This is the cost pet tank m1 rock smartwatch specifically made out for extreme conditions. With this video we will go through with the overall design and the specifications of this smartwatch. I have been testing out this cospect tank m1 for the last few weeks to see if it is truly, is good value for money. I must say this absolutely beast and it is survived all those real life, anti impact and waterproof test. If you are getting one check, the link in the description down below well without further ado lets, get unbox these and see what you get inside inside the box. You will get a tank m1 smartwatch with two different color straps, followed by a magnetic charging cable screen protector and the last printed user guide. Moving on to the design and the look this watch is designed for use in extreme outdoor conditions, thanks to the rugged finish. It has a heavy duty watch case made out of metal and plastic materials and the bezel used metal spray technology for solid texture it weights about 65 grams. On the right side of the watch, you will find two push buttons that will help you to navigate between functions. You get a removable watch, strap with this smartwatch and they are made out of silicon materials, and the strap is about 25 millimeters. Furthermore, when it comes to the strap length, it is about 90 millimeters to 125 millimeters, so it will perfectly fit any wrist size without any issues, and it is very soft, snug, sweat, absorbing and breathable for comfortable use.

This watch is available in two different colors. You can get either green or black with two straps inside the box. Back of the watch, you can see the optical heart rate sensor and the magnetic charging connector. Having says that this watch comes with 380 milliamp lithium polymer battery, which will last about 14 days of average use with the single charge, but, more importantly, it has a standby time above 50 days in terms of the screen. This watch comes with 1.72 inches tft capacity. Touchscreen with the resolution of 280×320 pixels, having says that the touch response is decent and smooth when scrolling or swiping between functions, display, brightness and the screen timeout can be adjustable and can see. Clearly when used in outdoors. Also, thanks to the 1.72 inches display, you can easily read the content on the screen. Also, you can enable it up to show the watch face when resting up the wrist. The button on the top right works as a power on off and the bottom one help you to access the main menu or long press. Allow you to enter to the sports mode. This is 5 atm and ip69 care rated smartwatch, which means this watch can survive in extreme outdoor conditions, in hotel, cold weather and against water and dust. Furthermore, the watch can withstand repeated rolling bike has over 2 tons. As you can see, we have already done some extreme durability test running over by a car as well as leaving it under water Music.

To connect with the smartphone. All you need to do is simply download the darfit smart app, which is available in both android and apple app stores. Once you install the app simply follow the on screen instruction for the pairing process, this watch comes with bluetooth 5.0 for loose less connectivity, so you can easily connect the watch to the smartphone via bluetooth. Then you can create a profile and log into the app to connect with the smartwatch in terms of the screen. Navigation, swiping top to bottom will bring you quick settings menu. You will find options like brightness controller countdown timer, remote camera, shutter weather battery saver. Do not disturb remaining battery life of the watch, then swipe bottom to up will bring you all the notification, including all your text, messages, emails and missed calls swipe left to right will display the sub menu to access weather, sleep, camera, shutter, heart rate and blood oxygen. Finally, ride to the left allows you to track your activities track your steps, sleep heart rate, blood pressure, spo2 check your weather access, the remote camera shutter and music controller. Having said about the music controller, you can control your music on your smartphone directly using the watch face Music Music. Furthermore, about the remote camera shutter, you can capture your favorite moment. Simply by touching the watch face to change the watch face simply touch and hold the screen for about 2 seconds and then slide to the left to switch the watch face.

You want you get about dozen preloaded wood faces with this smartwatch. Also, you can download additional watch faces from the app you can find simple design analog go digital design through the download section. Furthermore, you can be assigned your own picture with the custom color text as a watch face using the starfit. Smart app simply choose the background. You want with the font color then select the position you want to be displayed with this smart app. You can customize or enable the functions of the smartwatch. Like these push notifications, you can choose which app you want to send the notification through the app in terms of receiving phone calls, you wont be able to answer through the smartwatch. Instead, you can mute the call or decline via watch face. Moving on to receiving messages. You can see and read few lines. So, thanks to these push notifications, you wont miss any important calls or messages, even if you do not have your phone in your hand. Moving on to the sports activity feature, this watch comes with 24 different sports activities, including running walking, hiking cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, etc. When you choose your preferred activity watch will start to track your calories, heart rate and time duration. According to your workout, then, all the data will save in the application moving on to the next option. What can track your sleep, like all other smartwatches, and you can track your sleep quality via the app also.

This watch has the usual heart rate: monitor blood pressure and blood, oxygen, monitor and step counter sensibility. All those data will be saved within the darfit smart app and you can refer back to them daily. Apart from the above features mentioned earlier, this smartwatch comes with a stopwatch countdown timer and alarm: breathing exercise and weather option and, more importantly, it supports 15 different languages. So this is pretty much all about this cosplay tank m1 smartwatch. My final thoughts about this smartwatch. I appreciate having the ultra durable and tough design with extra long battery life. Also i like the sleek design of it and end of the day. It is very comfortable to use all day long. This is the toughest smart watch we have reviewed in our channel.