A youtube channel on the web at smart watch ticks calm today. Today is the big square off between the two trailblazing flagship smartwatches on the market. At the moment, in this corner, we have the COS pet prime it's, a revolutionary, very large, beautiful SmartWatch competing now face to face with the Kronos Blade Genesis Genesis, a very large screen watch compared to all the others. This is the heavyweight class we're doing and some revolutionary additions of a new power dock that you can wear a front facing camera. The Prime has a side facing camera and they both have forward facing cameras for doing selfies. So we're gon na just jump into this thing and talk about it. Let'S look at the prime first we've got a regular dock that connects through a micro, SD connector here, and you simply slap this thing on the back of the watch. Magnetically couples and it'll charge up get the peripherals out of the way. The Genesis now has something completely different. This has a battery in it and it's about the equivalent sized battery is in the watch, so it's a booster dock, and this is how you charge it. You basically place the watch in here. It turns on automatically the battery back up and it'll start feeding juice to the watch and it's connector on this end is a standard USBC connector, like all the new modern watches and phones, are going to be coming with, as opposed to the older version of the Charging connector that you find on this one well you're ready for the contest.

Let'S see how they weigh in let's turn on the scale let's get it all calibrated and the COS pet prime with bands weighs in it 84 grams. The Genesis, on the other hand, with its leather band, weighs in at 68 grams interesting what about sizes? This is where there's a big difference. You can already tell by looking at them side by side that the COS pet prime has a bigger screen, it's slightly larger, but it is larger and overall, what does that mean? Well, mr. caliper let's check it out we're gon na zero. This we're gon na open it up we're gon na give you your widest dimension across right at the edge as being 55 we're gon na call it fifty four point: eight two, I don't know if you can see it there millimeters and the costs pet prime, that Same dimension, you notice the bump is, on the other side, 55 coming in at 55, from top to bottom now, on the actual inside section, the prime is coming in at 53 and a third and we're looking at 53 they're, basically the same 53 and a half. So overall length wise they're about the same now point something interesting out to you. You see this little bump on the bottom on this one, and you see that same bump up here and down here. The bump is so that you don't have the flat tire on the screen that's, where they house the wires that otherwise would have to be in the screen.

So both of these screens is you're about to see, do not have a flat tire. Oh guys, I forgot what some of you would say is the most important measurement of all that's, the thickness, so sorry about that I'll insert it here now. By the way I changed bands on the Genesis, as you see later on in the video. This is, after the fact, thickness wise. We come in 18 point Oh and that's crossing that little upper bump area as well right there 18, basically and here on the prime as i zoom in on it Wow. 18 point 1. 3. So, despite outward appearances, they are for all practical purposes, identical in their thickness. Okay, I'm gon na turn them on I've got them set up so that they'll boot. At the same time, so we can watch the boot up process. 1 2 3 press hold hold hold there. They go out of this. Chute was the costs. Chronos blade Genesis first, but the cost bet prime, is coming right along they. Now you can really see the screen size. Difference I'll measure those exactly with the calipers for you here in a second as its booting up make note that when you wear these, the camera is going to be on the inside. Ah there they go now this one I have the audio suppressed. I want you to hear the sound on that once what's going on in the back of this one.

Oh, we can turn it on again later and it may be changing is some thunder. You got lightning and thunder and all that stuff happening. This one has already passed the logo and booted up there. You go now notice the time down in the lower left hand corner and how many seconds it's taken between the two for this one and this one's now doing its circle. There now it's up so it's a little longer for the Genesis to boot than it is for the prime. Now what I was mentioning is on this one. The camera is on the inside and this is a design, and this particular watch I've worked quite a bit in the evolution of it as well. It'S a result of feedback in the fact that, if you're doing front facing video when your camera is over here on the top, you tend to have your fingers in the way. If you do something on the screen of being able to see it, you've seen that in the reviews. So when you put this one on and it's got the slightly smaller screen, this is what it looks like on a pretty much average male arm. When you put this one on with the camera bump on the other side, it is a bit larger, it looks like you're really wearing a watch yep and again. The camera bump is here and the actual side camera is here. So you have to be careful about your hand when you're using it and not.

