This month we have specialized new lace up road, cycling, shoes, a brand new, smart watch from garmin and the new gopro hero 10. and, if youd like to see more new bike. Tech like this in the future dont forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our lovely channel. I am a huge fan of lace up cycling shoes, so i am very excited to have my hands on the new specialized s. Work 7 lace featuring many of the same technologies and features as the standard s work. 7 cycling shoes, the s, work, 7 lace gets rid of the bower dials, for you guessed it laces now, according to specialized laces, offer extra suppleness and adaptability in what is otherwise an extremely race focused design. The exclusion of rotary dials also means the price has dropped by a fairly significant 70 pounds, meaning these shoes cost a cool 300 pounds now, of course, that is still pretty expensive for a pair of cycling shoes, but it is nice to see that the savings from Removing the dials are at least being passed on to the consumer. Laces aside, this is otherwise pretty much the same shoe as the original s work, seven, no bad thing. After all, we gave those a lofty four and a half stars when we reviewed them back in 2019 and if youd like to read that review, therell, be a link in the description below theres, the same padlock heel cup.

A similar engineered mesh, no stretch uppers and the powerline full carbon sole, which has a stiffness rating of 15 out of 15 on specialized zone scale. Now how much shoe stiffness? Actually matters is a bit of a controversial topic. I used to be pretty sure it did matter a lot, but recent research actually suggests it might not matter that much at all and if youre interested in learning a little bit more about that topic, we actually just made a video on it. So you can click on the card on the video or on the link in the description to watch that, of course, we would love to know what you think too does shoe stiffness matter when it comes to cycling shoes. Let us know in the comments below Music ive got a black pair here, but theyre also available in all white or a kind of pinky purple. Marble design specialized called coral one nice little detail is that specializers reinforce the upper eyelids, which should help with long term durability. On the scales, this pair of size, eu45 shoes weighs 494 grams thats competitively light, if not groundbreaking, but specialized does have the ultra lightweight. S works exos, shoes for the weight weenies and if the four of whats said to be the lightest production, cycling shoes in the world sets your heart, a flutter click on the card on screen now to watch our video on the specialized s, works exos 99 shoes.

Now many of you, tech, obsessive, will no doubt be aware that this is not the first lace up road typing shoe specialized has made back in 2015 specialized released a sub six, which was the lace up equivalent of the s work six at the time, the sub Six was marketed alongside the brands recently launched, vengevius aero road bike and its invade skin suit and aero helmet. It was all about aerodynamics, and the sub 6 even came with a small addition called a warp sleeve which covered the laces for a further aerodynamic game. Now, whoever specializes pitching the s, work 7 lace as more of a trendy, a fosse lifestyle, sort of cycling shoe and while specialized hasnt ruled out re, releasing the warps eve in the future, the s work, 7 lace, doesnt come with them at this point. If i had to guess thats likely, because a lot of racers want the ability to adjust their shoes while riding and laces obviously prevent that, but specialized did confirm to me that while they dont have any specific error data for the s work 7 lace, they would Expect it to perform similarly well to the sub 6 without the warp sleeve, which basically means yes, its aerodynamic there. We have it the new specialized s works, seven lace, cycling, shoes, i think theyre pretty cool. But what do you think are lace up? Cycling, shoes? A good idea, or are they just another, silly fashion fad? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below Music.

This is the new garmin fenix 7 smartwatch, which succeeds garmins fenix 6 as the brands flagship solar, enhanced, multi sport smartwatch its got a number of new features, including real time. Stamina said to help you monitor exertion during activity and visual race predictor, which assesses your run. History and fitness to predict race times this sapphire solar edition also has a scratch resistant screen and its solar harvesting capability is said to be 200 greater than the outgoing fenix 6.. Another new feature for all 7 watches is the touchscreen, although it has buttons like those found on the previous model. This combination is a nice touch. For me, it makes the watch a bit more intuitive to use and if youre riding in wet weather, i found the buttons are reliable. How long will the batteries last well? The phoenix 7 has a claimed battery life of 5 days in gps mode and up to 5 weeks in smart watch mode Music. At this point you might be wondering why would i use a garmin fenix 7 over my bike computer, its a good question. Many cyclists wont have the need for a smart watch to record their rides as theyll already have a bike computer, but the fenix 7 does have an entire range of cycling, specific features and activity profiles for road, mountain bike and even indoor training. For those of you who, like all the data, the watch connects to all the various devices, a cycling computer would do such as power meter, pedals and speed and cadence sensors.

Its worth noting too, that this isnt limited to just garmin branded devices. And if you dabble in running hiking, skiing, surfing or even golf, you might find a welcome addition to your arsenal of tech. Another advantage is the insight it can provide into general health and wellness by providing a body battery score, which is garmins estimation of your energy reserves. It can also provide blood oxygen levels and a sleep score if youre, a restless sleeper like me that last one might not be the most appealing. So how much does this flagship, smart watch? Cost pricing starts at 600 pounds for the fenix 7 without the solar, harvesting and sapphire screen and soars to 860 pounds for the fenix 7x, with a large 51 millimeter case and 1.4 inch display the fenix 7 sapphire solar. I have here will set you back 780 pounds or 900 us dollars for that price. You get a 1.3 inch screen that has a 260 pixel resolution which so far has proved pretty reliable, even in low light Music as youd expect from garmin. The fenix 7 features. All the sensor options, including gps glossness and galileo, plus extras like a compass and accelerometer. It also has wi fi ant plus and wireless connectivity to sync it with your phone for notifications or to monitor your metrics and customize. The watch through the garmin connect plus app with the silicon, strap attached. The watch weighs in at 73 grams. So if youre, a weight obsessed, cyclist, cyclists and maybe smartwatch is the way to go.

