It is the Kiwi Time hk8 pro Max. Firstly, we can see the box, it is the plain white box and the app is the wayfit pro. It is also 49 millimeter in the size. Now lets open the box. Firstly, we see the watch and the manual impose Chinese and English and the wireless charger and finally, a Ocean band foreign Music. This watch is also 49 millimeter and the right side. It also has two buttons and the microphone and also with two holes in both end, and the case is also matte case in the back. It also has two real lock patterns and four wheel screws and the left side. It also has the speaker and orange button and the two holes now lets power on the watch. First, three. We can see the language list, so you can check. If the watch has the language you want. Okay, then we can choose the English and set English, and also we can scan this QR code to connect the watch. This watch has a 2.12 inch omelette screen, so the screen quality is also very good. This is the screen of style. Firstly, we can check the word faces we can hold the screen, then change the watch face. This watch face is very interesting. This watch can also customize the word face through the app and we can check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. Is the message notification and from the left to right is the split screen and the bottom to the top.

We can see the battery level, the always on display and the QR code and the screen lock and then from the right to the left is the heart rate. This style is very similar to the app watch and the remote control police, training, activity and music thats. All we can hold the screen to uninstall and then we can add back. We can also rotate this round button to check the component and for this long button there is a task list and we can move to delete and for this orange button we can click to go to the spot mode. It also has many spot mode on press release round button. We can go to the stride of restart and the emergency call function and the long press is long button. We can go to the operating instruction and we can press this round button to go to the main menu and we can zoom in and to mount in the stopwatch. This is the start button, and this is the clear button, start stop and clear, and it also has the compass function. We can also see that the firmware is also very smooth. This is the listed Style in total. It has four menu Styles. We can have a quick check on the function, the shutdown and respiratory Music and operating instruction met game and the weather. It can show the next seven days weather and if we want to go back to the main menu, we can put the finger here and then move from the left to the right at the sucker phone calls.

It has a recent course content and a dialer and the flashlight calculator and shield position, Music, ing and the sports and alipay. This is only for the China users and the remote camera sound and touch and blood pressure, alarm, clock and watch face stopwatch timer and find my phone setting sleep, monitor, activity, record and message compass and remove video control, do not disturb heart rate and bread, oxygen, music And the pressure and the app will it has totally four menu styles and the connector watch with the phone and display and brightness. The maximum screen of time is 30 seconds and always bright. It has to always bright, but the maximum time is 20 minutes. It is mainly for the battery saving purpose and weak screen and the passcode we can set the password Here above is all our details. We will connect the watch with the phone and test the detailed function.