You all know that the camera is on the top here. So there's no issue with anything being in the way when you use the camera, I know I'm biased. I I really like a lot of the design improvements of this one. However, there are some advantages to this one. If you like that larger screen capability, you definitely have it on this one let's flip them over. Alright, the back side shows and reveals, of course, the four pin charging interesting thing that both of them are good at it's suppressed, so it's not actually touching your skin. This has three levels: you've got this bump at the top. Then it comes down to a circle around and then the actual charging is recessed, so it gives you more breathing capability and less likely to get too much sweat on these connectors. This one has a big bump in the middle and then a secondary level that the connectors are on the distance is wide enough that it seems feasible. Your skin could probably be touching on here. I like the fact that this is a little more supress than here. Let'S do some more measurements. We have bands on these. These are coming in on the Genesis at 22, I'm, pretty sure yeah 22 millimeters here and this one is hah. Look at that it's larger. We are looking at 24 yep, 24 millimeters on the prime 22 millimeters on the Genesis. Now the thing about the bands is, of course, that they're removable and I'm gon na pop them off of here, because we're gon na play with the watches directly for the rest of this.

There we go. I just switched out of its screen and yeah I'm touching them all over the place same thing for here now, quick release tabs off here here wow. I just did my nails yesterday, not a good idea before a video, okay, okay they're, both back now. In addition to the bands that come with the Genesis, it comes with two other sets of bands black with the sewing leather on the outside rubberized on the inside breathable, with the pin falling out of it, that's actually falling out of this one. This is the one that ships with, which is a very breathable. Those holes actually go all the way through very soft band, so you're getting, and this will have a quick disconnect on it too. This was a prototype version, but you won't have the pins falling out. They'Ll be quick disconnect just like this. You get three different sets of bands with the Genesis, which is an additional thing to consider, especially when we start to talk to price, and the price is a bit more for the Genesis than it is for the prime. But there are all sorts of goodies that come along with it like that charging dock, and it even includes a set of earphones with a power bank as part of the whole package, the cost bet you basically get the the dock, the charging wire, the one set Of bands and that's what you've got? Okay, a screen diameter actual gon na try to group this here and show you edge to edge we're.

Looking at about forty one millimeters, I know you guys are normally in inches on this and millimeters on everything else. Comparatively now, can you see that in here this is what the screen would look like just a little bit larger right. So if I slide this down now and sure edge to edge on the screen here about thirty nine millimeters, so it doesn't actually measure out that much difference. But it is quite a bit different overall when you have it on your honor. All right, let's switch to watch faces for a second the cost bet faces. You saw that last one actually was branded with them. They don't have too many branded faces on here. There'S Christmas on on this, one they've got a Christmas face because the firmware was actually updated on Christmas Day of 2019. Another Christmas face just gon na show you highlights of them. The other video is you see, close ups of the whole faces actually on the screen. This one's a useful one. I find with the high contrast for easier view outdoors, although the display isn't really set for outdoors, which is another major difference between the two and here we go now. This one is an animated faces, does not come with the watch, but it's an example of the new animation technique. That'S in the clock engine that's been updated through firmware on this watch. The genesis at this time does not have the animated face capability.

It has the complications, active complications capability where, if there's buttons, you can touch them and you can go into different things and we'll see that on here, but it doesn't do the animation. Yet it should just be a software fix, and this is an early prototype. So I wouldn't use that as a decision factor on on whether you get it or not. These faces here that you're seeing and I'm gon na come back. These are special new ones that have been designed by Elrod that are gon na be baked into the firmware. So when it's shipping you'll have these kind of faces, this looks like an active animation pretty much, but al rod was able to compose that with the ICI clock engine, including jumping the time around, really creative work analog digital face. This will probably be the main stock face. You see, you've got a couple of other interesting faces here, with Genesis, branding and just to give a cool time I'm not going to go through every face. I do want to stop on this one though, and show you that you do have the active buttons that you can touch and get into different things, calendars all that this will also ship with the Google Calendar instead of the funky little calendar, that most of these Watches come with. If it doesn't have the Google Calendar installed directly, you can easily add it from the Google Play Store and when you do this particular face, you can launch the Google Calendar directly from it and so forth, and so on.

You get some more creative faces in here as well, and that was the one we were just showing you earlier there's another one, and then it gets into some of the other faces that al rods made. But these are the ones that are actually stock with the or will be shipping stock. With the Genesis now let's switch to look and feel. Basically, we have the same operating system Android, seven one one in both of these watches. The Genesis uses an older implementation of the overall look and feel while the prime has been updated to a fancy colorful layout here's, the first screen you get. That typically shows whether or not you have a SIM card in I do have one in here. I do not have one in there and whether your Bluetooth connected your battery level, all of that stuff here's a difference in how these circles appear all of your icons for doing all these things and they're clearly identified GPS. You can tell that's airplane mode, Wi, Fi and Bluetooth and so forth. So I really like the way Prime, has updated the appearance of their icons. Overall, your clean up is pretty much basic here and it's a little more colorful on this one. You have a built in music player and one more swipe takes you to whether in your area and they're identical with Fahrenheit and centigrade on both of them. Your notifications, hasn't changed they're over here and when you swipe up you're getting into your step count, I have been wearing this one.

