At, you got a cospet box here, we’ve all heard and played with cospet watches. This is magic, no, not that kind of magic, not that kind either. This is three. This is magic. Three inside of here cospet magic. Three with some nice packaging it’s got a half finished box with a clear see through cover, which makes it great for giving us a gift unless you can’t get into it. You’Re not seeing me do this oh, come on there. We go all right greetings now. We already did that. Okay, take the cover off oh we’re, having too much fun here’s the watch itself and it’s got a nice tpu band, it’s, a apple style, shape type thing and before we get much further, let me tell you about this: one. The cospet magic 3 is coming to us from a brand new partner wii buying, or we buying you’ve heard of the wii watch. 2, app for the android watches spelled the same way wii. Well, this is a brand new website coming to us is uh a kind of a phoenix. There are some folks that left a major company we have all known and heard about that are doing entrepreneurial, startup cream of the cream of the crop behind the startup of the new we buying website. So anyway, it’s the cuspit magic three got a decent introductory price and check the show notes for a coupon deal for you as well. Now the detailed specs and the highlights of this watch are right here.

Um 1.71 inch tft screen got a decent 280 by 320 resolution, 220 milliamp hour battery for seven days of use and 35 days of standby time. It uses the defeat app we’ve reviewed that many times and it’s a 22 millimeter strap. I like that they’re putting that in here now here are the uh fine details of the specs which doesn’t have gps, but it does have bluetooth five heart rate sensor, blood oxygen center and by the way gang. Those are two separate sensors. I checked it. It’S got green and red diodes, so you’re getting the blood oxygen appropriately from the red diode technology. We’Ve got a charging wire in the box. Your standard two pin connector. There you go yeah. I can even hold the watch that’s my test on how well secure it is, so it should connect easily yep. The bands are removable, they’re, really nice tpu lots of uh holes and close together, so you should be able to get it on your wrist. Just the way you want it, we’ve got a warranty card from hospit they’re, starting to do that now, with a lot of their different watches, you can fill that out, warranty description, what’s covered and for your records and then the email addresses for after sales support, Yep, okay, let’s, look at the manual the manual for the magic three basic information, the specs all over again, i would trust the ones in here. In case you see a conflict with the ones.

I showed you because oftentimes they’re just being typed back into a server for the product page, but in the manual they should be pretty clean. Pretty interesting watch faces we’re, going to take a look on here, there’s the defeat app. The steps you go through in setting up the app pretty straightforward and very picture oriented which makes it nice here’s, where you have your stock watch faces. You can customize one face with the separate picture and move the time around on that picture, and you have access to a server where you can download one additional face from a plethora of faces that they have set up for you to take a look at here’s. Other buttons and things we’ll see those on the watch itself. There’S your setup stuff looks kind of familiar huh yeah well toward the end of the video i’ll. Tell you why but we’re gon na go through this watch and show you what it does. Here’S, the uh overall layout it’s in the apple style bubble bubble menu layout for all of your apps icon. Driven, so you’ll need to learn what the icons mean, but that’s not too hard there aren’t all that many of them in here. This is all in english. Gang amazing, okay, the fine print which is actually really fine and that’s it alrighty. You know what we got to do peel off the cover. First then charge it up and turn it on so yeah we’ll be right back, so a press on the side button.

I said side button but believe it or not, it’s two buttons. You see power and back it’s a rocking button. I can tap it that way or tap it that way, but guess what watch i’m going to tap on the back side and it turns on anyway, so it looks like it’s a rocker, but the experience i’ve had is it’s one button and it does all of It here’s our first watch face it’s a doozy and it’s bright and it’s beautiful, and look at all that great great stuff, we’ve got step count and calories burned and distance traveled all there, along with heart rate, all of it integrated here we’re going to play with This one extensively in a moment we’re going to swipe down to show you the big layout. Here you got all your main stuff at the top. We got vibration mode on or off. If you want to, when you’re tethered that’ll be lighted up, you have a variety of different levels of brightness there you go all the way, dim and that’s still pretty decent brightness and of course, you can go way up bright. Let’S do about halfway for our our test. You got a flashlight built in here. You can turn on or off, you’ve got a theater mode which will automatically put it in soft lighted mode when you’re tethered you’re going to have weather there. And then you got your overall settings where you can access a stopwatch alarm.

A countdown timer there’s, our brightness. Again, the vibration shake on there’s that theater, you can reset it power off about the watts, shows you it’s the magic three, the information that you need and there’s the qr code to scan for the app or – and i recommend you use the link in our show – Notes that will take you over through the fit app directly and that we got to right here in the settings and all of that was accessible by swiping down when you swipe to the left. Well, hello, everybody! This is our very detailed apple style menu, not one of my favorites, because i lose my place when i’m navigating for you guys. I go this way and i get a section for sports that’s going to show me with graphs my um maximum and minimum and calories burned and distance traveled and blah blah blah, and you can see little bitty ticks on there there’s a chart that’s starting to develop. So that’s pretty cool last night’s sleep time, six hours and 13 minutes anyway, and you get a chart of sorts day by day that is showing up there. Then you get your heart rate measurement. I don’t know if you saw it, but there were green diode coming on and it really quickly tells you, if you’re not wearing it properly so i’m, going to put my finger over it and let it start up again to measure the heart rate.

