This one is called tank S2 model. I dont know the price tag for now guys, but I will be sharing the buying links in the description lets check out this rugged. Smartwatch lets go okay, guys. What you see in the box is basically a magnetic charging cable, which is a short one and manual switches in different languages. So, Im not wrong with the app Barcode Scanner, but it is defeat, so you can easily find it on the Play Store thats, it guys very, very simple. This is what do we get? Uh, the Smartwatch immediately the Hands On Im, not gon na bother. You too much check this out guys zinc, allo is full metallic design, which is insane does have also this dial, which has a beautiful kind of roll sound, and I love that seriously. I love that uh beautiful, tough screen, ip69k waterproof design, waterproof certification, multi degrate proof the of course on a high temperatures and low temperatures, minus and minuses what I love about. It is just this awesome kind of an army army, military style design, and I love this belt guys. Super secure, two belts, of course, strap is insanely, tough and what I love about it is these teeth. I dont know how to call that in English, but these ones, which we basically fix it check it out. Let me just show you right now how this looks like this is really cool, unique design bro. I love that this is for metallicas.

This is metallic. Hair strap – and this is a TP of course, uh strap all together sends us on the back. Here we go were checking the sensors on the back very beautiful, unique design. Yes, it does come also with the speakers guys. Yes, it does have microphone since thats. This one supports Bluetooth, calling yes, Bluetooth, calling all together uh anyway. Let me check it out and also a very large display, guys super tough from the outside inside out with a low temperature operation. Like I mentioned ip60 and 9k. What the resistance of it has 30 plus built in sports mode, but in some pages it says that it has 100 plus well be checking that just in a minute. Let me just swipe that were going to go over here. Settings uh! Oh my God! Where would we go here for the sports a little bit? I need to figure out, since this is the first time Im using this phone. Is this yeah here it is running cycling, skipping, badminton football climbing. Let me check it out how we, how much we have yeah man, you have a lot of. You – have a lot of options here. Man guys, you have a lot of options. To be honest, I think it has more than 30 bro. I think it had. I think it does have 100 bro options, yeah man, that is for sure – that is more than 30 man, that is for probably close to 100 number check it out guys so many different sports modes, outdoor activities yeah for sure, 100, 100 for sure.

So I dont know why this site TomTom, is showing 30 plus 30 sports mode when it has more Bluetooth calling and, of course, epic battery life – guys 60 days of standby time and around 15 days of work time, probably with the heavier usage. Maybe youre going to get around 13 days, but lets just say: average average usage is around 15 days. Anyway, you can swipe off from the top check it out. You can go to the maximum brightness or to the lowest brightness. If you want to use it, but I left it on the maximum brightness for now, you can of course use DND mode calls. Notification will be silenced, check this out guys. Let me now, firstly, connect it with my smartphone and were going to continue with this beautiful, beautiful Smartwatch Rock bed tank S2, guys what a great Smartwatch I love the design design is epic check this out, guys wow, so we enter lets just say: go here back Button plus power on on off button, which is superb, what if you hold it for three seconds? Okay nothings happening, but if we hold this button for three seconds, so I no nothing nothing left. For now I cant it does have very silent, uh kind of very minimum to the minimum sound kind of uh of circling of this Smartwatch button guys it does have some small Sweet Sound, not that loud, but its very cool man, its like a mechanical, sound guys.

Mechanical sound, okay, we are in the app. I just want to show you immediately the first step, which Im going to do a very important for many people is the watch faces this that fit app, has insanely huge list of watch faces. I think that easily more than 100, maybe even 200 300 bro thats endless endless list of guys check it out guys. I cant end this list at all its just. I swipe more and I see, get more watch these face, watches so lets go now and try. One were gon na be trying this one were gon na, see uh how long its gon na take us to download this one, and I will be telling you my time time obviously stay and stick around here. We go guys. Okay, a little bit a little bit. Weird I didnt select this smart watch thats a little bit weird, but okay thats also very nice. It took me guys less than 40 seconds. It took me less than 40 seconds, maybe around 30 seconds or so so. Thats quit quick, thats, quick enough, but thats very weird. I didnt select this watch face. Let me try with another one just for just for case so lets check this out were gon na go, go, go, go, go! Okay, smooth experience here with this app so far. Lets select this one Im gon na download it okay guys here we go now its correct. Maybe I made a mistake there.

