com and today, we're gon na answer that burning question for you one way or the other, should you buy the kos pet prime or the Thor 5 row. Both of them are awesome, watches and I get asked all the time which one is the best Android SmartWatch it's down to these two folks, for various reasons. Most of you know, but if you're really looking to buy an Android watch. Well here you go. Ah, this is what they look like on. Let'S start with the prime it's a little bit bigger got a good sized screen. Really nice bezel it's got the cameras on the side front facing and there's a little side, one that shoots out over your hand as well. The Thor 5 Pro has the camera in the front on the top of the bezel, and likewise has one on the side exact same size, shooting out over your hand. If you wear it. On your left hand, the bands are totally different, though the Prime has removable bands that are TPU and relatively wide. The Thor 5 row, on the other hand, is using a leather band mm. Hmm, this one's in brown it's, also in black, with a TPU backside, breathability and it's a bit narrower. You see that probably 20 22 millimeters check the specs on that both of them have the similar type of dark reflective bezel around them. The prime is flat. I mean totally flat, you can see the reflection there and the Thor 5 Pro has a bit tapered and then a little edge that bumps down over to the glass.

So your fingers just kind of right on the edge of it. This one is a straight shoot straight across you notice. The watch face on here. This is one of the new creations from al rod. Thanks al rod awesome work guy. This is the new active touch or complications capable faces, and, yes, both of them support. The ability to have watch faces that you can touch an active spot and go into whatever is programmed behind it and folks are programming a lot of different things. These days here's a heart rate, this is being a little picky there we go, which, while we're here we'll see, we have a green diode on the back on this one. On the side, I'll put my finger on that one here, it's flashing, a little bit looking for human contact and I'll put my finger on there now I didn't start them at exactly the same time, so we can't really tell which one's gon na land first, but They both go through doing the heart rate check. Yes, obviously the prime came in first now I got one heart beating down both arms, so the heart rate should be identical, but, as we know, heart rate is a nebulous thing. There'S heart rate variability between each beat is different, so they are honing in to a good number. The larger screen on the prime of course has bigger numbers overall, but you do get your summary over time date and time of when you've had your last set of heart rate data, so that's the same on both of them pretty much and and that special watch Face and now and now the public unveiling are you ready check this out check this out again from Al rot? The first time we have seen it on Android smartwatches, true animation, yeah yeah.

Are you surfing this one yeah just try and see where it loops you can't it's, amazing, really good work again al rod. I have links in the show notes to his stuff. You can go over and check it out, and this points out one of the major differences between the two watches, the Thor 5 Pro has a little flat tire, but you didn't even notice that till just now right, yeah yeah it's, not really that obvious or obnoxious. But it is there it's a different type of the screen altogether. This is full round. You can see. The tick marks are going all the way around the edge, so that's a difference that consider on buying these. When it comes to the fitness, this one doesn't go over any further this one. Does you have this fitness section here now, both of them have the actual fitness app it's. Just you have that little extra thing you can do over here, but if you come down and find the fitness app, which is right there and likewise on this one heartrate and fitness and we go into it – you'll see that we're in the same section that you Were in if you went over here now, here's, where there's another big difference between the two we're in the fitness program, this one, the prime integrates with GPS when you come over here, here's results from my last activities and there's, a third tab that says use positioning Which activates the GPS, so that your distance apps like outdoor running walking and cycling, are giving you the best overall data for your distance because it's based on true GPS readings here I've got my activity, but I don't have any access to GPS.

You can see it too, when you actually activate these things. You hit go and this one jumps right in this one said it was trying to acquire GPS and now it blinks and it starts going. You notice, the location, sir. The icon is blinking, of course, I'm. Not getting any data because I'm not moving and I've already I'm touching the heartrate there so anyway that's that's kind of flaky and I'm, taking my finger off for right now to show you if I go over here now, this one says long over, which means you Have to press and hold to get it to stop, and then you can save or delete it this one, the original you just see the word finish and you could save it or delete it. That'S, a big drawback, if you're into fitness for the Thor 5 Pro. If that's, not something you're gon na work with, you can buy this and wait because most of these are getting that updated capability through a firmware up date, but it is present on the prime for fitness. Okay, what else we want to talk about? How about battery? Not much, I can show you on that, but I can certainly tell you that the battery in the prime is really good. This is the best battery I've ever seen on a Android SmartWatch. I don't have actual data for you on exactly how long it lasts, because it's all different considerations of what you got to go through.

You know to determine how long you're going to use it under what conditions. But I can tell you that in general, it's lasting at least one and a half, if not two times longer than the batteries on any other watch, including the Thor 5 Pro. But I can tell you something about the battery and this one when we move into another factor that people use to decide and that's on the ambient display or always on, or they sometimes call it always time. You notice down here on this one there's an entry in display inside the settings it's not on this one called always time. If I turn that on which I don't have here, come back to the watch face the hair, it went off, it's got it it's going too fast for me. Come back come on there we're on the watch face when this one turns off. It goes black when this one turns off. If you have always time activated, it goes to there. So if you're walking around with your watch – and maybe you twist it – and maybe you see the time and it takes a few seconds to come on or use this one – you can actually wear it glance at the time and be on your way. It'S always on beautiful something you'd want on any watch right. I mean, after all, that's the main word in the in the name: SmartWatch it's, our watch first well, that's all fine and dandy, but that comes with some liabilities as well.

