This is a box. This is a gold box, everybody and when I lift the lid I get more gold box. Look at this thing. Look at this thing. This is incredible. Wow Wow, have you ever seen a watch package like this? Can you read that set in your language, fascinating huh mm mm its gift time it's holiday season, and this is the most exquisite packaging I have ever seen for a watch here. It is look at that tab to pull up bands that fold over and lay down gorgeous what kind of watch comes like this glad. You asked it's the Jay SBP X, 361, Pro it's, coming to us from bang good and the trick is it's coming to us from Dubai. Oh yeah, Dubai ha check the show notes for a buying link and I'm, not sure how you do it. But if you can order it through being shipped from Dubai, well here's, my shipping information, you see it was picked up and left. The United Arab Emirates went from there to Bahrain to Germany to the UK from there it hopped over to Cincinnati in the United States. Then bopped over to Los Angeles and from there it went on the rest of the way to reach me. So this packaging is what sent out for this watch from Dubai. I can't tell you, if that's, what you're going to get if you order it and it comes from China we've all seen to the packaging from China, but Wow.

If you really are into gift giving – and you want to give something that just it's gon na while somebody this is it it's – definitely wowed me so what kind of watch is it it's very typical to what we've seen in a lot of the other Janice class Watches I call them that, because the Janice watch was the very first one to come out with dual cameras: 4G. Most of those have three gigabytes of memory and 32 gigabytes of RAM, but this one is the lower model entry model with one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte I'm. Not sure if the upper one is available, but definitely from Dubai, this one is it's got a 1.6 inch. Touchscreen screen, honored it's waterproof. They claim with a heartrate, monitor. It'S got really nice brown leather band on it, here's the basic specs on it, 320 by 320. Pixel screen yeah, it does have the flat tire, just like all of the other ones in this class does, and it does pretty much everything that we see in this class of watch, which we're going to take a look at right now. The unboxing is partially done. Underneath here we have this that actually comes out, and this is solid man. This is in here Wow, okay, oh, my goodness. Look at this the cables not just thrown in the box, it's carefully looped in here Wow and it's down in there good. Here we go. Okay, oh okay, this whole platform comes out as well with its own little special circle there that sat in the middle of that and that's glued into the box.

Oh my goodness, 4 pin connector USB cable for charging and it slaps on and it's pretty sturdy. This is a heavy watch, but it's it's, almost holding it's not falling off too easily so that's good it should it should hold for charging we've got and inspected by a kind of a thing, a product warranty card that comes with it. The warranty service for this one mm, hmm and in the manual instruction manual so available with the brown band and look at that band by the way is black TPU, underneath with places for humidity water sweat to leak out. I guess and then leather. On the other side, the nice brown leather band that or black overall instruction manual for this watch there's a basic disclaimer and then packaging. What comes with it part of the whole watch. These are the buttons, the camera, the location of this stuff, the fact that it uses a nano sim. Then the tethering information like all of them. It ties to the why watch to app and we have a whole separate video up on how you pair with that it's, really simple. You download the the app to your phone and or you can you can scan the QR code to get it or you can use the show, links and just below the video here we have a link over to that app on the Google Play Store. You can download, you make sure it's turned on, and then you scan the QR code.

That'S gon na show up on the screen of your watch when you first turn it on. Then you pair and you get into the app and you see all the different things that you can do there, including sending over different watch, faces to the watch as well and some more basic information. When you press and hold the the main button you can power down, you can clear your recent tasks or switch between them and that thing that little box there can change between a circle and a square and that's for your third party apps to make sure they Show up clearly on the screen, the quick menu area and stuff you can do there and that is it yeah, okay, well, let's check it out, turn it on the upper button. What do you mean? This is a different watch. It'S the same watch rewind a check. It out you mean it had brown bands, this is black, it had one button. This has two: it had one camera. This has two: are you sure yeah you're right, the one we supposedly just unboxed, looks like this? Well, you said this was the x360 one bro right, it's a x360 one what's a problem. Well, the problem is we already reviewed this one it's, the x360 one it's right and I snuck it in the box just to mess with you guys, because what we are reviewing is a dual camera, Janus class watch and that's this one what's the model number well.

Obviously, it's gon na be x3 61 Pro right. Let'S go in here settings all the way down to about this watch and x3 61 pro right. What do you mean X, 360, uh, huh, bamboozled we've all been bamboozled for the first time now, I'm getting watches whose model number mentioned in the literature and sold as does not match the number in the watch. The X 360 is a completely different watch and we already reviewed that yeah, so I don't know what's going on. Hence I don't know which watch I should be showing you, but the one that really came in this drop. Your watches, the one that actually came in this beautiful magnetic box is this one, so we're gon na take a look at this one. This is the Janus glass watch and I have it on. The special watch face that Pierce Colin's in England and his dad designed a long time ago, a patterned after the ambient display mode, and if this did ambien that's what it would look like, it would be really cool, but it doesn't. None of these watches do it's a standard Android watch you've got all of that. You got all of this stuff. It'S really light right now, but you see you've got the location, services cellular airplane mode and twist your wrist to see the time bluetooth Wi Fi is on. This is your silent mode, and this is where you can change the overall brightness unless you have display brightness installed, which I do, which lets me just make a little slider go to change the brightness over there.

You got your watch face. Notifications are over here to the right, as you saw, is our app drawer and over here is all of our fitness stuff. Does it integrate with the GPS? We say, go and it says finish and it's done and never once did it ask for GPS? No, it does not that's the old fitness version in this one, and also we mentioned the memory, but I got ta verify that too. If the model number was off this said it was a one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte. To do that, you go all the way down to more. In more, you go all the way down to ram and in ram you see. We'Ve got a total of just a little bit free ninety six megabytes 808 being used that adds up to basically 1 and storage. We'Ve got 11 gigabytes, internal storage left. It looks like so that's gon na be 16, not 32. So, yes, this is the lower Ram. Rom storage version of this watch we've talked about the fitness stuff. We also can show you that you've got your step count information as all of them do that's down here and what else the apps are all. Basically, the same is in all of these different watches. A little bit different icons, you've got the dual cameras and they're the same resolution: music player, basic sound recorder. All the stuff is the same there's the fitness app basically the same as swiping over heart rate, monitor nice, colorful, icons, weather voice, search place, storm google maps.

Your assistant, of course, I've installed, display brightness now that's an app you can get check. The show notes at the very bottom go over to the resource center Android watch resource center, and you can download display brightness and floating touch or the little dot over there. That I put on all of these that let you bring up all your apps as simple as pushing that little button there and scrolling through them all of that and to to reports everything matches it's all. Basically, the same watch as all of the other Janice class watches that we have reviewed it's even got the updated back on it. That has the little cover here with the diodes over on this side. Instead of the big long back like that, so that's been a modification but other than that. The bands are this style, not this style, but they are the TPU leather combination and yes, it is available in brown. If you want that, one too, so what's the deal on this one you're, looking at pretty much the same watch as the COS pet vision as the Janice as the Lokmat x360 in this x3 61 pro that comes in this really fancy packaging. If you're able to buy it from dubai and that's the outlet that this can to get it, you would go to banggood and check in the show notes to get to this particular link and pick it up. I again I'm not sure that it'll be sent to you from banc, ah from Dubai and I'm, not sure it will be sent in this fancy packaging, but you can check with them to see how it'll be shipped to you.

It might be. This is the only way that the J SVP watches are put out, but I don't know: okay, you've been watching, Smart Watch sticks.