0 review? I will be giving you both the pros and cons to using this health and fitness tracker watch, so you can find out whether its right for you or not now, please make sure that you watch this video from start to finish, because at the end of the Video, if you still want to get corey watch, i will show you where to get it for the absolute cheapest price. It seems as though more and more wearable health and fitness trackers are coming onto the market every day and because of their growing popularity. There are now hundreds to choose from some are high and with an exceedingly high price tag, while others are cheap, never seen to work and if they do, they are highly inaccurate. Corey watch has arrived to shake up the wearable smart tracker market, its inexpensive, but also claimed to be high quality, accurate and with all the bells and whistles, you would expect from a high end model. But do these claims stand up to scrutiny? Lets find out, as i go on a deep dive into the good and bad of this device. Okay lets first check out the pros of the corey. 2.0 watch. First includes all the most important biometrics. The corey watch tracks the most important health metrics, like heart rate body, temperature, blood, oxygen levels and sleep amongst others, and it also tracks all the important fitness biometrics with the main ones being calories burnt performance during workouts and steps taken and distance covered alongside the health And fitness metrics, the tracker – can also be used to change and control music from your phone helps you achieve your goals faster.

Whatever your health and fitness goals are corey. Tracker will help you achieve them by giving you highly accurate data thanks to its powerful dual sensors and easy to understand, reporting and it works seamlessly with the companion app. So you have all the data you need when you need it. So whether you are someone who wants to lose weight by increasing your activity levels and monitor calories, corey 2.0 has you covered? If you are someone who wants to know more about their sleep quality and optimize it, the corey tracker has got your back and if you are an athlete fitness fanatic or an average weekend sports warrior, then this tracker will give you everything you need to optimize and Increase performance, another pro comfortable and stylish to wear for best results with a health and fitness tracker. You want to be wearing it as much as possible so that you gather enough data to improve the reporting and call what happens to be very comfortable. So, whether you are exercising or sleeping while wearing it, you will barely feel it on your wrist, most of the time, its also a very modern and stylish unit, which is perfect for both men and women. Okay, lets check out the cons of this product. First, cant be worn in water. If you are looking for a tracker that can be fully immersed in water like if you were swimming or surfing, then this watch wont be right for you, but it is completely sweat and splash resistant, which will be more than fine for the majority of people.

Another con only a few available colors, the corey watch comes with a black wristband and you can also get additional colors, but there are only three additional ones to choose from which are orange white and blue. I personally would like to see more colors available, so it would appeal to more people. Another con cant take phone calls. If you wanted to have the functionality of receiving phone calls through the watch, you wont be able to, as there is no inbuilt microphone, but you will be alerted that you have a call as well as other notifications coming from your phone like. If you receive a message overall, the corey 2.0 smart watch is one of the better smart trackers on the market. Today, it is all the features of expensive models at a fraction of the cost. The device is intuitive and easy to use even for individuals that are not tech savvy. It has a long battery life of up to seven days, which is awesome and using this tracker will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals with much more ease, speed and precision. Now, if you want to get corey watch at the cheapest possible price, then click the link below this youtube, video in the description and you will be taken to the best place to purchase it the official website. I hope you enjoyed this corey 2.