We'Re gon na be unboxing the lympho lem ten and the COS pet prime, and we will be doing that in just a minute after I show you this everybody from YouTube. Thank you. Thank you. You subscribers out that you guys know what this is don't you. Oh, can I open it? Yes, I can inside here is check it out check it out. Look at this. This is our award. Our team award from YouTube for SmartWatch ticks over 100000 subscribers with an attached letter on here from Susan, the CEO of YouTube, congratulating all of us on moving forward with SmartWatch technology with interest enough to actually subscribe and keep updated on what's happening now. The ironic thing, the ironic thing is in terms of everybody that watches this YouTube channel. Only one out of every 10 of you is subscribed. So a hundred thousand subscribers. That means there's, like a million folks popping in all the time and we've got like 20 over 25 million views of all of our videos. That is one intense mirror so I'll say hi wow. I wish the pictures were that clear on the smartwatches anyway. Thank you, guys, let's move on with the unboxings and really appreciate you being here and if you're not yet a subscriber, you are cordially invited to join the hundred thousand of us globally, who appreciate smartwatches. So here we go with the COS pet. This is the prime we've all heard about this for a while now, but we haven't quite yet seen it, but here it is, and it is on a very, very exclusive special option right now, an exclusive carrying from gearbest, at least for a little while don't win.

Your watching this, but if you're watching it now when it comes out of the pre sale price, is about a hundred and fifty it's normally two hundred bucks. So this is a really really good discount if it's a little later down the road by the time you're. Getting here because these videos are up continuously check, the show, notes and I'll have the best coupon deal for you. I can get so you can pick it up directly from gearbest in terms of specs. I got a sheet that goes on and on and on big information at twelve hundred and sixty milliamp hour battery that's huge, a one point: six inch screen, that's huge thirty, two gigabytes of storage, with three gigabytes of RAM that's, huge it's, good, now becoming more standard And, of course, it's a 4G fully capable SmartWatch stand alone. You put a sim in it, and it'll run phone calls for you and text messages. I'Ll. Let you read this stuff. If I'm, going too fast, you can freeze frame it to take a look at it. Here are all the beta, the basic specs it's running, Android 7.1.1, as most of them are. It has what they say: dual 4G global frequency band support, and it also supports vo LTE. So you can have very crisp high quality voice capability, constantly improving on these it's, a ceramic material for the watch case and silicone strap on it. It'S, a hey, manga, strap but it's a nice one.

You'Ve got the RAM. The ROM a camera, now here's an interesting thing: it's a two megapixel front facing camera that software updated to two megapixel, which means it's a 1.3 megapixel camera. You go wow mr. dick that's. Hugely small and it is and I'll explain why the side one is an actual 5 megapixel camera that's up interpolated. They call it two eight megapixel images which is about as big as you can get on a smartwatch these days. So why is the front one so tiny? Well, first of all, you're going to be looking close up at it, it's not going to be doing broad landscape, stuff and being small numbers of pixels. You can get more data down the pipe for doing things like video chatting. You can have hours of recording right on it. If you want to do your own video log and then upload it to Facebook or whatever later so, it actually is of a benefit to have a low resolution front facing camera. For that purpose, just to keep the file sizes down and the bitrate streaming but it's great to have a big battery and we do twelve hundred and sixty milliamp hour daily use times 72 hours. I have not tested it fully that long yet I'm gon na give it a try, a long standby time on this thing to fully ip67 waterproof, they say and the bands are removable. So this is quite the watch. A lot of folks are going o, be one kenobi.

This is the one I feel this is the one and it just might be. There are a few little drawbacks, but not major anyway, here's all the other support formats, software specifications and our overall languages that this thing is supporting. Now, let's, look at it finally right. Finally, we could pump it out of the container slip it out of its little bag and go ah. The first thing you notice is it's totally flat. I mean totally you've got this silver bezel going seamlessly into the black circle. It'S got a little smudge on it. Cuz I've already been playing with it of the watch itself. It bows out on the side a little bit to a bump of a camera, and this also houses the side camera here. You'Ve got two nice elongated buttons that give an integrated effect of the whole thing, and then these wise silicone bands, I think they're 24 millimeter, probably that's typical on all of these and, of course, quick disconnect. Removable you've got the sim cover complete cover here, which you can unscrew and put in a SIM card. There'S your heart rate, diode speakers right below the microphone. Are these a camera? Don'T know where the microphone is there. It is opposite sized speaker, microphone and charging pins right up here. You'Ve got four screws to take the whole back off, which you should never need to do and other than that it's really smooth design highlights of shiny material here for the bezel, with a matted overall body, let's, look at what else we've got in here.

