Let me introduce you to cosplay tectonic tea 109 SmartWatch with AMOLED display US military certification, 70 Sports modes, metal, rugged body, Bluetooth, calling building Voice Assistant waterproof up to 50 meters. These are the some of the features. I really love about this device. Two weeks battery life. No way are you ready for review coming up Im so excited, because this smart watch has some really impressive spec, and on top of that I have to say, I have never ever reviewed a rugged smartwatch. To be honest, I didnt even know there is such a thing as a rugged Smartwatch, but here it is cross bed tank T2. I love the packaging that looks very nice. Wasnt expecting this to be as premium Ill have to say: love it: okay, while its charging youve got your strap good, build quality, thats for sure Happy Days, foreign dust absorber, and they will also give you a screen protector, come on Samsung Apple watch and learn by The way I dont know, if youre new guys, but this phone has military grade. Okay, this is the standard 810 H, but if you go and Google this thingy, you will find out what they actually do when theyre testing – and you know what this is the same certification as you find on a lot lot more expensive devices such as Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which is around 400. So this thing has exactly the same certification and you know what Ill get guys you get two year warranty thats pretty insane considering this device, because only 99, currently with some offers.

How brilliant is that? So, look at all this tests brilliant and look at the specification. You know this is 50 meters on the water ip69k lover, making phone calls beautiful, AMOLED display always display on that one are really really looking forward to that metal body design. So, in terms of the tank Im going to connect this to UNI head tank phone, because this thing is, if a big boys, okay, so Im gon na link that in and were going to go through the features and see what its like. And I have to say I really like the build quality. I was not expecting this to be as good. To be honest, really, nice, you only got those two buttons here. So youve got your power button and then youve got your support modes, but I will be talking about this later, because I would love to wear this for a couple of days Ill, let you know my opinion uh things that, like things I dont like, Etc, but So far, I really like keep going horse riding very nice and the screen is pretty responsive before we move on to connecting. I would like to show you something. This is uh me watch light that my wife has been using and I want to show you the scratches like. I was really really disappointed how much this scratches this is like ridiculously bad. You know. I know this is only a budget device, but you know she was just walking around here there.

She doesnt do much sport just for work kids around here and there look at all this. That is pretty bad, and this smartwatch has LCD screen and you know what it cost around 70 80 dollars. So our water pay that extra 20 and get yourself a decent rugged phone and get yourself a decent rugged Smartwatch, because this is just not really good enough and the battery is pretty bad on this thing. Its a yeah but lets go back to the tank. For some reason I was not able to scan the code with this phone, so Im going to download this cost bit fit app, and then we can have a look at some of the things. If you are into rugged devices, then you should definitely check review of this pretty amazing device. So, as you can see its pretty straightforward uh, I dont really want to log in so Im just going to use my Google foreign, as I said, really straightforwards. Now we can see Smart Watch there and thats it. We are connected, lets, go quickly and and have a look at some watches face, watches I, like some Modern, minimalistics kind of a stuff. You can even do your custom one but Im going to check on the software. It is very important guys when you are getting a new device always check. If there is software available, yes yeah once you checked, then youll be ready to go. The app looks pretty similar to all the absolutely looking like youve got your loads of different modes.

I believe theres around 70 different modes for sport, which is a lot more than on the Huawei GT2 Im using here as well. No happy with that Im gon na wear it top it up to 100, and I will be able to tell you how long the battery lasts. What I like what I dont like about this rugged, even knocking my studio around this rugged smartwatch from cost bet. Okay, so its been three days and as you can see, I still have 63 battery remaining and I think one week with a heavy usage is pretty awesome. If you are not going to use much notification uh play around with it softly, then you should be able to get close to two weeks, in my opinion. So for you know, AMOLED display thats, pretty amazing, but lets go through some of the things I really like. You know the calling its brilliant you just literally dial here, or you can just pick up the phone and use the Wi Fi calling for it. This is such a great thing and the speakers are pretty decent too and its great, because you can set up the always on display that your health starts sleeping BP, CO2 saturation, so youve got oxygen. You know. If you really want to stay healthy, then you should definitely consider using some of the things check this out even blood pressure, as you can see, mines pretty good, but its important to my wife, you know works at hospital on.

The first thing is that they actually check its the blood pressure, because you can see loads of things from this if its too high definitely go and seek some appointments and doctors and things so, but its its really good. You can actually do this on your wrist. Just give a few more seconds and hopefully we will be able to say Im, probably moving too much and Ive just been outside with my dog. So there you are, then youve got your weather and the screen. You know its so nice, its just so much pleasure when you got The Omelette screen and you can add more things here. If you wish, what do you think I really love this hope you enjoyed this. However, I will be reviewing another smart watch from Crossfit. The M2 version soon so make sure you stick around hope.