1.1 SmartWatch that's, totally revolutionising the Android SmartWatch market because of the change of placement of cameras from the side to up here at the top, the predecessor that Janus was a runaway success and this one stands to be an incredible Smartwatch it has a transflective screen, meaning it's brighter outside than indoors, making photography and video chatting really easy. You have your notifications from tethered to your phone. You have step count information collected on the watch everyday. You have a robust, very fluid app drawer with all your standard apps, including the camera for both of the cameras, sound recorders, heart rate monitors Fitness. That is fully integrated. Mind you with your GPS as well. It'S got all the bells and whistles on it. You could want and it's available soon it's going into production. This is an early prototype. It comes with three different bands, in the case, a very unique charger which has a battery built into it, that you can activate and place the watch in and get about 30 charge boost in about 30 minutes. You can even wear it if you want to, and early buyers are getting a earbud power bank tied into it as well, so many different power options very robust SmartWatch ideal for photography. Finally, you can take outdoor pictures and videos.