First of all, you can't adjust the brightness on this it's, a little too bright at night and it's a little too dim in the day with this that, with this one with a standard one on either of them, you can actually adjust the brightness. However, you want – and I have a special thing called display – brightness installed, that lets me adjust the brightness right from the screen and if you haven't learned about that yet you'll hear about it in just about any Android watch review. I give you because it's part of it I have it installed on this one as well, it's, just a little slider that you can, you can add, but when you're in the always time or always on mode it's, not adjustable second thing is you can't change? It it's just this one watch face that's all you're gon na get you don't get anything here here. You have the option but it's that one watch face. And thirdly – and this is most important, are you listening pay attention? Now the battery life is horrible. When you have this turned on, I have done multiple tests and a full charge drain down to about 10 takes five hours when you have it just in this mode, with nothing else going on no Wi Fi, no cellular not watching movies, not even turning it on, Except once every now and in to check to see what the power level is and it drains it down in five hours, so a discriminating factor on which one you want, if you really want to have always on time on your arm.

This is the only one that's going to do it. You won't get that on the prime there's, a few other watches that do it as well, but this is the one between the two we're comparing but the trade off. Is you got bad battery life? If you're gon na charge your watch every day, every four hours, then this is fine, but if you want to watch it's gon na last a long time, the battery life is much better on the the cost pet prime right pick. Getting them so confused okay, so we were talking about fitness and stuff, and where are we? What else would we like to talk about on these watches? How about camera that's? Another issue a couple of things to say about camera. As we get over here, there's resolution and there's zoom ability different color there we go and there's yeah, okay, I'm. Looking at the side, am i looking at the side here on both of them yeah my yeah yeah, yeah, okay and I don't know I lost my trend to thought. It'Ll come back. Let'S just show you, okay wow, the top one. It looks much more flesh colored. I don't know what that's all about the bottom. One is just kind of funky, so I'm going to take a couple of pictures, there's one on this one and there's one on that one, and I want to show you the actual images now – and this is using the side camera right.

So when we go into details, we can tell that on the Prime it's, a 24 48 by 32 64, which is a 5 make up. What do you get when you multiply that out, 5 or 8? Something like that right? I know I'm not being totally accurate, but you know just multiply them. I think this is the 5 and that's an 8. Both of that means that they're up interpolated, probably if this is 8, that means it's a 5 megapixel camera and this one if it's 5, it was probably a 2 megapixel camera on the side. But you see that you've got a better camera that's. The bottom line, the Prime has a better camera on it, you're going to get crisper images from that side camera the front. Camera is different. Let'S close this and close that, but before we leave, I want to show you you double tap and double tap and double tap again and that's. How you zoom in double tap, DoubleTap, double tap again same thing, pinch and zoom, though, which is where you can use two fingers to move an image not supported on the Thor 5 row. It is supported on the Prime now, if you work a lot with images, and you want to be able to see the dirt under your fingernail you've got a lot more range with the prime. Then you do with the Thor 5 Pro. You also have the bigger camera there as far as front cameras go for doing the basic selfies and whatnot.

Oh year ago, I got ta check if I comb my hair, I don't think I did oh well, you guys don't mind right. Let'S, just get back out of here, get back into camera and switch our camera around okay, now, I'm, really bright, so bright, it's washing out on the the filming camera here on the Thor five Pro and I'm, pretty sure that's, because on this one it forces brightness To the maximum, I can't dim it down this one. It allows the brightness to be what you've set on the watch. Another little subtle difference: I'm, just gon na take some random pictures and I'm gon na bring those pictures up to show you details 1080 by 1920. On this one and 1920 by 2560 on this one, your front facing camera is higher resolution on this or five bro interesting that's, probably a two megapixel camera on this one, and maybe a 1.3, or something like that on this one. So your selfies are gon na, be well they're, gon na be what they are. This looks like it's taking a thin long one like for video, and this is a little bit wider and videos. Another whole story on both of them, but mostly what we want to talk about now for your decision making is camera resolution and capabilities, and I think we've covered that hope, that's enough for you, okay, what else layout well they're pretty much the same! You come down here, you get a circle.

