Back in todays video, we are checking out the latest smartwatch from kospet called the tank m1, as the name suggests. This watch is built like a tank, so this is shock proof, waterproof and dust proof, so you can take the watch to the beach. For example, you can put it into sand, you can go swimming with it. You can take daily showers with it and nothing will happen to the watch. Ive been wearing, this particular run for a couple of weeks, and it still looks like new aside from that. The watch will display all the notifications that you get throughout the day on your phone, so you can see them on the watch to also track the steps that you do throughout the day. It will track your heart rate and much more, but before we talk more about the watch, lets see what comes in the box all right. So the watch comes in a pretty small box and, of course, inside the box. Youre gon na find the watch itself and two replacement rubber straps from it. The rubber straps are different colors, so you can use a different strap depending on what youre wearing there is also a small user manual in the box. However, the watch is super simple. To use and aside from that, youre gon na find the charging cable for the watch, so the charging cable attaches with magnets to the back of the watch. It takes about two hours to fully charge the watch from zero to a hundred, but youre not gon na.

Have to charge this watch very often because on one charge you can typically get about two weeks of usage and im talking about two weeks of usage with all the functions enabled so constant heart rate monitoring, all the notifications that you get weather and so much more. So youre not gon na have to charge this watch very often, which is definitely a good thing. Taking a look at the watch itself well, the watch is mostly made out of plastic and yes, it does have this sporty look on the right hand side here. We have the only two buttons available and at the bottom we have the contacts for the charger and the sensors for the heart rate, monitor and all the other functions of the watch on the front. Here we have a 1.72 inches ips panel for the screen. This is also a touch screen and you can also control the brightness, so there are different levels of brightness, so, for example, if youre outdoors, of course, youre going to use the maximum level of brightness and the screen does get bright enough, so you can actually see The indirect sunlight. The watch also supports that feature where the screen comes on every time. You turn the arm towards yourself. It takes about half a second from the time. You turn your hand for the screen to come on, so i think it works really good, mostly for a watch at this price range. You can also change the watch faces to do.

There are a variety of watch faces available and you can change them from the app and were going to talk about the app next. So the watch pairs to your phone through an app called the fit. The app is available for android and ios ive personally been using this with my iphone, and it works great with an iphone as well from the app you have access to all the settings for the watch. Of course, you can also change the settings for the watch from the watch itself, but sometimes its easier to change them right from the app and, of course, the app will keep track of all the steps that you do throughout the day. Your heart rate, throughout the day, the oxygen saturation and throughout the day and so on. So yes, this watch can also track the oxygen saturation in your blood. There is also a function that allows you to measure your blood pressure, but i dont have any other device at home that could measure my blood pressure. So i cant really talk about the accuracy of that, but for the heart rate for the steps that i do throughout the day for the oxygen saturation in my blood for those the watch gets about the same values as i get with my huawei watch. So accuracy wise, i think its pretty accurate. There are also a variety of sporting activities that you can choose from the watch itself. So if you go walking, if you go running, if you go biking, the watch can track all that, but keep in mind that the watch doesnt have a gps unit inside so that may not be totally accurate to get more accurate.

The results youd probably need a watch that has a gps unit inside, but that will also increase the price of the device, so i can see why they havent actually included a gps unit inside this using the watch is also super simple, since we have a touch Screen so, for example, if you want to check out the notifications that you get you just swipe um right from the home screen, and you can see all the notifications that you got on your phone, you cannot reply to any notifications from the watch, but you can Definitely see them and if there is something important, you basically take your phone out and reply to whatever notification you want the same kind of goes for all the other functions of the watch. Basically, swipe left right up or down, depending on what youre doing with the watch. For example, if you want to check out the oxygen saturation in your blood, you can just go to that function, and the watch will measure that the same kind of goes for the blood pressure and so on. So there you have it. This is the cosmet tank m1 im happy to see that cospet moved away from those smartwatches that were running a full version of android, and we get something like this because, with all those other watches the battery life wasnt great. But with this one that we only have to charge, maybe once every two weeks, i am much much happier with the watch like this, not to mention the price of a watch like this is also lower than the other ones that are running a full version of Android and this one kind of does the same thing as the other ones.

Well, this is more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch im gon na say, but personally i do prefer fitness trackers over smartwatches, alright guys.