We got two boxes: the small one houses the screwdriver, so you open up the sim compartment to put in your SIM card. By the way, we have a special deal that we can tie you into check the show notes if you want to put an inexpensive sim in here, if you're not going to use it often for like five bucks a month, you can have a sim in here For emergency calling and light data use excellent excellent opportunity with speed. Talk we've covered that in another review. Then we have a box here that within which you will find a cable, which is your standard USB to micro, USB cable, so any of them will work. We'Ve got a box of extra screws in case something happens and you strip the screw here, you're, not out all locks, so you got a few extra screws and then, of course, the dock. This is a unique dock for this watch. The four pins here line up on the top slaps on there really strongly very good and solid that's how you charge it put the wire in connect it to your computer it's, a data cable as well and that's how you can transfer files if you want to, Or you can do it by Wi Fi, either way that's all of the stuff that comes in here you've got a screen protector to put on if you'd like to and then you've got the overall cos pet rhyme manual let's run through that here's.

The security information and your overall specs again freeze frame this. If you need to in order to look at it longer when we page through it, tells you you got a power key and a shortcut key, which I haven't programmed yet. But that's supposed to be able to shortcut you back to wherever you'd like you've, got more information about how you set it up the QR code to download, of course, we've got the link directly to the WI. I watch to Google Play Store app. You want to download it from the Google Play, Store and install it, and then tether and the tethering instructions are here and it's pretty easy again. We'Ve got a whole video on the. Why watch to app out there here's some more information about watch faces and how you can add more once you're on Wi Fi, with the hitting that plus key and going through the selection and downloading them, and then we've got more information about the layout and how You can set up the face unlock feature, and you probably know the very first video I put up on this a little while ago was how to do the setup for face, unlock and it's, pretty darn cool, and it really really works now. One thing I didn't say on that: one and I'll show you here as soon as we turn it on is, of course, if you've got it in the twist, your wrists to show the time when you twist your wrist it's, just going to show the digital time, See your face and boom go into your watch face and then go off about two seconds later.

If you don't touch anything so it's all integrated together with the camera, with the watch with the security, if somebody else has it on they twist, the wrist they'll see the time of day in the date, but they won't get into the watch. So you can loan your watch to friends and they won't be seeing your pictures cool, all right, let's, clear everything out and turn this on. Well, if you've watched the revised video, you know that the screen unlock feature has changed and there's not going to be a digital time on the screen. There'S, just gon na be the watch face of your choice, but you can still own your watch to friends and they won't be able to get into it unless they know the pattern or you put your smiley face in front of the camera and it unlocks like Just happened there let's walk through this. We are looking at the cost pet prime, and here you go look at those beautiful color icons, that's all changed folks, it's the same layout same stuff. This is your silent mode or loud, but you see it changes to gray here's how you change your brightness, but you see that little slider. I have display brightness installed on this one, so it overrides that one, the little circle there that's floating toucher. We talked about those like we always do a little bit later on. This is your twist the risk to see time.

You really tell that's airplane mode that's your cellular data bluetooth is on and tethered to the waii watch to app and then Wi Fi is available for you as well. You have these thoughts down at the bottom. That show you that here is the overall furthest left. One notice I've got 4G glowing because I have a 4G SIM in this one I'm, getting about six megabytes per second download and two megabytes up in my location, but of course, that all changes wherever you are it's working pretty good, though you see I'm at 42 Powers because I'm doing a burn in test later in a further video I'll, give you my complete results, but I started last night at midnight 600 a.m. this morning and it dropped to 86 just basically sleeping wearing it. Without the screen lighting up, then I did a Play Store, update check for a couple of hours in there drop there here was a GPS test cycling for an hour. It went down to their casual use for a couple of more hours. Did the unlocking review just before this right now and we're 46 and now we're, starting this full review here and it's at 42, so I'm trying to use it more or less. Like an average usage day with a little bit of nothing a little bit of something and see what kind of life we get gon na, let that go on and, like I said in a future, video will will give you some more updates on the life of This thing, because it's got that super big battery and so far I would say, it's lasting about twice as long as what I have seen in other watches.

