemed like something that he kind of bragged about and over in 2014, is something that is becoming clear that it actually occurred in the new york post’s article. I know that there is lots of of accusations that this was a like a hacked email, and you know you can’t really post that, because how they get it, but to the to my understanding, is you know correct me in the comments if i’m wrong is, they Were able to receive the the information, because, actually i can’t keep on scrolling because there’s images they got from the thing as well – i’m, not as interested in that but um that he he dropped off an apple laptop at a repair center. He didn’t pay the bill. Didn’T come back for it, so he turned it into the authorities and that’s how they’re able to recover the emails and the images that they’re using to slam him as well, which you know, i guess as a moderate.

I would go ahead and say that as sad as it sounds, it looks like we just expect these business deals to go down that’s how business is you’re, not happy about it, but you just accept it and it just seems like it’s business as usual from the Left from the right i’m – not really outraged at it, because i just kind of expect it and also the idea that they think that this is kind of propaganda in the sense of why did the new york post drop this? This story right here? Were they sitting on it for a while, and they wanted to release it next to the election, or did they just compile this information right now and send it out so there’s a lot of just that? You just kind of expect, but the point that i’m actually interested in as a conservative moderate that just wants to know kitchen table issues. How is this going to affect me personally in my day to day life? Probably not much? Maybe it affects the election turn some voters away, but the idea that facebook is now out like straight up, saying, hey, look if it goes against our party, our affiliation. When you look at facebook in there, i did. I covered it on another video who they are donating to politically. As a conservatives. Is it liberals, you kind of already know that the answer to that question, but if it’s going to be russiagate, if it’s going to be about kavanaugh, they seem to have no problem.

Just letting that information go out there, but as soon as big tech sees something and going against their candidate, oh warning: this link may be unsafe warning. This is misleading. We need to fact check this first. It becomes very scary to somebody like me of what role does a medium like social media. Take. Where are they just a place where people can openly communicate where they’re like the telephone company or they a medium where they will push a certain level of propaganda or politically motivated statements to they have a goal in mind? So that kind of worries me and the interesting thing that i kind of deduce from this personally is the idea that you have uh an organization like antifa, where they look to see hong kong and they’re protesting against china. They don’t want to be taken care of or taken care. They don’t want to be taken over by the chinese government. They don’t want to have their um to be censored like the chinese, like they don’t want to be censored by them. They don’t want their citizens, be extradited to the country to be punished for crimes that break their law, but they’re living in hong kong. So they see that and they want to stand up for, like oh, yes, they use the umbrella of what’s called a phalanx where they’re defending themselves. They’Re protesting the streets and they’re doing a lot of the same uh tactics. They are, but then they’re they’re protesting against trump’s campaign and the conservatives on the the side of big tech, the side of multinational million billion dollar companies and they’re almost protesting in on behalf of censorship.

On the behalf of this big tech, firm that wants to to suppress information, it almost seems like they’re pro like what is happening over in china right now, which is a bizarre thing where i think that, like if you look past the decoy, narrative and tifa would Be kind of against facebook and tifa would be kind of against the left against the democrats against joe biden and what they’re trying to push it kind of feels like a everybody’s been duped and the more the censoring happens, the more the suppression happens, the more the American people, just can’t express themselves, becomes a very real thing to just an average person like me, so you know that’s the reason i kind of picked up the story not to kind of go through. So much of the you know the secret emails and what was really happening because, sad to say, i just expect that level of under the table behavior behind them and i’m. Not! I i don’t expect somebody to come in there and say: oh nothing like that. Ever happened and i’m upset that this thing happened because you just expected, but i don’t, i was surprised at this type of stuff this, where they’re saying hey, look you don’t, you can’t share this information and here’s the thing democrats. What do they control right now? They control the house, the senate is republican, uh controlled, the executive branch is republican, controlled and you know the supreme court isn’t a republican or democratic branch, but once uh, amy, coney, barrett get or gets confirmed, and even right now, it’s, more leaning towards the conservatives and The republicans, even with everything, swaying towards the right and the conservatives and the republicans you’re still seeing massive censorship like this.

Could you imagine if joe biden and tulsi gabbard get elected into the presidency, and then all these senate seats go to liberals and democrats? How much more censorship is going to happen once that occurs? If that occurs, and what does our internet look like that from there? I believe that you know i was a very long resident of reddit and i would see all the the posts and, as time has gone over, you realize it’s a very left, leaning website, but i would see it and i would say: oh wow, the conservatives republicans Don’T care about net neutrality, they don’t care about. You know they want these big companies to be able to do whatever they want to us and they don’t. They want monopolies to rise and everything, and now that i look at it i’m like well, you know, am i being misled by reddit in their narrative or is it really what’s going on or is it really the left that wants to be able to just do Things like censoring from the free flow of information they want to make. You feel that there is a particular narrative they believe in so they’re going to make sure you only see that and anybody that wants to speak against that it’s censored i’m, genuinely afraid of that. So you know, as always, i’m open to say that i have a blind spot with these political things. I’M. Just learning i want to be someone that’s more well informed on it, and i want to be someone that you can kind of come to when you want to know more information as to what’s really going on beyond the decoy narrative.

So if you appreciate what i’m doing you like that i’m, giving the silent majority of voice make sure you subscribe down below make sure you’re letting everybody know that an independent voice like mine deserves a voice and people want to hear it so subscribe.