Actually you can stop, say it smartwatch. Then i want to show you how to do it in inside it. Okay. Now let me open this all right. Why is this game? Is here im not ready to play a game? Okay, then, here it is im gon na take this off. First, oh, my god. I take this off okay, this this is my. This is actually can. This is my clock, you can, they have cans and its actually upside down, but it doesnt understand because see this backwards. Look 10 min is it. Why is this cold again? This is hours and you can change it to minutes. It is sounding then max gon na be gon na, be calendar and see that that is uh ice cream see and thats 11 as well. You see this on the top its wednesday, and this is august, and this is 2021 actually all right. This is always turned off now. Next gon na be this gon na be this move, you must move around and you got numbers on it. Then you can stop it and just if you want to again look, they move themselves when were rested. See, oh my god, stop it like that. Okay, next gon na be a lot for waking me up. I waking what i press that already this is seven oclock, but i didnt wake up in seven oclock. Actually then uh, okay, but im when i wake up roll around im supposed to be, and i didnt wake up, because i want to change that and i dont want to wake up earlier, so sleepy, actually and uh what next gon na be.

This is already finished. Why this doesnt is this, and this is a timer for where brush your teeth and go outside, and you can play with your friends and get in home when its done and sing a song, then only that you can. You can finish your homework as well or finish your time to tidy up than just that, and next gon na be this game. I actually have this game and im gon na show you later when i finish this talking and look at this game was so cool. Actually, oh my god, i cant, oh my own heart. What happened this you can we can turn right, see the racing cars is much better. Actually, its, not my favorite game, my one is favorite game is a basketball. This is what my favorite game is. Okay – and this is camera for outdoor – see that picture outdoor – this is actually outdoor or indoor or in holidays to float to it and camaro also just also have it. I have a lot of picture here. What this is look? Look. I have my picture here. Im gon na show this look at mine, my picture funny actually and next gon na be what i. Why is it this backward, and i have a smart smart. What and dont worry about that? Just have cat and just press it and some more a watch stop and you can stop it and you can put the bucket again.

Then you start to zero okay, next gon na be this is photo and im showing everybody like this is actually funny. I play this im sorry this all day and you can have a photo in there wheres, which way – or i mean here it is how about im gon na start in my videos, okay, this is my video, but you can press it like this and you can Tilt it, oh my god, no, my memory, i forgot to delta and you can ha your. I im gon na show you at pokemon. Then then this um this is bad brother. I dont want to tell that about. This is my youtube to do. Look. I have a lot of what is, i have wrong operation and you can have player and name and okay, the next gon na be what is this this and were gon na be calculated. You can call it calculate, and this is you can have numbers, and i know what 99 plus 99 is 190. I 8 i mean yes, that you can have wait. This is six circulation. I wouldnt rub it off gon na be nine and 29 plus 99.. This is impossible because i i turn it back and i cant plastic properly. First uh, once it doesnt work, see 198. Actually, my brother good numbers, actually, yes and next gon na be this ah like this see. This is not allowed to keep away from the eye.

See i have a lie: actually is not its not nice. Actually, oh, they cant change, color, actually whoa whoa whoa scale and the next gon na be um. What is this called ma? I dont know its for something, but i dont know what its called okay and this is, and this is only for singing or sounding actually dont have any whatsapp. Actually you can you can you can hear it with this, but not all the time. You must doubt it or they dont have enough memory. Okay, no! This is actually a color of background. Oh its gon na be a red, yellow, pink. I have my that doesnt want to. I want to select that actually and finish. I just got timer for me. Gon na be waiting my time to waste me up and next gon na, be this okay, then, why is this impressed? Oh this important noise. For it you can more way brightest. I have very brights. I want to bright more, and this is fifteen. You cant direct that i want to take it down like that. I did my date. Is this? Actually? Yes, okay, okay, im going back, okay, im gon na be crazy! Oh this isnt! My time – and this is my time to to back uh – i went back now. Im already finished that this is my. This is my former game, its a disabled game, but it doesnt work when his game is disabled, just count on three one: two: three uh, how they got it, one two three and the possible and what color gon na be.

Oh blue, oh i didnt understand one two three try, oh, is work, look have no limit, you can have. Music was a second cold, its called 90 minutes. This is no limit. I cant take it no 90, 60 minutes 30 minutes or 50 minutes gon na be disabled game im gon na be in limit. I dont want any games yet disabled huh there we go see that name. Okay, finish settings changed now: im not gon na be. This. Does actually have language, and that is my languages. I talking english or indonesia, and i dont know how to speak. Arabic. Actually, i dont speak anything. I just speak indonesian, english. When i back to indonesia, i just speak to my friend or my family. I get talking about english and but my friend dont know how to i have to speak english, but when i back into this, everybody call me keza and yes, actually not back or not b. What is this i mean this is this: is file manager watch lets see, i have idea photo or video. Actually, i dont know, but i won the video but its more better than others. Why is this theme? How about just open it whoa look at this thing. I have a lot of me and i have a lot a silly word to say, and i want to silly word and im gon na back. No, this is worse this i didnt im not allowed to do this because i have a wrong name.

Actually, i dont want to okay, i say no, it just isnt possible, now finish thats all, and i got everything to show you this, but im gon na im, gon na play faces the finish winner. Who game is the winner im gon na show you later one email coming im gon na say it one two three one, two three hello guys. His name is imam. Actually hes hes getting numbers than me because i dont know all the numbers and i dont like math. Actually i can i like spelling, i like drawing – and i like – writing my brother. Only like numbers. Are they yeah? Yes, that and next were gon na play competition game. Oh, i have this game which one im gon na start and you must start with. I was doing okay lets. Go rock paper scissors spot rock paper scissors, one, two, one! Hello! Are you ready to play hi there lets play Music come on hello. Welcome back! I was coming here you mind how many you score. You have, i dont know 110 well thats cool. Welcome back! I have my alone now lets play the game. I think i wish i win whoa im, so lucky im not lucky, because the blocks gon na be loose up. Please please, please, im gon na be one hmm. I got two levels: oh my god. Im gon na beat this one. Tell everybody whos gon na win.