So the question is: should you buy it? Should you check it out, lets start with the design, and i do like the design of the v200 quite a bit its simple and clean, and you cant go wrong with a simple round face nothing wrong with it, and i personally think it looks well nice. The band is a simple black rubber band and it seems like its kind of like a standard watch band mounting, so you can actually swap this out for many different types of watch bands and you can actually get replacement watch bands from black dot with different colors. If you want to spice things up a little, i could do with something a bit cooler, but i understand this: smartwatch is also for a lot of like more active lifestyle kind of users, so having a metal or leather strap might not make sense for those people. Unlike say, the fossil smart watch, but i digress. I think the design is fine, its a simple round, smart watch with reasonably thin bezels and theres. Nothing to complain about here at all, theres a button on the side and the button is used to turn it on and basically control a bunch of different things and the button does rotate, but it basically does not control anything with the rotation. It seems like the rotary knob is just there for you to fidget with, rather than for you to control things in a setting with its no apple watch.

Smart crown thats for sure build. Quality of this watch is pretty nice as well. The materials isnt super premium, like the black rubber vendors, feel a bit toy like a bit cheap and the plastic casing does not inspire too much confidence. But after having used this for two to three weeks, it has not broken theres, no scratches on the glass. For me, so theres, nothing to complain about and an advantage of the materials being not that fancy not like metal or aluminium does make. This watch really light, which makes it a lot more comfortable to wear. If you say going on a jog which is an advantage. Although it might not be the most intended advantage of them all, but it is lightweight and pretty comfortable to wear, you can wear it for long hours. You can wear it for the whole day, no problem, and i definitely think for those people who are the psychopaths who, like you, know, wear smart watches to sleep. You can actually wear it to sleep to track your sleep if you so desire. Although i dont understand why people go to sleep wearing a watch, i think its just just weird. The display on this is pretty nice as well its just a simple black round lcd. The viewing angles are respectable. I mean youre not going to be watching a hdr movie on this, obviously but its thats, not what its for the resolution isnt particularly high, however, and the brightness does, let me down a little bit in extremely bright sunlight, but its nothing like that.

Youre copying your hands wont help you out with, but it definitely is a respectable, very usable display its also a pretty responsive display, pretty snappy, not the snappiest, not 144hz. 280 hertz. You know there is no super smoothness to it, but it works and it doesnt feel laggy anyway. So that is good enough in my book. Moving on the battery life of this device is pretty good. It charges via this cable that it comes with. Of course it comes with a charging, cable and well. The battery life is respectable. It lasted me about good four to five days between charges of pretty intense use, although your usage might vary depending on how often you check it, how often you use it? How often you basically tinker with it in your app? For me, it was not like often that i was connecting it to my phone and tinkering with the app and customizing it and i wasnt checking it incessantly. But if youre someone who checks your watch incessantly, maybe the battery type will be a bit worse, so your mileage might vary, but its definitely respectable and i think for any kind of user, no matter how much of a power user you are, it will have no Problem lasting at least a day or two no problems before you need a charge so thats good. Another thing that i do like about this watch is the the app is very easy to use and actually very respectable, and the app is where you do most of your customization, although you can do things like watch face customization in the watch itself, with a couple Of preset pre loaded watch faces, however, if you want to do most of your settings most of your customization, you want to be doing it in the app and in the app is also where you get to see all the stats that you recorded with your smart Watch thats collecting your data, so you can track your sleep numbers.

Your heart rate numbers your step tracking. All that will be transmitted and synced up with the app once you connect your watch to your phone, so this app is called the wall fit app. I dont know why its called the wall fit, but it works pretty well. Ui is very clean, its very neat, its very simple. It looks good and i think, in general, its just a very effective app that gets the job done very, very well now, in terms of other features that this watch has well built into it that you can access without using the app you have step tracker, obviously, Which is your standard kind of feature? You have a heartbeat sensor built into it, which is nice and you have a sleep tracker. Obviously you have a stopwatch. You have clocks, alarm clocks and you have like workout recordings, but you can record your workouts with like different presets. Although its not a feature, i see many people using and another thing you can do with this watch is obviously you can control your music spotify and things like that through the watch, so its just connected to your phone, which is very convenient for you to make Sure that you dont check your mid workout or maybe mid study session. You just control your music through your watch, so you dont check your phone and get distracted, which is honestly a nice thing. It also has a power saving mode. If you want to conserve the battery of this particular watt, which limits all the functionality and kind of defeats, the purpose of having a smart watch, but if you say, are traveling overseas and you want to conserve your battery life as much as possible, it makes sense To turn on power saving mode because you probably wont be needing those other features anyway, so thats pretty interesting.

So in conclusion, then, should you buy the black dot v200? Well. That leads me to the things that i dont like about this watch before i can properly round it off number one. The heartbeat sensor seems to be a little bit off. I wore my watch slightly higher the other time and it was reading my heart rate at an extremely low rate of 35, which obviously is a aaron reading, because if my heartbeat was 35, i would probably not be alive at that point. So the heartbeat sensor is a little bit off. However, so long as you wear your watch a little bit lower below your wrist bone, you will have no problem in getting a consistent, heartbeat reading, so thats nice to see. I think another thing that this watch needs is definitely it needs more strap options. You need to, as ive said, that just now, maybe a leather option or a cloth or even a metal option would be very, very nice to add a bit more options and a bit more spice to what i can choose to come with my black dog v200. Another thing that i dont like about this watch is that the rotary knob well, it doesnt do much it just kind of rotates and doesnt control. Anything as far as i can tell – and i think there just is a bit frustrating, because it kind of leads you to this illusion that it can do something, but it doesnt so thats pretty much what i dont like about this watch, and i guess with that.

Its time to conclude, should you get the black dot v200? In my opinion, the negatives of this watch are really quite minimal and unless its an absolute deal breaker for you in terms of design and size and whatnot, i think its definitely a watch that you might want to check out, or at least keep on your watch List is it as good as the huawei fancy watches or the fancy garmin or fitbits of the world? Absolutely not. It could not hold a candle to their battery life, their performance, the snappiness, the responsiveness and the feature set of the higher end 200 300 watches. But its also not trying to be those watches its just trying to be a simple, sensible, smart watch for people who want a cheap option. That gets the job done pretty well and when it comes down to the fundamentals and the basics of what a smartwatch needs to do, which is tell the time tell my heartbeat tell my footsteps. Tell my workout maybe have a timer or a clock on there and also allow me to control music and check app notifications, which this also supports thats. All i needed to do its got a nice app, its packaged well and its really cheap, because it gets all the fundamentals right. I have nothing to complain when i talk about the black dot v200 and its definitely something that you might want to check out. Follow for instagram for like bts and join my discord for like discussions and stuff.

We talked a lot about cool stuff over there as well and with that. Thank us so much for watching once again.