It is one of the latest most revolutionary smartwatches released into the market. The packaging looks really amazing, with a classy black leather pattern designed to the exterior packaging and an elegant label stamped on the box. Let’S go ahead to unbox this product inside the box. You will find one user guide and a screen protector that is provided for you to protect your screen from scratches and dirt. You will find the kospet prime 2 smartwatch fitted nicely in the foam slot a site. It is an accessory pack that is included in the box inside the accessory pack. Is a watch strap a sim card pin to eject the sim card tray and a usb charging cable to charge up your smartwatch all neatly packed inside the retail packaging? On first glance, the cosmic prime 2 smartwatch looks stunning in black. It has elegant metallic chrome rims that accentuates its classy, elegance and style. There is a futuristic camera on the top of the watch that embodies the modernity of the smartwatch at the side of the smartwatch. You can find the sim card slot, along with the control buttons of the smartwatch overall good first impressions on the smartwatch at the back of the smartwatch. You will find a heart rate scanner, along with a charging point for you to attach your magnetic charging cable to it. First charge up your device to max health before use. Charging is simple with the magnetic charging. Cable just place it there and it will connect without hassle once done.

Power up the smartwatch by holding the power button down Music, complete the easy setup process for your device’s language settings and download the wewear app from your device’s app Music store. Once installation of the app is complete, open it up and follow the on screen. Instructions to set up the app create an account and log in and add your device easily link your smartwatch over bluetooth connection scan the qr code with your smartphone and link the two devices together done. Our devices are successfully connected together. Now let’s install the watch band onto the cosmic prime 2 smartwatch Music. The watch band is made of high quality rubber, with a metallic clasp that easily latches onto your smartwatch. When you install it into the metal, pin slot Music, we are done with installation of the watch band in a few steps, really simple installation process on first use. The user interface is really simple and user friendly to use. It has a fitness mode that has lots of sports mode to select from great variety. You can customize your watch face if you want to change the default style simply head over to your phone choose from many different watch face designs, some digital, some analog styles. The options are endless to cater to your style and taste. You have the option of installing other apps and games too Music to install simply download the ideal watch face and apply it onto your smartwatch, all in a single click.

In a few seconds the download will complete and the watch face has successfully been changed. Amazing, the dials and fonts are all super high quality and clear. It looks really realistic, wow very beautiful Music. It supports sim card operation with a sim tray easily ejected, with the provided, pin insert a nano sim card that supports 4g connection and slide it into the watch. The watch supports global 4g, lte bandwidths for high speed, internet speeds and high definition calls and connectivity awesome. The watch is running android os, so it is fully equipped with a play store. This makes the cost, but prime2 smartwatch, just like a regular smartphone, easily access the play store to find your favorite apps for your enjoyment and work. You are also able to access. Google chrome browser pre installed on it, browse the net efficiently, with the option to zoom in and out of articles for a better reading experience. Now the internet is within reach for you on your smartwatch. How awesome is that you also have a responsive and good sized keyboard to key in your inputs, for your sms browsing needs, amazing, with fitness mode enabled you have the option to enter a fitness mode like running and start training, while the smartwatch monitors your health and Calories burnt in real time, just look at the smartwatch counting my calories burnt in real time during this short workout, along with my heartbeat, rising throughout the duration of the workout, pretty amazing, once your workout is complete, stop the workout and the data will be synced with Your app on your smartphone, which clearly states your health and wellness status with a built in heart rate scanner.

You can easily measure your heart rate anytime on the smartwatch, get accurate and effective readings anytime anywhere Music. Since it supports sim card, you can readily use the smartwatch to call your associates and family as and when you like, access your contacts that is synced with your smartphone contacts. Also, easily check sms and write text to your friends and family with google voice, search, enabled search up your questions and doubts with it readily available. All notifications will be available for you to check and look up on your smartwatch, such as your email notifications, easily reply, open archive or dismiss the notification. The drop down menu of this smartwatch is super intuitive and useful. You can control your wifi, bluetooth, brightness, airplane mode, etc. All on the drop down menu. One useful feature is the clean boost, quick tool that frees up ram space and close unused apps to speed up your smart watch. It has a built in 13 megapixel rotatable camera on the smartwatch with autofocus 2 to ensure you get a clear view on all of your shots, simply point and shoot your favorite scenery or turn the camera towards yourself for a perfect selfie. You can also change the mode to video recording mode Music record videos in maximum resolution of 1080 pixels high definition, instantly preview images and videos captured on the smartwatch through the gallery check out the amazing video i captured earlier of the scenery. It is amazingly clear and crisp thanks to the 13 megapixel lens and the sony image sensor that captures scenes accurately and in high quality.

The camera is positioned at 12 o’clock, which makes it act like a rear camera on a smartphone for efficient and nicely angled shots. The overall camera quality is good and ergonomically designed other useful apps are also available on the smartwatch, such as a calculator stopwatch calendar to set your schedule for better time management. The kossbit prime2 smartwatch has some top of the line specifications with octa core processor. This kind of processors are usually found in phones and not smart watches. This is one of the first models featuring an octa core processor, with huge storage, space of 64 gigabytes and 4 gigabyte of ram space for smooth and efficient multi tasking, really some high quality specs. For a smartwatch, it is powered by android 10 google’s latest android os on the smartwatch. How amazing is that you get the latest apps power saving features that is not available on other smart watches cool. Overall, we find that the cosmic prime 2 provides excellent, useful tools and features to cater to our needs. It has a really large and clear 2.1 inch, ips read in a display for multitasking and browsing. The screen layout is fully rounded for a fully immersive and ergonomic usage experience with a large 1 600 milliamps battery to drive you through your daily activities. You are ensured to get the best out of your smartwatch with a longer lasting battery. The kossba prime 2 houses a 2.1 full round display with ips wide viewing angle technology with high pixel density at 323, ppi ensuring excellent screen size and efficient usability with a built in 13mp rotatable camera for capturing worthy moments, anytime, anywhere on your smartwatch highly adaptable.