Then let’s open the box. Firstly, we see a menu and the inside this watch and the silicon strap, and then we see a wireless charger. The watch size is 45 millimeter and it is using a 1.78 inch, infinite screen and also in this side it has two buttons and both buttons are functional. This one is the power on button, and here is the microphone, and here is the back. There is also no lock button and no charging interface at the back, and this side here is the speaker and then let’s check the watch faces. This watch has totally eight watch faces, but it can also add x, challenge phase and can customize, which faces through the app and for these three watch faces. We can click the screen and to change the color and also the space man after we click it will stop moving. Then let’s check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see the control center, such as the bluetooth phone, and this one is the always on display and the business card and also the collection code. You can cyclonize list2 qr code from the app to the watch and then screen lock. We can press this run button for three seconds to unlock and then the settings then from the bottom to the top is the message and from the left to the right and right to the left are changing the watch faces and we can press this button to Go to the main menu also, we can rotate to zoom in and zoom out.

Also, this watch has three menu. Styles weekend: double click this round button. This is the list style and then six apps style. Then let’s, quick test. The functions such as the heart rate – and it has only one green light when measuring the heart rate and spo2 and blood pressure the outer spots. It also has many spot modes such as auto running autocycline, and it can also measure many datas and then in the activities and the strip monitor and the bluetooth phone. We need to connect the watch with the phone and the data it can measure the calorie the distance and also the times and then the weather and the breeze chaining. You can follow the screen and to inhale and exhale to practice the training and then the met. Then the stopwatch and the shake to take picture then the music and countdown pressure and the setup we can see the daemon and the screen of time. The maximum screen of time is 15 second, but it’s support, always on display and raise your hand to bright. The watch and do not disturb sound at setting and the language setting you can see that this watch has many language. We need to move the screen slowly, so it will not move so fast and then connect mobile phone password. This will also support password and about reboot rest of action and shutdown and finally, the calculator. The advantage of this watch is using the 1.

78 inch screen and the screen quality is also very good. So above is our details. Today we will connect the watch with the phone and also test the functions with the app.