That’S the size of the digits, so we don’t have to go through the whole thing, but i want you to see that hey, hey, where’s, the diode, i think it’s doing it. Oh no, now it’s doing you have to touch the the actual thing make it go away and now it’s doing it see the green diodes. Okay, then, if you slide up you’re going to get continuous heart rate stuff, you got your minimum and maximum what zone you’re in and look at this wonderful chart that’s developing over time, really a sweet watch yep that was in heart rate, come over here. You got exercises, you got a variety of them. I can open a new workout and you got 20 of them now they’re swimming i get it set on there to look at it. You got football and basketball and so forth. Cycling running and walking your standard. No gps in here, but you got step count for the things that require it, but you’ve also got hiking tennis football golf look at all these elliptical rowing trail, running skiing, dumbbell, wow, sit ups, all kinds of things and you can open a new workout. Well, we just did that you can you can get your information. I guess your last exercise information from here we’re, going to come back going to come over going to go here to blood pressure. It’S using you saw it briefly, the green diodes for blood pressure as well and, of course, it’s, giving me that thing again, here’s the last one.

If i touch it, it takes a reading here’s. My history, with charts, yep and after blood pressure is blood oxygen. Did you see it the little red diode? I love it there it is wow. I got ta be so quick. Okay, i’m gon na cover it and we’ll touch it again and now it’s starting to take a blood oxygen reading using the red diode uh sophisticated watch. You’Re gon na get most likely, and i say that qualitatively better data with this one than you would with one that just uses a straight green diodes. Okay and it give me a percentage. And then, when i come up, you see my minimum and maximums normal and then the last seven readings will show up here as well. Just like on the blood pressure and the heart rate. Okay gave me 99 percent uh right blood oxygen. Then you’ve got weather in your area pushed from your phone. When you set that up in the defeat app, you can choose fahrenheit centigrade, you can choose a city of your choice or you can have it tied up where you currently are. You got a shutter, you can remotely take a picture and a remote music player in here as well. It doesn’t loop. It just goes to there, so you got to go all the way back or you press the button and get out of here to the watch. Face itself so now let’s tackle that menu to see if there’s anything we’ve left out, there’s brightness what’s.

That thing there well that’s your about. We already showed you that as well um, that is the stopwatch. We took a brief look at that. You’Ve got this thing. This is fun. This is that breathing thing you press to start and you can inhale and exhale and help calm your spirit and do uh some mental and emotional relaxation there’s that theater mode there’s weather when you’re tethered to the watch. We can get that heart rate blood oxygen, there’s, the music player, but we’ve seen all of those, so this is just another way of showing them flashlight there’s, your last night’s sleep information that is, we watch faces, okay, how you quickly get back to your watch, face There’S your overall exercise stuff – and this is your countdown timers, so you can set a countdown timer. Have it go and let’s see if it still works when we leave here so supposedly we have a one minute, countdown timer happening that’s the qr code. This is your step count. Obviously, blood oxygen, your remote camera picture taking thing your messages as pushed from your phone, which i think you get to also, if you’d swipe up and there’s the vibration on off there’s the turning the power on off – and this is, if you want to do a Factory reset, which we don’t want to do because we’re waiting a whole minute to see if we’re going to get an alarm notification. So those are all of the different apps that are installed along with system settings.

What it doesn’t have and i’m kind of glad is it doesn’t have all 20 of the different exercise routines on here, cluttering everything up swimming and running and cycling that’s all bundled under the exercise, not the step count, but the flexed arm exercise one and there it Is we got the uh, the countdown timer now you see, we’ve got all this data accumulating on this watch face with the time up here, very busy, but very informational. If you want other watch faces, you can press and switch them here’s a really nice colorful. One gives you an idea of the black barrier border around it it’s, not too obtrusive. It does it’s a little small within the size of the overall watch, but it contours nicely it’s not off offset or skewed anywhere. You got a a big one like that. You got a straight analog watch like that, and this is the one where you can go in in the app and you can change the background picture and you can change the color and what you display here. You want steps, or do you want heart rate or whatever all of that’s available and then here’s, one that i downloaded from the defit app itself. That was easy to do and you have one position. You can change it out into much as you want to simple little one again. It shows the edge to edge effect of the the screen. It’S nice rounded screen uh, really a beautiful watch, but i did mention that um it’s, not alone the magic.

Three has a little sister here. She is really nice watch a definitely different design. We got gold, a tapered, uh metal edge on here and a knob instead of a button which lets us twirl to change. Things like the watch faces what’s different well between the two of them they’re a little bit different. It looks like in size kind of more square a little bit more rectangular or maybe i’m just optical illusion, i’m, not sure, definitely thinner with the ladies version than the magic three here and a little bit lighter as well, but both really nice watches by the same Dna from the same family line, you can see that the innards are very similar. We got pretty much the same thing here: let’s lower the brightness to this one to be about the same there. We go they time out pretty quickly. Actually, this is brighter than this. One at that brightness, so i’ll just try to equal them. There we go now um. I can come back over here. If i go this way i’m into the full layout of all of the apps they’re similar, but slightly different. As you can see, the way they’re oriented i’ve got to press come back here. If we go this way, we get into these different panels that show you sports and sleep we’ve, seen all this already, but just to show you that also we have blood pressure and blood oxygen on this one, then weather, shutter and player.

All those are the same, but when you swipe up here, you get your basic notifications here we get a whole bunch of more we’re, getting kind of the whole menu repeated again, but this time linearly just a different setup, just a different design. All in all, pretty much the same watch so would make a nice combination if you’re interested in looking up this one go to, look for the little magnifying glass and just type in y20. It’Ll. Take you to the review, but today we’re talking about the magic three so let’s continue, and here it is on yep. Very attractive. Watch floats nicely on the arm buttons on the side on and off. Yep works really great. So i bet you’re wondering again: where can you get it from our brand new partner? We buying uh the cuspit magic 3 about 35 less. If you use our buying link and apply the coupon that we’ve got and uh yeah, i think it’s, a pretty decent watch got the nice little button, uh on the side or you can play with the twirly knob on the uh, the y20, and you can take A look at that uh review as well, either way you go his and hers looks like a nice combination.