Today i have a smart watch. This one is different yeah. If youre subscribed to this channel, then you may know that i love smartwatch. I have one two three four five six over here in this studio and 12 more in my home, so that makes it 18.. I actually love to have different smartwatch and wear these different smartwatches in different occasions with different type of clothing. But this one is different. This one is a rugged smartwatch. I actually have a few rugged smartphones, but i have never had a rugged smartwatch. This one is from cosped. This one is tank m1. Well lets start from unboxing. This is the box lets see what things have got inside this box. Music, well, this is a review unit. Cospet was very generous to send me this smartwatch. They have also sent extra smartwatch band. So thanks to cosbit after opening the box, the first thing is a user manual. Usually most of the smartwatches comes with a black and white user manual, but this one is totally different. This one is colorful and there are a lot of illustrations. Everything is very easy to understand if you are using a smartwatch for the first time you wont have any trouble. Everything is described very clearly. You will also find a card where all the official support links are given and all your warranty information is included on that inside the box. You will get a black tpu silicon smartwatch band, a usb, a charging cable to charge your smartwatch tank m1 smartwatch itself, and underneath that you will also find that screen protector for your smartwatch.

This smartwatch really looks nice, its totally rugged and its not even that heavy. I really like the symmetric design on the left side. There is nothing, but on the right side there are two buttons, a power button and a back button. I really like this color and the design language. Everything is precisely designed and all the design elements looks very nice, well, im gon na use that extra smartwatch band provided by cospet the quality of both the smartwatch bands are very good, very high quality and very smooth as this smartwatch is more about durability. Smartwatch bands are even very durable im surprised to see that the magnets are very strong. I mean the magnets on the charging cable. It can even carry this smart watch in hand. It amazingly feels comfortable. It gives me that comfy feelings at the beginning. I was a bit worried that this one is a rugged smartwatch and may not feel that comfortable may not look very fashionable, but on my wrist i feel its not only comfortable its also very fashionable. I really like this 280 by 320 display panel yeah. This is the ips lcd panel, but colors are very vivid and vibrant black is pretty dark. White is very bright. Brightness also goes very high, most importantly, the application dfit this one is also very easy to use. This application is available on google play store and its very easy to download and install after you download this application.

What you have to do is to select a few things to set up your profile after you set up your profile. Just link your device. Adding device is as easy as drinking water, Music, okay, after adding the device. The first thing i have done is: i have changed my watch face. I have tried to use a custom watch face. It was a very easy. There are a lot of customizations available and syncing. The watch faces with this tank m1 smartwatch is also very easy and very fast. What made me surprised is usually most of the other brands they dont offer. A lot of watch faces, dial settings, customization and watch faces are very limited, but here cospet has done their homework. There are tons of new smartwatch faces, i feel like all sort of smartwatch faces. Are there so you wont feel like you are left out. I have chosen this smartwatch face because this one looks very bright and there are a lot of colors. There is an option that calls shutter and what you can do is you can actually control the camera. You can take photos with your smartwatch after you give the necessary permission when you click on your smartwatch shutter button. Your smartphone will take a picture for you other than that. There are a lot of different new features and options available on this application. But before we talk about that one thing i must mention that there is blood pressure monitoring on this smartwatch, which works perfectly fine.

Also, this tank m1 comes with hrs3690 heart rate, monitor, which is actually only available in apple and huawei watches, as this is a rugged smartwatch. This one comes with 5 atm waterproof and ip69k certification. All together, i would give this smartwatch a a plus because user experience of this smartwatch grade and design language thats totally unique, totally different and still very much fashionable at the beginning. I have said that this smartwatch isnt that heavy here goes confirmation only 56.8 grams. This is a rocket smartwatch and even lighter than any other regular smartwatch. Okay, we wont buy a rugged smartwatch because it looks good or its light. We have to check the performance lets talk about performance. This one has step counter like any other smart watch, and this one works perfectly fine, but, most importantly, this sleep time data. I actually wear my smartwatch 24 hours a day, because i want to check my sleep time data before this tank m1. I was using this amazing gtr 3 pro this one is a very expensive smart watch and after i have used this tank m1, i have noticed that this one is much more accurate because there is always like five to ten minutes difference between this one and my Amazement gtr 3 pro, so i have tried to do something intentionally like i woke up in the middle of the night and then sat for a while and then again went to bed wearing both the tank m1 and gtr 3 pro and in the morning.

Ive noticed that this tank m1 has provided the correct data i have already mentioned earlier. This one comes with hrs3690 hybrid sensor, so this one is much better than those cheap or even much more expensive. 100. 200. 300. Smart watches. One thing i really like about this smartwatch is this: one comes with blood pressure monitoring and this one is fast, also very accurate. You cannot expect it to be 100 accurate, but this one is better than 99 other smart watches, which comes with blood pressure monitoring feature. We have already talked about the shutter button. Finally, there is this blood oxygen monitoring. This is my one plus watch and for last few months before this tank m1, i was totally depending on this one, because the blood oxygen monitoring of one plus watch is much better than many other smart watches. But after i have tried this cosmet tank m1, i think im ready to forget about this one plus watch. So you know how good is the performance of blood oxygen monitoring on this cosmet tank m1? Sometimes this tank m1 may take a little while, but this one provides better, more accurate information and to me thats more important. Well, there are a lot other options like breathing exercise and many other, but im not gon na go through those, because most of the smart watches comes with those options. But one more thing i must mention before i wrap up this video and thats the haptic motor.

The haptic motor inside this tank m1 is as good as any other 300 or 400 us dollars. Smart watches, like apple watch, huawei watch or samsung watch. Finally, i know i havent talked about battery life. This one comes with a 380 mah battery cost pet has promised about 15 days of battery life, and ive got more than 15 days of battery life on standby mode. They have promised 50 days, but actually i have only got this one for about a month. So ive been using it. I cannot put it on standby mode, because this is a very good smartwatch and who else would do that like buy a smartwatch and then put that on standby mode? Dont do anything with that, but 50 days on standby mode is great. However, the most important part is, i have got more than 15 days of usage time on one charge, which makes me more than happy one more time. Let me show you: it cannot get better than this and there is this brightness option which goes very bright, and if you want it to be very dim, it can go very dim, well, thats, all about cosplay tank m1. This is the most favorite rugged smartwatch and okay, even if its not a rugged smartwatch. I would love this one. So, if youre interested in this smartwatch, i will leave all the links in the description box below. If you have liked this video, then please click on the like button.