Now todays video will be more like a quick review and i will show you what this watch has to offer and what its basically for now before we get started, hit the like button right now and subscribe to my channel if youre, new and dont want to Miss out on any new cool tech reviews, so, first of all, what do we get in the box inside? We have the watch, of course, some paper stuff and an extra shorter band, which i like a lot since not everyone has big wrists and this smaller band is the perfect size for anyone with smaller wrists. So you dont have to get and buy a new one. Once you receive this watch as well as you have a magnetical charger that takes about 2 hours until your watch is fully charged now, that may seem a lot and in fact it is, but lets take a look at it from another perspective. Huawei states that this watch lasts about two weeks on normal usage. As for my testing, i lose about 10 every day. So, if you add that up, i get around 10 days of battery life so with the right settings you should probably get 12 to 14 days. Now, when it comes to me, i have my writing settings on high. You can also put it in auto brightness mode to save a little bit more of your battery life or choose one of the many different brightness levels.

I also have all the half tracking features run. 24. 7. Just like my heart rate. This one has a few different modes on default. Your watch is set to this smart heart rate, monitoring that doesnt track the whole time. But since i want to see a more detailed version of my heart rate, i set it to constantly monitoring my heart rate that comes at the cost of your battery life, but its definitely worth it. By the way you can set your watch to give you some alerts once you hit a certain heart rate, either for when its too high or when its too low. As for less, i get quite a few notifications during the day since i have all of my common apps notify me in the huawei health app, you can toggle all the apps that you dont need and dont want to get any notifications from and target the ones On you need the most like instagram or whatsapp. Now, just in case you didnt know, you can actually reply to lots of messages you just have to swipe up from your home screen click on any message and you can answer with either emoji or a quick reply. Answer that you can actually customize in your health app alright talking about swiping up, you can also swipe down to get to your usual quick panel. Swiping right takes you to the weather widget and your music controls and swiping to the left takes you through.

All of your other applications, like your training load training index, which gives you a great regarding your fitness level. It tells you how much youve recovered from your last workout session or youve predicted time for a 5 or 10 kilometer run a half marathon or even a full marathon. Based on your past running results, you can also download workout plans and implement them onto your watch. Weve got the heart rate, monitoring resting heart rate and your weather. Once again, you can also click on it to see a small weather forecast for the next couple of hours or days now, as you may have seen, you have two physical buttons on the side of the watch. The upper one is your main button and takes it to your app menu or by rotating it. You can scroll through your messages and apps. The lower one is customizable and takes it to any of your apps like for me is the workout modes. Oh and you dont have to stick to the default app layout when we head over into our settings, watch face and home and scroll all the way down and click on home. You can switch your app layer from a list to a grid layout which looks like the one we have with other smart watches, like the apple watch. Just one thing i noticed about the rotatable button is that it fits a little loose now. Dont get me wrong. It doesnt wiggle around or anything like that, but just by the touch of my long sleeve clothes, its already moving and thats annoying all right lets head over to some watch faces, and this one right here is probably one of the coolest of all of them.

Now you can interact with each of the display metrics like the weather, workout, music, altitude and so on. Unfortunately, you cannot change your metrics, but at least you get to choose another color design. In case you dont, like the one that you have depending on the watch face, you can change different things like the metrics that are displayed and if the watch faces you have by default, arent enough, you can always download some more in the health app. Some of them may cost a dollar or two, but there is also a section with free watch faces, so you dont have to worry right here. So what else do we get? The huawei gt runner might be the best smart watch. You can get as a runner and thats not because of all the running specific applications, but its also because of the design. Overall, you have a big 1.43 inch ammo touch display with a resolution of 466 by 466 pixel. It is water resistant up to 5 atm and, despite of the size, it only weighs in at 38.5 grams, so you barely notice this watch, while youre running also the strap, feels very comfortable on your skin and through the big gaps. On the case of the watch, your skin gets enough air as well, since its sometimes a little bit boring running without music. You have 4 gigabytes of internal storage on your watch, so you can either transfer music from your smartphone over to your smartwatch or you can download music from the huawei music store, either way its fine.

Now, as for ls lets talk about the built in gps and the accuracy of the heart rate, now, as i was comparing this watch to my chest, strap the heart rate. While i was doing some workout was only off by like two percent and the built in gps works, fine as well. It definitely is good enough to keep track of your route. It may not be a 100 accurate and cuts corners short, sometimes, but very good. In the city or outside in some open space, i was comparing it to the garmin fenix 7 and you definitely see some differences, but no big ones. Now talking about some workouts, you have quite a few workout modes covered with this one. Now, starting from walking running cycling and swimming all the way up to some winter and water sports, you also have a preset of different running courses. You can do starting with some basic run. Walking courses over to some advanced stuff, temp runs and hit runs. If you feel like you can even create your very own course in the huawei health app now, i almost forgot to tell you that you have an auto pass function as well, and it only takes about like 10 seconds until your watch finds a good gps signal. Now there are a whole bunch of different and accurate gps watches out there, like the garmin 455 or my personal favorite, the garmin venue 2..