It might look like the guys who watch four active but its actually the casper magic four. Now this one only costs about 35 euros, which makes this a good christmas present. Now before we start with the video quick shout out to cosbit for sending me the smartwatch for the review, it is not a paid sponsorship, but it did send me the smartwatch. So, thank you for that now. The biggest benefit of the magic watch for, in my opinion, is the long battery life on normal usage. The product description says you get about seven to ten days, but its more like five. Now, during my testing, i got quite a few notifications i had to buy the settings turned on high. I have the 24 7 heart rate monitoring turn on, even though it only tracks your heart rate in 30 minute intervals, and i did play a few of these games on a long train ride now, if these five days arent enough for you, you also have a Power saving, which turns off the vibration, feedback, notifications, quick view and lowers the brightness dont expect to get twice the battery life out of it, but you do get a few extra hours now. Once you reach zero percent on the battery life, it takes about two full hours until you back to 100 now its not very fast, but you only have to do it once a week. So that would be a ride with me.

Lets talk a little bit about the specs right quick now. This watch has a 1.32 inch color touch display with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixel. We get a metal body with a plastic back and two physical buttons on the side of the watch which actually have the same function. So i dont know whats up with that. This watch is also water resistant up to 5 atm, so i can actually go swim with this one, even though i havent tried it, but there is a swimming mode. The 22 millimeter silicon strap is pretty smooth on your skin and if you dont like that one, you can swap that out anytime, you want to. If you have another strap, it is pretty easy, since you have a quick release feature as well as well as you can get this watch in two different colors. You can either get it in this all black version or you can get it in pink gold and thats about it for the specs so lets head over to some functions. First of swiping left takes you through your different types, which are your daily stats, heart rate and blood pressure, a weather widget. That shows you a forecast for the next week, a shutter. So you can take pictures from your smartphone using your smart watch. So once you press the shutter button on your watch, your smartphone will take a picture after a three second countdown as well as you have the standard music player with which you can skip a track, go back a track and play and pause your music, and we Have a guided breathing exercise at the end, if you swipe up from the home screen, we get to see some of your notifications.

You dont get notified from every app, but once we open up the fit app which you by the way need to install in order to use this one, you see that we also get watts. Apps instagram calls sms facebook messages and a few others. So we got the most important ones covered swiping down, takes it to your quick panel and if you swipe to the left, we get to see all the other functions that this watch has to offer. Now, besides the ones i have already mentioned, we also get a sleep tracker which tracks your total sleep, as well as your light and deep sleep over here, we finally get to our sport modes as well. Overall, you get 20 different sport mods to choose from you, get a walking running site in swimming mode, but also a few ball sports skiing and fitness related ones. Before you start one of these workouts, you can set different goals like if you hit a certain time or a certain calorie count during the workout. This watch strikes your steps, calories, mileage, heart rate and time now, up to the last feature, this watch has to offer, which are the different watch faces. So, yes, you can swap your style anytime. You want to just press the home screen for about a second and you get to choose. Some analog watch faces digital ones, and one of them is even customizable in the app. So we can change the position of the time and what metrics or stats we want to see above or below it, and we can also change the color of the fonts and folks thats alright for the video now its a little bit shorter than usual.