So you've got some data on here and then, of course, your basic daily stuff it's a little bit larger font on the prime there's. A thin font on the Genesis but that's just a implementation of the older versus the newer way of representing it when you slide over here, you get into the app drawer, and this is in the arc mode. I do want to show you that if I come down into settings and I go to app list style and I come down into settings and I go to app list style – we are in style. One know on this, which is the arc on that one. But I can switch to bubble or style two, and what you see immediately is the style two on the Genesis is black and white. Everything is black and white instead of color that's, partly because of the transflective screen. This, of course, is much easier to see outdoors and the bright sunlight that's. One of the big distinguishing factors of this, in addition to the forward facing camera, is that you can really easily see this outdoors, so they chose instead of the bubble thing to go to a black and white or color description or demonstration of the icons, whereas this One goes to the fancy Apple implementation, where you can slide around and see all your icons as little circles. Some people, like it one way, is I'm like at the other it's just kind of up to you, but you don't get the black and white version on here, because there's no need this is not brightly visible outdoors without cranking.

The brightness way way up which reduces your overall battery life. This one, you can turn you your backlight to nothing. You can turn it all the way down and it'll still be good and bright. So you get longer battery life using this outdoors, but you get really bright. Vibrant colors with this one, so I'm gon na switch us back now and we'll page our way through the apps. One thing you may have noticed is a little white dot on this one. Not on this one, that is not part of the watch. This is floating toucher. If you saw the video just before this one, I think or recently you'll know about display and floating touch or to apps that I recommend you put on these watches. This one's got it. You touch that little button and it's gon na bring up this little circle and it's all explained over in the video on that. I just haven't implemented it on here, so it's, not a defect of the watch or something that comes with it. Extra it's an optional, so here we are, you got the app drawer they're pretty much the same. The first three have to do with calling and you need a SIM card for that. You'Ve got settings now on this. One you've got the face unlock as an extra thing listed right here. Face unlock is available on the Genesis it's. Just you have to get to it through settings. These guys have just additionally brought it forward, but folks you can't use face unlock unless you set up a basic lock with a password in case, face lock, doesn't work and then after you set that up, you can actually turn on face unlock option, but you can Get in here and you can activate or deactivate it quickly if you want it to work or not again, face unlock, relies on the forward or front facing camera.

The one pointed at you to be able to get the information it needs to unlock your watch. It works great on both of them that's, just fine right now, there's no browser on here. Well, at this location, we have Chrome, Google Chrome installed on the Genesis, as opposed to the kind of basic Chinese browser that comes on this one. You have a download section course. You can add any browser you want to. You. Have your clock and there's a calendar listed on here and again we're going to allow Google Calendar to be installed on the Genesis and it has the same name as calendar. So for those of you who have ever tried to put Google Calendar on a watch that comes with calendar, you know there's a conflict and it's really complicated to try to do it. You have to deactivate this one first and all kind of crazy stuff, so expect that you'll probably not have a calendar on this one or will have the Google Calendar pre installed on the Genesis when it ships your clock is just base. Basically, all the things that you do with the clock: the camera when you launch that you get the front facing or side facing or top facing camera we've shown you a lot of stuff on the cameras in the actual videos, music and a sound recorder are all The same file, manager and heart rate monitor and fitness now fitness. I want to talk a little bit about on the Genesis you have the ability to swipe over and get into the fitness you don't have that on the prime, when you do that notice this.

When I come into it, I get a basic thing and there's no dots at the top. I can just set up my basic parameters that I want target duration or time or whatever and start it directly from here. However, if I go into fitness from here, which is the same as going into it from here, you notice, I got the dots at the top, and now I can go over and you can look at your historical things that you've done already and when you go Into them you get data and you have all of the data reported there and you have the option to go to a historical track, which is your map of where you went set against the Google map and it's really cool, and it works the same on both Of them – and you have one more swipe where you can turn on or off the GPS positioning, so both of these watches are using the advanced version of the fitness app. In addition to that, the Genesis also has a quick access to any of these by just swiping over but you're not going to get all your historical data and other stuff. Unless you go into the app itself little tricky. But there you go voice, search, Google, Playstore Maps. All the rest of this stuff is the same there's. The assistant, here's Chrome, coming up that's. Your browser on this one assistant is where you tie into the y ywi.