Ok there's. All of that then there's. Your little quick cleanup thing that we see in Android, 7 there's your music player and it's all in color. Now, one more swipe and I'm into my weather in my area, kind of in color, with Fahrenheit and centigrade available as well and then you're back into the overall watch faces. We'Ve just got a few different ones. We showed that one on some videos – and this is a kind of a wild one – really highlights the blacks and the colors that's available on this IPs. One point: six inch, some more different ones. I want to show you one of these, so you really get a feel for that edge to edge effect and the nice flat reflective bezel on this one it's a dark screen. I can brighten it up, of course, with my slider there and yeah, really a good selection and variety of faces that they've packed into here, here's that one they're not gon na have to bring it down just a little bit so it's, not over washing too much. Okay, if I slide down I've got my daily step count over here. I'Ve got my graph, you know from it starts over on Mondays and you can come in here and set up all of your your settings, and I guess I just switched it from graph to chart. You have that ability. You have your distance, traveled and calories burned and that's all across that bottom row right.

This is that row here and then this is the top row that we just went through and looked at all of those from here. You'Ve got notifications and to the right you get to the app drawer and we've got the whole Apple watch layout thing and it works beautifully. It'S really hard for me to go sequentially through everything, though so, to show you every all of the different apps. Some of these I've added in, like you, can tell the antutu ones and there's display brightness and of course some of them are stock. So the first thing I'm gon na do is come in here and go down to our app list style and change it to arc. So I can come back come over and we're down into what we are used to seeing. So your contacts, phone and messaging has to do with the cell phone capability and the SIM card install and in the phone calls I've made with this watch it's, nice and loud. I can easily hear a person with it just on my arm. There I've got overall settings and these are pretty basic except a few changes. We have sound in display. You notice. We do not have the always time or always on display capability, as some of the older Android 7 watches now that's, because they used an AMOLED screen. The IP screen process is not supporting that so you're not going to have that ambient screen that's, always on when it's off it's gon na be off and it's going to be black you've got the appli style.

We just looked at your overall connections for Wi, Fi and Bluetooth and, of course, your you USB connection settings are in there to make sure you go into transfer mode when you connect the cable to your computer, so you can transfer files and music and even apps Back and forth, the gesture is a simple thing on turning on or off to raise the your arm to see the time or turning off pedometer services. If you don't plan on using that little extra boost exceeding your battery speaking of battery there's power savings, here, you have a standby, intelligent power. I'Ve got it turned off right now: I'm gon na turn it on it's showing that I'm at 40, and if I keep using it like, it is I'm gon na have 10 hours left before it dies, but that's gon na change. You know, depending on how I use it and what are the most frequently used apps and, of course the screen is always the most used apps so try to keep your time out as short as possible and keep your screen as dim as possible that's. Why sub this is so good? You can turn it really down deeply at night or indoors and turn it up if you need to outside, even from your watch face without having to go hunting down a control, especially if it's dark the language and inputs is pretty basic. But we want to check the different languages, because you have quite a few that are available here.

English is set up as a standard, but you also have all of these languages and, like I say since this is a relatively new watch and it's done. Some updates to system 7 within here I'm gon na take a moment to scroll through, so you guys can see all of them. Sometimes I get questions is Hebrew and there or goodness knows what. So. This is an opportunity which we don't do every watch, but just today, we'll show you all of these, and that was for adding a second language you're good to you always get to choose one at the very beginning, and this is for adding a one. If you want to spell checker, the keyboard is in here text to speech. Standard stuff time is exactly the same as you've always seen. You can reset your equipment and uninstall applications. You have more and over all about this watch I'm, going to come back to more, but first about this watch shows you that it's the COS pet prime and it's running Android, seven one one – and I did flash new firmware to this folks. So when you get yours check it out, is it dated October? The tenth is that your build number and kernel version because that's the update that give us the new screen lock capability, both the screen, lock with the nine dots that you put in a pattern and the face recognition engine has completely been changed away from Google to A much faster and more accurate, responsive one for the face unlock, so there will be an over the air update.

Eventually, if you get an earlier version of this with the earlier software or firmware then October the 10th, you can wait for that. I ended up manually flashing this because I'm tied together with Pablo 11 and the gang over at WWE, all Android watch comm, which are the technical people that work all this stuff out, so he sent over the firmware. I flashed it up so that we could do that video. You just saw on the new way of doing screen unlock, which brings us to more because that's, where that kind of stuff is hidden. You got your accounts in Google Play services, and then you got background. Cleaner – and I told you at the very end of that, video that you want to go in here, have it turned on and touch here and turn off anything that you want to have running in the background in our case, display brightness and floating touch, or the Line and the dot over here by turning those off they are not going to automatically be shut down. When you go back to the watch, face and let's some stay on all the time. Other things like you, don't really want antutu benchmark stuff running in the background. After you've done the test, so it's good to have that and on so when you leave, it will automatically shut it down and save your battery that's background, cleaner you've got the screen, lock settings and the face lock and I've got two videos up on that.