You can see myself this one is a green gray version of the face watch. Let me just show you the defaults face, watches which youre gon na get fresh out of the box. Let me show you: this is one two, three, four five, six thats it guys. This is the one which I got uh fresh out of the box. Dont like it that much to be honest anyway, lets go now, firstly, here with the by the way guys I need to discuss, of course, regarding the. Let me just select, maybe even different ways: uh face watch while Im here, maybe this one uh regarding this screen beautiful super large 1.83 inch, IPS screen 240 with 284 uh, pixels, of course, uh this one uh guys comes with the to be honest. Im not sure. Does it have a certified certified golden gorilla, glass protection, or maybe some different Chinese brand so far? I dont know about this. Anyway. It is a military milstd, certified Smartwatch, theres, a shock resistance, 96, 8 salt spray, resistant 70 degrees, heat resistance, eyes and freezing rain assistance. 240, H, humidity resistance and minus 40 degrees cold resistance. So it has a lot of resistances to be honest and lets go now and talk more about this display. What I love about this display guys its a 60 hertz screen, guys its a 60hz screen. Probably you cannotice the fluidity of the screen for sure and its very noticeable, its very, very noticeable check this out, guys for sure it is noticeable and by the way, you have more option here to even uh play some game if Im not wrong.

Floppy game hamster game Battleship, uh, 248 floppy lets go and select here floppy and play it so Im gon na just probably tap here. The screen check it out guys just tapping the screen and playing the Floppy Bird game on a smart watch that is so cool. Bro Im not sure I wonder what will be my score with this Smartwatch done is another cool Smartwatch face that looks very cool. The bin is that this smartwatch has really nice uh blacks, maybe not deep, deep as an AMOLED awesome, Samsung, MLS, 300, Smartwatch or retina on Apple watches, but again does have really decent blacks. Bro I mean you can see it by itself, guys judge it by yourself and when its gon na have with the functionalities. Regarding the app I already reviewed this app the defit app the fit app. You can see myself, it does have a sleep mode, Harding mode, continuous heart rate mode, BP and blood oxygen, gas plus stress and outer running options connected with this smartwatch notifications, alarms. Shutter e cart. Yes, even e card guys, oh theres, an upgrade. You can upgrade your smartphone, your software is up to date and thats. It simple, yeah, very, very simple. Maybe it doesnt have so many different options which the other apps have, but its a stable app, which is very important isnt. It lets go now with this. Smart watch lets check out what we have, so we checked it on the top Im gon na go back here.

We checked all these informations by the way guys this is the Bluetooth speaker and lets immediately check right now, some audio player for the beginning. Here we go guys – the speaker is just over here, which is very interesting position very interesting position seriously. Usually I see the speakers over here, but thats also very cool anyway lets go now and try to by the way Im connecting into the YouTube. You can see myself yeah, yes, easy. We can go to the next song next track over the YouTube can hear, put volume up and down very smooth experience. Guys I mean you can see it by itself here: Im, not tricking. You anything pause, unpause pause! Unpause. Has this kind of vinyl theme on the background there we go and you can offer enough great ball. Let me just go back here. Ah so the option for swiping doesnt work from any position. It has to work from here. You can disable the Bluetooth speaker, Ergo and disable that, and it should work now. Let me just try to wait a minute. I think I have here here to go yeah of course, Music. There you go awesome. To be honest, I wish me I dont know if thats going to be a kind of a feature in the future that theres also a kind of skip bar like a bar, which we have here over the YouTube uh to fast forward it in the middle of The track, maybe in the future, thats possible to do anyway next so many different options we can add from here lets go now to the heart rate.