I watched to tethering app and you can do that with the connector phone right here and then, of course, you have all these different controls and things that you do they're identical across the board as well and that's about it calculators calendars. All these other things are stuff that I've installed in here and system. Optimization um. Is it on this? One is stuff that you can get to in the settings that you do over here on this one or this one it's just that they've been brought forward for you to get to a little bit easier. So I guess I should run back quickly and just show you some of the settings stuff just so you're familiar with this and know what to do when you're in settings they're all. Basically the same you want to come down, although this has measuring. So does that that changes from British to metric for all your stuff, you have your power savings and all of this state and time uninstalling, apps and more and it's. Inside of more that you get into all this stuff on Google Play services. By the way you see the fonts, there are different size on this one on the Genesis, it's shipping, with a an app installed that allows you to adjust the size of the font. I, like it a little bit larger, so I've made it a hundred and twenty five percent that's not here, but you could download the app from the Google Play Store and do the same thing.

It'S just a nice little feature someday we'll do a video on that. If there's enough interest in it here's your screen, lock here's your face unlock you see, they both have all of the same stuff. The app frees your RAM notifications data server. All of that stuff's identical it's just on the on the Prime it's, been brought forward in a couple of places with the icon for face unlock or for the what do they call it down at the bottom system, optimization yeah, but they're. The same thing you get into from more in settings just you can get to it quicker. Okay, that is a look at the comparison of the apps. What I want to show you a couple of more differences between these two and then give you my final impressions on them, but before I do, I just wanted to reflect on how far we have come in smartwatches. This is a Thor for dual equivalent it's called the L, okay, zero, two very similar to that watch, two cameras front facing camera at the top. Now we got them in all places the left, the right and the top right and then the side camera. Of course, all of them have had the sight camera until the Genesis, but what I miss is this: always time display option it's not on either of these, not that same implementation. With this really soft analog watch, I miss it and I don't, because it's really too dim for outdoors and it's too bright, often at night indoors.

What I do like is that ability to create always time or always on a digital display that we just covered recently in another video, so you're not gon na find always on type display like this. That literally, is always on running. In the background on these, what I really do love is this flat. You could set them down flat and you can remove the bands we had. So many of these watches come out like this with fixed bands, the antennas in them non removable. If you break the band, you break the watch, there's no replacements so kudos to the designers for really coming up with better design, but just to give you the real look and feel you can see. This could work as a woman's watch or a guys watch. Try to get them in about the same distance from the camera. The 1.3 9 inch screen is standard on a lot of these older Android watches, and this is the typical look and feel of these watches. Until these bigger ones came out, the Genesis is a bit of a bump up on that, but not a huge difference. The prime takes it to a whole new level as a really big watch and, of course, there's. The lympho lem T, which is two full inches diameter and that thing is humongous, so you've got different sizes and that's. One of the things you may want to think about is how big is your AR what's the sizing and how is it going to look? None of these are showstoppers, but they're little factors to consider here's, something that stands out on the prime right now is a limitation on the Genesis to do this part.

I need to get us over to the camera app and there's our Chinese gourd for 2020 I'm. Gon na take a picture of this right here. Okay, have you got your gourd yet I mean with the coronavirus and everything going on. I hope you are seriously Fung Shui in your house. When you double tap, you can zoom in and you double tap again and you can zoom in and you double tap again and it comes out. That'S gon na be the same thing on the other watch except watch this when I'm here and I take two fingers, I can zoom in it's called a pinch and zoom technique and you can go really far in way beyond what you could get with the triple Tap, okay, but you do have that tapping capability right now, till we do a firmware, update and verify it can be upgraded to this level. You do not have the pension zoom on the Genesis, not a showstopper but it's nice to see the pictures. That way. For this one to come over into the camera, I have to turn it sideways, as if my arm were pointed this direction to get that same image and I'm going to take a picture of that, and just show you comparatively here we go with the gourd on This one double tap to zoom double tap to zoom in again yeah. I was moving a little bit so it's a little bit. Blurry sorry, but you'll find that you do not have that pinch in zone so like to see that added to the Genesis, if possible, it's, definitely a positive for the prime that fact that it's there as well.

So both of these watches do great for for pictures. Here'S that always time display I was talking about, and you notice on the Genesis you don't have the button to Tapp accidentally to take you out of it. As you saw I just hit there. Didn'T really want to do that. Our save cancel there. We go back again, however, you can get out of this one. If you double tap on the percentage hello there, we go just got to hit it just right, so that's what it looks like when you want to go into an always on display mode, and it will stay on for as long as the timing that you have Set in the watch after it goes out the first time press it again and now it'll, if you set it for 30 minutes or using the floating touch, or you can set it for infinity. You can have the digital time on all the time really clear. Outdoors pretty readable outdoors again, you can have the display brightness and you can adjust the brightness to whatever you want when you have this display on day or night, which you couldn't have on the always time display. On the other watches the last thing there. Neither one of them I would, I would recommend swimming with or dunking in water I'll tell you why there's just too many places where you might get water intrusion. I think you've got some protection for the speaker, holes which are here on this one and they're here on this one.