Now the most recent one is the accurate one so watch. Those third party app adapter, is something that I could turn on and when you go into different third party apps that sometimes the writing isn't all on the screen. Sometimes it needs to be compressed that will help clean that up. This is different mind you now, then, when I press and hold here, and I changed the circle to a square that makes third party apps show up in a square within the circle or show up full, which means you don't see the corners that's, how you change That function right there, but this one is a little bit different, it's, more subtle, it's working with the actual text and stuff. Now this is relatively new on some of these Android watches coming out, it's a performance thing. We saw it on the LEM T and we'll be talking about that in that review and it's, where you can actually change the overall performance of the processor it's gon na drain, your battery a little more and it's, going to make your watch hot and it's going To tell you all of that stuff in here, and so, if you're doing something like playing YouTube, perhaps or playing a game, and you want more fluidity and faster response, it forces a boost up. I guess in your CPU and is going to give you an enhanced mode if you don't want to do that, then cancel out of it and just leave it in normal.

For most of the time. App freeze is a special thing that will allow you to turn off any special apps or installed apps, that you've got and put them in frozen mode unless you actually launch them. All of this is in an attempt to help save your overall battery we've got storage in this. The internal storage is 32 gigabytes and the RAM should be three gigabytes. Total and it's got all that information here. 2.9 gigabytes, acclaiming notifications, app settings data River saver are all other features that you find in more within the overall settings and that's all of the basic stuff that comes with this. As far as settings go, you've got a stock browser. You got a download area that nobody ever really uses your basic calendar and the clock area used to just be a basic clock which it is still, but you also have world time here so that you can go in and set anywhere in the world that you'd, Like to see what the time is now we get to our cameras. Let'S talk about the cameras here when I fire this up I'm coming into a side, camera 5 megapixel gon na take a picture of it right there and I'm going to take a little video, and this is a video of me wiggling my ring and that's the Aura ring: I now have the review up on this very sophisticated ring, so make sure you take a look at that too.

So now, we've shot a video and a camera picture on the side I'm. Bringing this up and playing the video now you saw, I was seeing if I could double tap to zoom it or pinch and zoom a video and you can't do either. You could barely hear it I'm sure same with me. It wasn't very loud, but the phone calls are louder just to let you know that's, not indicative of everything. Ok, I'm gon na come over here to the picture. If I double tap and zoom and double tap again, I can zoom, ok and you can get in pretty close and double tap goes back and you have pinch and zoom which could take you even further way in there to where your pixels are mountains, yeah. So the 5 megapixel camera up interpolated to 8 megapixels, has a nice zoom capability and you can see what the overall size is when you multiply those two numbers. You come up about 8 megabits, but the actual unit is a 5 megapixel camera. This is a 2 megapixel up. Interpolated we'll see that in a second from a 1.3 megapixel camera, you say mr. tix, why so small? Well it actually is a benefit because it's going to give you less data rate see there. I am, and you can still see I'm pretty darned clear I'm gon na take that picture there. I think hello, okay, there's a front picture and now I'm shooting a little bit of video, which would be the same as if you were video chatting with somebody or doing a video diary or log in keeping it on your watch because it's a lower bitrate image Altogether, you're gon na be able to actually get much more information here we go playing it.

No don't have either either pinch and zoom or DoubleTap zoom on video and of course you could slide it back and forth. And when I come in here and do details, it tells you that it's standard 640 by 480, which is like the old television standard right, it's, less than HD, and definitely less than F HD but it's adequate for video chatting. So they made a special decision there to go with a low resolution front facing camera strong enough die. You can see that hairs and stuff. In my in my head and and okay for video same thing here, I should be able to tap zoom tap zoom again. There I am and tap again goes back or I can zoom in on my individual hairs like that and yeah they're, not as clears from the other camera but again it's front facing so everything you need to know about about this. Did I do the details on this, for you multiply this out and that'll? Tell you your two megapixels right, 1088 by 1920, should multiply out to 2 million roughly but it's. Actually, a 1.3 million module in there and that's camera and gallery is basically what we were into look at those pictures. And then you got a music player, a sound recorder and you already heard sound from them. It'S gon na operate like the camera, but with only sound file manager, which is where you can get in to the the files and stuff that you transfer over from your computer and that's, where I've used to install a bunch of the other stuff that's in here.

