com the premiere site, 4 smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are on the second part of video review of this amazing smartwatch from cosmet. We have here the cospet magic tree, the first video we showed you the specs, the design of the smartwatch, so we, in short, we have some unboxing okay of this new smartwatch from cospet the cospet magic tree, and this time we are going to check on its Features menus of this beautiful, sporty smartwatch? Okay, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay, so let’s turn it on okay or activate the display okay. So we have here the cospet magic tree smartwatch, but before that, okay right now it is available in the costped website So, as you can see here, we have the smartwatch okay, with the price drop okay available in black blue and pink color options. Okay, so this is the website official website of, okay, so beautiful colors for the smartwatch beautiful sporty premium. Looking design smart watch okay, so we have here the smartwatch, okay, again, i’m, going to wear it to show you how the smartwatch looks like okay, when you are wearing the wearable. Okay, so wait! It has a classic st steel bezel here: okay, okay, so that’s it! It looks sporty, it looks good and wide screen display. Okay, so let’s check on the menu of the smartwatch okay, i’m, just going to remove it temporarily, okay, to show you the menus of the smartwatch up close again let’s.

Take a look. Take a look at the design first of this smartwatch durable steel or metal body here, okay, it’s, just a single button that works as a back and power. Okay, it see heart rate, monitor magnetic magnetic charging cable here and metal enclosure. Okay, soft flexible, strap, okay, so where’s the display. So we have here the menu again here’s the bubble type okay menu of the smartwatch, so you can pick select okay. If what are the options or the menu that you would like to access here? Okay, so this one, i think this is watch face. We have sp02 here you have breathing guide. I wonder what this is: brightness, okay, this one what’s this okay! So the details, all the smartwatch so let’s, so this one for the messages: okay, scrolling from left to right or from right to the left. You have the sports here automatic activity tracking, so it is calculating the calories okay. So we have here the sleep. Okay, so light the rest. Okay, and we have the graphs here seven day: total okay, it’s measuring the heart rate, so let’s check so 90 bits per minute; okay, so it also has a maximum at minimum. Okay, we have the exercise and let’s try to check. So we have walking running cycling here, beautiful ui by the way badminton basketball football swimming hiking tennis. We have football, golf baseball, elliptical, training rowing. We have trail running skiing, bowling, dumbbell, okay.

I like this one. Okay, sit up so let’s check for the dump dumbbell okay. So what is the so? It is calculating 40 calories and bits per minute, as well as the time. Okay. So stop. Okay, exercise too short. How about for the running let’s check? Okay, okay! Let’S! Go for the running okay, so it’s, calculating or monitoring the what okay, the steps, of course, the distance, okay, calories and bits per minute and the time okay, beautiful, animation there, beautiful graphics, okay, go back! Yes! What else do we have here so it’s? Also measuring what’s? This, i think this is blood pressure. Okay, let’s, try, okay, it is calculating wonder. Okay, we’ll adjust the screen display here when okay we’ll see so, do you still have to activate it first, i think it’s not auto, measuring okay. So it may take some time. Let’S. Wait: this is our first time to use this one: okay, 125, okay, 68 over 1, oh 125, over 68, the systolic and diastolic. Okay. So go back what else? What else? What are the features here so far? I like the ui of the smartwatch, very easy to use and very easy to access. Okay, so this is the weather function. You have to connect your smartwatch, the support app to be able to see. We also have the shutter. So it needs bluetooth, connectivity, also, bluetooth, music players, the same feature: they need a access to the bluetooth picture here: okay, oh so we have the settings here, get the display, what’s this okay.

I think this is the vibration mode for the settings let’s check. We have the brightness okay, shake on theater what’s, theater, together mode turn off vibration and turn down brightness, okay, so reset power off about. We also have here the qr code. Okay, i guess there’s a setting for time limit for the display here. We’Ll make it longer. Next time, okay, so we have the brightness okay, we have countdown alarm and stop watch okay. So what else here? So we have the menu? Okay, the qr code. Okay, i think it is using the defeat support app, okay, spo2. We also have the blood oxygen. Okay, again, let’s go back to the watch face okay, so we have at least several options here. Hopefully there are pre loaded watch faces, or i mean downloadable watch faces on the support app okay, so i like this one, so it shows the weather the time as well and data such as steps, calories and distance, as well as the heart rate here, so beautiful Smartwatch from cospet, okay brush finish here: durable metal body, 2.2.5 d, tempered, glass, okay, it looks premium okay, it looks like a smart watch with a very good quality just from cospec. Okay, this is your cospect magic tree. Smartwatch check out the details below as well as the link. Okay, if you want to buy okay, this smartwatch from a trusted seller – okay, you can also buy it from the official website.

Okay, this is your cospect magic. 3. Smart watch.