You'Ve got primary icons that you can work with the big date and your power level and everything different color scheme going on. You got different type of layout here, slightly your location services, your Bluetooth, all of that's in different places. Airplane mode was over here, whether your got your your SIM card in or your tethered is all there other than that. Your cleanup is pretty much the same. You'Ve got the built in music player on it, and you've got your weather information in your location that shows on here as well, so all of that's, the same then you've got your notifications over here. You'Ve got your apps over here and remember now. This one has the ability to do that: fancy bubble thing for displaying your apps, which is in your app list style for bubble and when we come back out of here and go into it you're in the Apple kind of a bubble layout. Some people really like that, in fact enough people really like that that they, when it was taken away, they got all upset about it and it was put back on okay and then this one's going to be in a arc or circle with the time right. In the middle, so those are the two alternate ways of displaying apps. If that's a critical thing for you there's another decision point as a possibility, but all in all wait about the same size. This one is definitely larger, so let's take another look I'm about average.

I would say for a guy and it's um, I was getting too big for me. In my opinion, it's relatively thick, but it's a good, solid watch. The band is nice and flexible, it's gon na fit really well. In fact, it's got this little pin thing that when you go on I'll put it on and and lock it in with the tabs here, it's not gon na fly out on you, which is kind of a nice feature. This is definitely more dressy it's a little bit overall, smaller watch mm, hmm and um leather type of a band, so it's gon na have a bit more of a dressy appeal to it, but they're both basically doing the same thing then there's the charging methods, dock Wire yep, the Prime uses, a specialized dock and I do mean specialized. It looks similar to adopted your peers on a couple of other of coss pets, watches but it's, not it's curved here, not straight, and so the pins have to be curved and it sits right in the dock it's magnetic it holds on pretty good you cup, a Standard USB microUSB wire to it and that's how you charge it. You just got to make sure you set it in there right and it falls into position draw back from this. Is you got to have the dock with you if you're gon na be out and about thinking, you're gon na need to charge it before you get back to your primary location where your dock lives? Also, it only comes with one dock and it's pretty hard to get a second one, although I think there are ways if any of you have links to where you can buy another dock for the prime.

Let us know we'll definitely put it in the show notes, but that's it you've got a dock. The Thor 5 bro has the standard 4 pin wire with a twist literally with a twist check it out. It does not go down. It'S reversed. Most other watches that use a 4 pin connector with magnetic connection, will hang off of the watch in this direction, but not so with this one and all the others that have that little flat tire in the same class, which is like the Janice and the COS Pet vision and the X 360 and all of those things the wire oops comes off of the other side. I'Ve, never broken wine. Yet folks, not from dropping you guys. I know it just like fingernails on a chalkboard to see that. So if you have multiple watches that use this kind of thing, which I doubt many of you do, but some of you are collectors like me, be very careful. You get the right watch with the right wire. It needs to come off when it's upside down to the left. If you accidentally put the wrong wire on here and the pins are reversed and the watch is on it'll immediately turn off. I haven't fried one, but I have hooked them up wrong same thing. If you use this wire on a different watch than this and it's connected wrong as well, I don't know why they decided to switch, but they have and so that's a drawback in that there's, not standardized wire, but a nice benefit is you can buy extras of These make sure you get the right polarity right.

If you do and then you could have one in your car, you could have one at work. You could have one in your pocket for goodness sakes and take it anywhere you want to. So I like the idea of the charging wire over the dock, but it's your choice and that's how they're charged and now one last thing I want to show you and get it set up for that. Okay, I've got both watches on one arm. Are you ready a lot of folks are concerned about how long does it take for them to light up when you twist them a little bit faster, but the angles a little bit off let's, try that again, let's see if they can get them just right for The wrap up and here all right, the winner is the prime it's milliseconds faster, but it definitely goes on on. I didn't twist it hard enough. I don't think that time let's try one more try and there you go. Okay, so are you? Are you ready for the big final answer, my choice and watch if I were gon na pick, one of these two in that I'm sitting on a deserted island, which I pretty much am, and I needed one SmartWatch which would it be? I take the prime eye. It'S got the things that I really like about it and it's a little bit larger screen better happening with the image control, larger cameras. Both of them are removable bands just it's.

I really like it. This is not a bad watch. It'S gon na fit well for a lot of folks by the way they're on their stock watch faces now this one's flipping out because I haven't pushed the button this one not is is, is in that mode that is um on a longer time out right now. So there we go. This has the flat tire I'm, not really keen on that it's, not a major thing for me, but but the fact that this doesn't is a big winning factor for me as well. I do like these bands, but this is okay. Yeah nine point: five out of ten nine out of ten that'd be my rating on it. Yours could be totally different. It all depends on what you're looking for in a watch and now you know what's there. So the last thing, whichever one you decide or a different one, please consider using the links that we have in our show notes here on our YouTube channel that's the whole impetus behind getting these things in for a review. So after you've watched this stuff, if you found it helpful if you're inclined to support us, please just use the link to get over to wherever you're, going bang good or deep, buying or directly to the manufacturer. Whatever link we've got there for you explore through that one and pick it up if you're, interested and that'll help us out here, we got a lot more coming.

Twenty twenty is around the corner unless you're watching this already in 2020 it's a big year ahead, I mean look at where we are at the technology at the end of 2019.