The fenix 7 is waterproof up to a depth of 100 meters. So perfect for rainy weather we have here in the uk or just in case your ride goes really really off road. So what do you think about using a smart watch to log? Your rides? Is the convenience for wearable appealing, or will you be sticking to a bike computer? Let us know in the comments Music ive jumped in last minute to this episode, because this rather beautiful fairlight strail 3.0 just arrived at bike radar hq. It manages to blend traditional and modern features of road bike design to create what i think is pretty close to being a forever bike. Thats a bike. I consider to be future proof for the rest of my life, but first check out the shimano dura ace. 9200 group set – i dont, want to talk too much about it, because the whole group set is going to be reviewed by jack this year, but it is 12 speed, it is semi wireless and it is electronic. Only r9 200 features faster, shifting, improved, braking, tweaked gearing and a host of other refinements. But what do you think? Is it worthy of being shimanos flagship group set, or do you think its a little flat back to the fair light, though – and here are three classic features – i love to see number one frame material. This is made from steel, which is kind of a given. If you consider in a bike for life, given its longevity but whats really interesting, is the type of steel used.

The frames tubing consists of reynolds 853 and custom formed reynolds 725 chainstays, which have been specially selected for added comfort and number two. The straw uses a standard external threaded bottom bracket, shell. Yes, this is a steel bike and while there are performance benefits to press fit, this is not the bike. For that make sure you subscribe to the channel to hear why simon thinks press fit is better and well have a video on that very soon. Finally, number three and jack luke will definitely agree with me on this one. It has full length mudguard mounts on the frame and fork now. Let me quickly move on to the new score features which, for me make this bike extra special number one. Its got huge tire clearances now weve seen a bit of a shift in recent times with new road bikes having much larger tyre clearances like cervelos, r5 cannondale synapse, and while both those bikes considered to have very large tire clearances. The strail actually has room for 36 millimeter tyres, which fairlight say is to provide extra comfort for long distance cycling. Rather than making the bike a pseudo grab a bike. Music number two internal dynamo, cable, routine. The new android fork has really neat internal routing for a dynamic cable, which i think is the future of lighting on bikes and number three. The rear drop out sure its practical, its compatible with flat map disc brakes and a thru axle, but its also just really.

Nice to look at its been designed in collaboration with bentley components, i think well all agree what a lovely piece of design Music. The last frame detail that i really like for longer rides and when im bike packing is the third bottle cage being located on the down. Tube is a great place to keep heavy tools in a tool caddy, as it keeps the weight down low and so long as its secure. You can pretty much forget its there until you need it. So did fairlight break the old school saying about not being able to teach old dogs new tricks. Let us know your thoughts on the build in the comments Music, its finally here gopros newest camera, the hero 10. here at bike radar myself and robin furtado use a myriad of gopros when out shooting on location ive been using gopros for years. But this version is actually really exciting for a load of reasons which ill go into shortly. However, we mostly use this the gopro hero8 i enjoyed using the gopro hero 8, so much that i actually ended up buying my own, and this is it right here. I did know that one day this little camera will become a worthwhile purchase and ever since hypersmooth was introduced on the gopro hero 7 and the quality of image has increased. Ive decided that this was the time for me. But enough of that history lesson and lets. Take a closer look at what the new hero 10 has to offer and then ill talk through the video and resolution settings a bit later.

First of all, it has a much more responsive touch screen with older models when youre out on the trail and trying to flip between settings or screens with your gloves on it becomes a right pain in the, but now it seems far more responsive and i no Longer have to stand around taking my gloves on and off just so i can review my footage or change screens. Secondly, hypersmooth boost 4 is marginally better than the previous iteration, but if you have an older camera like the 8, its almost undetectable with the right lighting, the hero 10, also produces less noise and grain in low light conditions compared to older models. Number three gopro has added a new hydrophobic layer to the front of its lens, which is also interchangeable between the 9 and the 10.. This means in rain splashes from puddles, should slide straight off, while youre riding, hopefully no more ruined clips from mud and scratches across the lens gopro says, however, not to use the old lens lick technique, which is the cowboy method people use when shooting in and around Water to gain a similar hydrophobic effect, they say doing this now will remove said hydrophobic layer so put those eager tongues away. Number four. The hero 10 now also offers improved horizon leveling in most of the video settings. You can now turn the camera roughly up to 45 degrees before this effect is disabled, whereas on the 9 it was much less at roughly around 22 degrees.

So this is all pretty neat, but what about the video and resolution settings? I hear you ask brace yourself here comes some numbers. Well, it seems everything has pretty much doubled since the hero 9s release, so you can now shoot 4k at 150, 25 and 24 frames per second and in 2.7, k at a whopping 200 frames per second meaning. This camera, slow mo abilities, have now dwarfed most budget mid range, video cameras. The sony a7 3, for example, can only shoot up to 100 frames per second at 1080p. I know this is like comparing apples and oranges, but its still great, to see such a small camera packing so much cool tech. But what? If the 4k is just too small for you? Well, you can now also shoot 25 and 50 frames per second. At 5.3 k and if media space is at a premium, good old 1080p is still on hand going up to 200 frames per second, too, im also hoping to shoot a slightly more in depth. Video, comparing this camera to something very shiny and very new, but i cant show you that just yet so make sure you subscribe and click the bell icon, so you dont miss out on that video thats. It thanks for tuning in to this episode of tech of the month. We hope you enjoyed the selection of jaw dropping drool worthy goodies from today. Now we want to hear from you.