Firstly, lets check the box and it is 45 millimeter and at the back and now lets open the box. Firstly, we see the watch and the manual and 9 ohm band and finally, a wireless charger, then lets check the watch and we can simply move the watch from the cover no need to remove at the back, and then we can check the color. This color is a gold color and it is only one color. Currently, it is a little close to the silver color, and this one is the Evo w57 Smartwatch, the silver color. We can compare the silver color. So do you like this color foreign Music? The original Apple watch Ultra is 49 millimeter, so it is a little smaller, but it can fit both male and female. Even female might have a small wrist and the right side. It has two buttons: both buttons are functional, and here is the microphone and the back. It also has two strap lock buttons and the back it looks like ceramic material. It looks very good and very beautiful too also. This watch is using the wireless charging and the left side. It has the speaker and the origin button. This button can double click to the spot function and also there are two hole also same as the Apple watch Ultra also. This watch can fit the 42 44 and 45 millimeter original Apple watch, straps and now lets power on the watch. The screen size is 1.

91 inch. Firstly, lets check the wood face. This logic can also add extra water face and can customize watch face through the app and each time is what you can add maximum 5 watch faces. Also, we can hold the screen, then we can change the watch face and also we can lock the wood face after lock. We cannot change the word face by rotating this round button and we can also long hold the screen then unlock. Then we can change, then lets check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. The Bluetooth score and the menu style is sold as two menu Style and the screen lock also the brightness and do not disturb Rin, then from the left to the right is a split screen. Then from the bottom. To the top is message: notification and from the right to the left are steps at read and the telephone better sleep, monitor and music? Also, we can add extra component, but you cannot customize the sequency and then we can click the Run button to go to the main menu. The screen is the 1.91 inch screen and the quality is very good. Also. We can zoom out to rebound back and to mean to go to the function. The firmware is very smooth. Then we can long hold the screen then to change to the list View. We can check the functions one by one and then the setting it has the dial 13 and the general rules 13, such as date, format, time format and the bedside lamp.

Also, the system, shutdown, restart and factory reset, and then the vaporation intensity do not disturb, and Media Town might brightness and time zoom password and SOS and the screen of clock. We can set the number or the pointer, and now we will have a detailed review on the functions. Firstly, the sports page. There are many sports mode and we can find that the icons are Dynamic. It is very interesting. It can measure the steps and the distance, colorly and heart rate, also the speed. Then the sports record and heart rate and spo2, then the steps and the bridge chaining and the sleep monitor. We can also press the round button to go back and the dial core record and contact calendar, whether it can show the next four days, weather and Camera. Then the music. You can also adjust the volume and voice assistant and the position after connect. The watch with the phone it can synchronize the position from the app and alarm clock and stopwatch and the menstrual Circle. It is for the female and the calculator Music. Okay, only one came inside and timer and raise to wake then find my phone and the brightness adjustment. It has many options and also has the always on display and the language and business card. We can synchronize the QR code for these apps from the app and WeChat QQ Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Instagram. These functions are for synchronize, those incoming messaging notifications and the RDP QR code and setting.

We can press this long button to go to the recent task list. Then we can check the recent functions and we can click go inside. Also, we can clear those recent tasks and also we can long press the long button. Then we can go to the shutdown and the SOS page we can set the SOS. Then we can dial an emergency call and for this orange button in the left side, we can double click to go to. The spot function now lets check the functions inside the app. The app has four pages first page is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone, such as the heart rate, sleep monitor sport mode and also we can edit the Brad oxygen or the maestro and then the device page. Firstly, is the call notification we can enable it or disable? If you want and the notification you can customize the apps that you want to receive the incoming message notification then the smart reminder also, we can add the alarm clock and the quick contact. We can select. 20 contact and do not disturb the friendly device taking picture. We can just click the camera and then the way to format and the unit system, time format and more, such as the business card. We can stochronize the QR code from the app to the watch. Then the restart and reset, and then the dial page. This app also has many watch faces inside the watch and all of them are free.

We can just click install and then we can click the wallpaper. In this page we can customize the photo inside the phone to the watch and now its updating. Then we can click the me in this page. We can see all current watch faces inside the watch and this watch face. We can click those icons or functional. Then we can go back to the me. We can find that there are six foot faces and each time we can synchronize five watch faces. You can remove all these five watch faces, then at another five and finally, the me page, which is the profile and the Target, and also some FAQ and suggestion and feedbacks. Finally about okay, above is all our details. If you like our video appreciated, you can subscribe.