Lets check it out the heart rate, but already done it. To be honest, I already done it uh. You can see it over over here, even my previous heart rate uh. Basically history, we can open the app and see it from over here check this out guys I measured measured already three times, which is superb its accurate guys so far. What Ive noticed it is an accurate sensor. Uh lets go now to the basic stuff were going to go back here. Lets see so both of these buttons work as it is so lets, go now here, messages from the bottom from the side and were going to go to the talk after the tab open YouTube opening you I can see myself. The Voice Assistant is worth working perfectly open, Play Store. Opening Google Play Store, awesome man, open maps, opening maps – that is, that is beautiful, that is so accurate, and that is so fast guys. We have to admit that this is really good and its an accurate smart watch, an accurate, accurate voice, assistant uh up to seven days, guys up to seven days up front regarding the weather, of course, predictions a long island. Of course only uh find my phone. You can simply find your phone if you want that. No messages were going to go to the apps here activity so from here you can check all your history, guys, calories, burnt steps, counter exercise, etc, etc. Of course, from here the sleep mode.

This is the heart rate mode stress, sleep, blood pressure, spo2 exercises, sports mode exercise, records weather. We have a stressed and falling asleep relaxation shutter. Of course we can enable even the camera guys and take a picture lets check this out. So it took wait a minute. Dick took picture, let me just see here yeah it did it did there, you go guys, you can see myself, but over the app. I think it can take only over the app there. It goes giving me simple. Let me take it again. There you go guys. You can see myself. Awesome awesome continue album! Oh here, it is superb lets go now. Next, Im gon na go and open this app open. It fully go back. Lets go now with the next option. What do we have so Im checking every single option for you timer guys the screen wake up time for this one is up to 30 seconds, and I love that some smart watches have only 15 seconds Max, which is kind of lame cycle tracking. They go for womens, guys, flashlight find my phone. This is the games. We have probably a calculator, we should have a calculator. Let me just go back sorry for that thats, my mistake: yeah. We have a calculator and options for the end display. Brightness sleep watch, face menu View and wrist rise. Vibrating mode also is on. Are the Bluetooth, DND mode, low power mode phone on phone reset system and about so thats it Guys? These are all the settings which we went through for the end Ill be checking again.

Uh, the hardware sends an spo2 for you for why not? Why not uh what I love about this device, guys its really unique. This is the first time Im even reviewing a rugged Smartwatch it with a super large display, very beautiful viewing angles and kind of good blacks. I repeat again not deep, deep blacks as AMOLED screen, but really good. Bro ip69 waterproof simulator grade on high pressure, a high temperature, low temperature. Everything is there guys really accurate sensors, also two and a half hours to fully charge it. If Im not wrong and item weight is only 70 grams guys, so its a very light rugged device. Remember it has many multiplying languages and the app uh with the Bluetooth 5.0. You can connect it with Android and eyes with your iPhone. If you want to do that, yeah lets go now check the sensors for the end, because so simply you tap this option over here guys. This drop, if I can call it drop and just wait, half minute or so guys done less than half a minute to be honest, its 20 seconds its gon na swap down and see your last seven data records, which is basically you can do it seven times A day or seven times in a week depends weve done that were gon na go next. Remember I love that it has a recent call option: uh, dial, pad and contacts which you can sync with your app and were gon na go now with the heart rate.

Also, simply just tap the the heart sensor, guys the heart, icon and wait 20 seconds here we go less than less than 20 seconds. I waited Man 10 seconds there you go guys. You can see myself my BPM, its normal Im, just sitting Im not active. This is a 1 100, while I was walking in the city awesome anyway. That should be it guys. Thank you for watching this short review of this device under 15 minutes. I hope you appreciate it. If you want to buy the buying links will be in the description and really great rugged device here – great battery great design, great of course, zinc, alloy, fully unibody metal design here, great sensors, accurate sensors, great app altogether Bluetooth calling speaker there. Abs, I mean awesome man seriously. Awesome.