It is the dt100 pro max. It is the best dt 100 series model till now and we can see the box is black box now lets open the box. The inside we see the watch and also a wireless charger and the silicon gl and the menu now lets check the watch. This watch is also 44 millimeter and this side. It also only has one round circle button, and here is the microphone and at the back, there are also no lock button at the bottom end, and also there is no charging interface. Those this watch is using the wireless charging, and this side here is the speaker and now lets power on the watch and the first three lets check the watch faces inside. It has totally 12 wood faces and we can also hold the screen Music. Then we can change. The word faces then lets check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see the supreme screen, and here is the qr code and also the vibration. The brightness and the music control and from the left to right is also a split screen and there is a message and the bluetooth score and also some frequent used. Apps then from the right to left. We see the steps and the heart rate weather and also we can add extra to component also we can hold the screen and to remove the component after remove you can also add by yourself and when we double click the screen, we can go to the pair.

The bluetooth core module, then from the bottom to the top, is the main menu. We can rotate this round button to zoom in and zoom out. Also, we can see that the firmware is also very smooth and we can double click. This run button to change the main menu. You can see that this watch has totally seven menu styles, so you can just change freely by yourself. Then lets have a quick check on the functions such as the telephone. We can click open and connect. The watch and the phone white bluetooth and the message contact we can synchronize from the app and the core records, also the dial pad and the data spot. It has several spot mode and heart rate and the ecg music sleep, monitor, stop watch and the weather and my qr code, and we can see that this watch has the gps motion and the time and also the voice assistant, alarm clock. Flashlight calculator find the phone and weather, which is also the media, original and bridge training and massage, and then the lady assistant and the menu style and then the setting. Firstly, we can check the language it has several languages inside dial switch and then the screen time. The maximum screen time is 30 seconds and the vibration intensity, power, saving mode and the mode selection and the password and the factory set so thats all those functions inside the watch.