Your basic heart rate monitor you, click on that it turns on the diode it's gon na. Do your heart rate. No change from other watches on that fitness now is interesting. Here is uh happens to be landing right now into a map of the event that I just did and at this point in time, where I'm located there's no map coverage it's not tied directly to Google, to bring over the Google map overlay it's by dhow. I believe it's I'm saying that right for China, so there's some issues worked in the background, not just for this watch, but for many many many android watches that when the GPS is tied in with Fitness, which this one is and you get the track from the Event that you you did you get the track, but you don't get the track against an actual map that you can use. We hope to have an update for that soon. The guys are working on it really hard right now and when they do then you'll. Of course, have a map that you can see your track against. This is in the middle dot here of the fitness section, which looks typically like what we've seen before walks and runs and whatnot, and when you swipe over twice, you can turn on GPS and tie this in. So this is the advanced fitness app that comes with it that lets you do overall, Fitness with GPS tracking notice that when I try to scroll further to the right there's, not the fitness section, that's another thing that may be integrated into a future firmware update.

But for right now, it's, not there, you have to go to the fitness app here to get into it. Weather is weather just like what we saw at the top there's voice search, which is your okay trigger word, Google, that will, you know, bring you into that. The Google Playstore overall maps, which is accurate and brings in the map of your area from Google, so it's there it's just a matter of tying now that into fitness, like we had to tie GPS into fitness assistant, is the assistant that connects you to your phone To the WI I watch app and all these are functions: music control that lets you play music on the phone. You can send files back and forth from the phone to the watch using that and, of course you can find your phone from here and the first one is the QR code that you scan with the WI. I watch app on your phone to tether your phone and your watch very simple thing to do. Your app store is different than the Google Play Store, it's, a store that has basic apps like Facebook and Twitter and whatsapp, and YouTube that you can download without needing to go to Google Play Store directly, and now you get into my stuff the display brightness. However, this one system, optimization, is a new app that's been added. You saw when we went into more inside of settings inside of deep and deep and deep in there.

These have been pulled out to the out in their own separate out. The clean task is that battery saver thing that we looked at where we turned on an off the different apps. Remember you could do that now right here, without having to go as steep as we did before, here's, where we set up screen, lock third party app and all of this system work mode, remember that was where we have normal or performance. So you have all of this stuff – okay right here in the app freeze as well that's in system optimization now in a future, video I'll be doing the antutu benchmark reports on this talking more about floating touch, you're getting deeper into setting search, which is a place Where you can set up to triple tap and zoom, which is a really nice feature, all that good stuff, but not today. This is the overview of the basic unboxing and first look where we looked at the apps that actually come with it in terms of first impressions of this watch. I really really like it. I like the size, it's good for me, I'm, an average sized guy. I would say my arm is not among us, nor is it tiny. I like the face lock thing I think I'll get bored with it. I don't really see me using it very much unless I'm walking in a place where I don't want somebody to you know. If they stole my watch or something, but I don't keep anything on my watch.

That would be important now, if you tie in to Dropbox and onedrive and and Google Drive and stuff like that, and you have files that you're archiving on your watch that are top secret. Well, yeah having it locked, is probably pretty good, but you could do it with that 9 dot system as well, but it is a nice show off point to be able to just look at your watch and have it automatically go into that face unlock it. Math suite: ok, how do you get this thing again yeah by now, you must have it memorized gearbest mr. tick says: go to gear, Baz special promotion. Yes, it is, if you're not watching this right now, it may be totally different, because this is an exclusive sale. Gearbest has over everybody else at the moment, for a little while they'll have this as we get closer into eleven eleven, which is the big China sale day and Black Friday, and Cyber Monday you might start seeing prices close to this, but they're gon na go back Up, I guarantee you so if you like what you saw, this is a good time to buy it three gigabytes. Thirty, two gigabytes 1.6 inch screen front facing camera sleekly integrated into a perfectly flat bezel nice, smooth responsiveness in the screen. All your standard, apps and they're removable bands SIM card fits inside this whole thing speaker over there and of course, side facing camera as well. It'S uh it's, a really well thought out well done watching yeah I'd recommend it.