This watch is water resistant up to 5 atm with holds 5 tons of pressure, fulfills all the military standards, and you have 15 days of battery life. Alright, guys today in this video, we will cover everything. This budget smartwatch has to offer – and the very first thing that we just have to talk about – is the price over here in germany. You can get it for about 50 to 60 euros, depending on where you buy it. Also, this watch is available in two different colors. Now you can either get it in this dark green version or you can get it in all black. Also, since this watch is water resistant up to 5 atm, you can jump into the water and take a few strokes. Plus you have a sport mode for swimming, so you can even track some of your half stats during your workout. As you can see, we get a big 1.72 inch. Full color touch display with a resolution of 280 by 320 pixel. As i already told you, this watch is practically indestructible. It is water and dust proof. It is manufactured with a special material and process. Consists common fluids and it easily passes the 96 hour software test, just in case you ever get in contact with such substances. The probably best thing about this little green grinch over here on my wrist is the battery life. Ive now had it on my wrist. For the last two weeks or so – and i only charge it once and that was when i got it okay, to be perfectly honest, i didnt wear it 24 7, but you should get like two weeks of battery life out of it so thats way better than Like 90 of all the smartwatches out there, and it only takes about two hours to fully charge it from zero to one hundred percent, it may seem pretty long but keep in mind that you only have to do it like once every two weeks or so now.

This watch only has such a good battery life because it doesnt have so many smartwatch features. I mean you got all of the basics covered, but you do not get some advanced stuff like an offline, music or an app store, but just lets get to it. This watch has two physical buttons on the side with the top one you turn the screen off and on and the lower one takes you to your app menu and back so lets start from the top right. This one right here counts your steps, mileage and youre burning calories for the day. Next up we got the sleep tracker that only tracks the light and deep sleep phases, as well as your ram and wait time now to be honest, its not the best one. Sometimes its correct and sometimes not now in the fit app you get some additional infos like your heart rate during the night or you get to see your steps from the last week or last month. The next feature is a standard 24 7 hardware tracker and we get 24 different. Small phones overall ive already mentioned the swim tracking, but we also get walking running and cycling as well as some ball sports, like basketball or soccer and dancing or weight lifting. So you basically have all of the common sport most covered on this watch. As for the stats that are being tracked during your workouts, i kind of have to disappoint you.

The cosmic tank and one on attracts your steps, your mileage, your workout time and your burn calories, and, as far as i can tell, these stats are pretty accurate. Next, up on the app list, weve got a blood pressure and the spo2 tracker, even though i wouldnt trust the blood pressure. The sp2 tracker on the watch compared to a real spo2 tracker, was almost bought on on average. It was only off by like one to two percent. Next, we get a weather app with a small one week, weather forecast and our messages, so you can either tap on the icon or just swipe up from your home screen. Just one thing to mention is that you cannot reply to any messages, nor do we see any emojis. We do have a remote camera shutter as well, a music player with which we can skip a track, go back, a track play and pause guide, a breathing session and a standard alarm timer stopwatch and a theater mode. The bottom right is just a qr code and with the middle one you can change. Your watch faces. Dont expect to have tons of watch faces to choose from, but overall you have 10 different ones, starting from very minimalistic ones over to analog and digital watch faces and as for lesser settings. As for the navigation, as i already said, swiping up takes you to all of your notifications. Swiping down takes you to your quick panel and right takes you through all of your different tiles and if you swipe left from your home screen a little list, pops out with six apps that you can interact with.

But as far as i know, you cannot change these listed apps as a less lets. Take a look into the fit app its a very basic app that keeps track of your steps: sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, spo2 level and your last workout. And, of course, you can play a little bit around and change some more things in the app like the background which notifications you want to receive and which not and a few more minor things and folks thats already it for the video. I hope you like it.