You see that, however yeah that they've tried to seal up as best they can the the lines that come all the way out here, and here this takes a they to both look like they take a fancy tool to take the back cover off because you're not Supposed to go in there via Prime, maybe a little bit more stable, waterproof wise, because you've got a screw to hold this big black backplate in with your optical sensors. There, however, the counter to that is it's, really big and if it's got kind of a rubber grommet or something in there. If it isn't placed just right, you could easily get water intrusion here, not so much steam or moisture. I guess, but definitely if you dunked it under water, water could come in through that little hole there they're just places that it could come in this one. This one uses that just snaps the the thing in place like that pretty easy to come out there. You can see my SIM card is in there without significant improvement to you know for waterproofing, with like rubber grommets and a really really tight seal. You practically need a tool to pop it out. I would say this is less waterproof at all than the other ones. Yeah in and because all this is happening on the bottom, where it makes contact with your arm and if you tend to sweat when you're exercising there is potential for water intrusion at just the basic fat, so both of them I'd give a D D in terms Of waterproofing, but I don't have an alternative for you that's any better.

Really all of them are not IP 67 or 68 or five atm, which is what you want to look for for a swimming watch, so android smartwatches just aren't there yet, but given the fact that they're packaged asbestos, they can be at the beginning of 2020. Of those of your limitations, so final thoughts, final thoughts on this well I'm kind of a godfather to this to this baby. Here this is my partial creation, along with Jason, the idea, the front facing camera and the transflective screen for easy outdoor viewing the camera over. On the left hand, side for your face camera, so you, if you're wearing it on your left, arm, you're, not going to be covering the camera. Just touching the watch a lot of little subtleties in this. This is the one I want to wear. This is one I do wear I like the size of the screen being larger than the 1.3 inch. This is borderline for me, I'm feeling, like I'm wearing a big watch. I mean you're, regardless of you know the fact that I really like having partially designed that one overall. This is getting a little large for me if you're, a big guy, this is great or if you have poor eyesight. This is great to have a larger screen, but this is that happy medium for me between that tiny little thing, and that middle thing, and that big thing, so I would go with this one, I the packaging.

I really love the three bands that it comes with that charging dock. This thing is amazing. You just set it on your arm. You can set this in it. You can strap the thing on you and you literally can go about doing whatever you're doing and get a booster charge to the watch. It'S a specialized stock. It won't work on any other watch, so that comes with the genesis as part of the package. This comes in one configuration three gigabytes: 32 gig. This comes in two. You got the same in the prime but then there's a prime se, which is 1 gigabyte, 30 16 gigabytes of RAM or storage. So you can get it a little cheaper with a little less capacity in it. Also, this one's being cloned now there's one I'll call the all the a watch GT from all call that is this same 3, 32 gigabyte of configuration and a lower introductory price. Right now lower than all of these, so if you're pricing, if you're going for the cheapest price, you could pick that thing up or you could get this. The lower one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte version of the prime or you could get the prime or you can get the Genesis with all of the benefits of the charging dock and the extra. What you've called your phone case with that? Your phones in it that comes with it and the three bands and all of that stuff, so there's a lot of possibilities here, yeah you could even go way back and pick up very inexpensively, the Thor for dual or this llk.

0. 2. If you are a lady, I would definitely go for this over these or a really small wristed person. We do have earlier devices that could fit your needs there, but in the showdown between the Genesis and the prime it's, your call. Ah, I know you wanted an answer. You wanted me to no, no it's, your call really. You now know the differences between the two it's really up to you, they're, both fantastic watches. Will you be using the camera? If so and outdoors the Genesis is great. If you like, the larger screen, the bright AMOLED display, the prime is fine, so yeah, let me know which one you choose I'd like to see how it's going in the comments. When you pick one you've been watching us here. Smart watch ticks. Thank you for your interest in dedication to smart watches. I can see your collection growing as we speak. We'Ll see you again soon. Thanks for watching game, Wow Chronos blade Genesis, evolution of Smart Watch, yeah, okay, okay, here we go mmm bubble, wrap, mmm, more bubble, wrap whoa whoa there. It is you can't, even see it all on the on the camera. I think this is. This must be that wireless earbud power bank thing yeah, oh sweet that's in here there's the watch. This looks like an X Y.