com. This is an incredible day. We are gon na unveil, something that may be the game, changing shifter in the Android SmartWatch arena, and it goes back seven months ago, there's a little saga, I'm gon na tell you about as we get into this incredibly tight packaging here. It begins with a little known watch called the Janus which was hiding, I believe, is on eBay or something like that and I decided oh, I got it. I got ta bring that one in for review, so I ordered one. I got it well, you guys know the rest of the story. Not only what love was the Janus itself, they hid it got reproduced as the COS pet vision. It came out in a slightly different version, as Z blazed Thor 5 Pro it's been an X 360 and X, 361 it's been all kinds of different things. Well, that was then – and this is now that Janus watch really turned everything on its ear and and led to some incredible stuff. It also led to me meeting up with Jason, who lives in Shenzhen, which is where all these are made in China he's an American he's, a pilot for a company that flies folks around over there, so he's all over the place actually was recently. I think back in New York and Texas and then back to China. I mean wow what a life, but he and I started chatting and we both agreed there's, got to be a better way.

There'S got to be a better watch. There'S got to be something that doesn't have a flat tire in the screen, but the screens a little larger there's got to be something that's got camera placement that makes sense instead of the weird stuff we've been seeing. Well, all that and seven months later, we've got it. I know open it all right, all right, seven months later, we right here right here. Are you ready the Genesis? Yes, oh, I love this packaging I've not seen any of this Jason's been taking care of all of it in China. Just the basic stuff is what I knew that this watch was gon na have, and here we are Wow froat first front facing 12 o'clock scenic camera: Smart Watch! You know what that means when you have that watch on your arm, if the camera's not here pointing at your hand, but is here pointing well you're gon na see for G 32, gigs, Riga, gigabytes, great, the one point, six inch reflective screen with no flat tyre Leave Android seven one Bluetooth, 8, megapixel, 8 megapixel scenic the sideways kind and a 5 megapixel video chat forward facing an 800 milliamp hour battery, which is that sweet spot. You know we've seen some that have been really large, but it makes thick and heavy, and some that are just too small to power may may include wireless earbuds with 3000 milliamp power charger depends on the model you purchase.

Oh that's, a cute little treat let's open. The box, oh, I got it upside down. Oh look it there there's some pictures of it. Wow Chronos, Blade Genesis, evolution of SmartWatch, yeah, ok, ok, here we go mmm bubble, wrap, mmm, more bubble, wrap whoa whoa there. It is you can't, even see it all. On the on the camera, I think this is this must be that Wireless earbud power bank thing yeah, oh sweet that's in here there's the watch. This looks like an X Y. Have three bands man look at this black leather brown, leather, awesome and then the watch with a breathable? Oh wow, soft texture, really nice preinstalled band we've got the charging port here a bump on the side. There'S, your SIM card slot here's a cover on the diodes for heart rate button button camera. Now the buttons are usually on the right, which means – and this was something we discussed long and hard. We want the forward facing camera out of the way of your hands, not up at the top. Not I definitely here where you go to touch your watch and you're, covering the image that's being taken here. We you want to see the you want to see the amazing camera they're talking about that that it up that it ah there. It is look at this as hiding on the top it shoots over the band that will be curling around your arm. Mm hmm and it's gon na shoot straight out, so you can look at the time and the camera is gon na be pointed landscape, at whatever view is in front of you.

It'S not gon na be bumping into your arm. If you flex it up. It'S gon na be exactly where it always should have been since the first time they invented these darn things it's there now, okay, I'm, getting excited let's. Look at what else we've got in the bottom of the box. We'Ve got the charging Wow. Oh mine's got an open, oh, but you know what it does is it shows you that there's an extra battery in here and the charging dock itself – okay, well, first prototype off it snaps in place, so it probably needs a little bit of glue I'm sure yours Will come totally secure but that's awesome? We got to see that so we place this in here cut out for the camera. Look at that, the little blue light is lighting up on it already when you've got it set up for charging, or did you see it's like out of energy, but when we charge notice no flat tire huh there's, so many things about this I'm, not even sure How all this works, but this looks like it's got a built in little battery for it there's a button here, there's a red light, it's, apparently charging from this right now without it being hooked up at all many ways of getting extra power. To this thing, that's awesome and then, of course you got this – that you can use to charge everything. Finally, the last box we opened.

This reveal aha yep, the USB USB cable I'm, getting ahead of myself again there's the USB cable that you can be used from. Whatever to a micro USB that will plug into somewhere here to charge this thing: where do you charge this? Okay and you've you've got this that you can use as a separate charging cable, so you got the charging cable you've got the charging dock here. Aha, I found it. I couldn't leave without showing you guys that charging dock the little lip thingy here and the connector that slides right into it. Look it in charge this up set your watch on it you're good to go, but wait there's more one more thing in here: ear pads for the earbuds. You notice, in this initial version that I have in front of me, there's no manual to describe how anything works that I'm sure will be coming. This is solid, there's, no hidden pockets here and this is loose but there's. Nothing underneath it so we're, gon na put things together here, break it all down and show you a bit more about the brand new dual camera: three gigabyte to a 32 gigabyte Genesis. It'S here it's really here hall, I just had a really great, really long call with Jason and there's way more going on here than you could imagine. First of all, yes, this is a prototype. I want to show you an amazing creative face on on it. Right now, we're gon na go through some of the stock faces.

They'Re not stock, yet but they're gon na be because turns out. Jason is working together with Al rod. We'Ve seen a lot of al rods faces and he's been customizing faces for the Genesis so that's. The first bit of news second yeah – this is a prototype. He'S only got a very few of these initial ones in the production is just beginning. This prototype is here in my hands in the United States, there's, an identical one to this one in Australia. Right now, with the firmware expert, Pablo 11, he goes by on the full Android watches, dot com website, full Android watch, not plural, calm, who's been coordinating and working in the background on a lot of the firmware aspects of this. In fact, he and I ended up getting involved with Jason way back with the Janice and it's because of the Janice that was introduced that there's a lot of features. You see on the COS pet prime optimus, pro z, blaze, watches that are at the very root of the firm okay I'll keep moving on at the very root of the firmware in these things that is leading into the Janus of the Genesis now they're all intertwined And Jason has managed to assemble the team of folks that it's needed to make the best watch ever here. It is branded with Genesis on it. This is a closest to of the Genesis creation of the universe, kind of a concept I think you can tell.

Well, maybe not right here with the reflections, but this is a special screen. The two features of this watch that really highlight this one are the transflective or reflective screen that allows you to take it outdoors in the bright, sunlight and it's still visible. That is perfect as a camera watch, which is the second thing, the placement of the camera moved from the side to the top. I know I mentioned it I'm going to harp on it, because really that is a game changer for smartwatches Android smartwatches in the future. The front camera being moved away from over here to the left hand side when you have it on that's the last place. You'Re gon na cover the lens, if you're working with your watch, while you're talking or doing whatever you're doing so that placement that placement transflective screen. That is the amazing features of this watch. In addition, the watch faces have active complications, no that's, not something that's, a bowel issue, it's about buttons on the screen and elrod has redesigned. This particular face custom for this watch to take advantage of touch points. So when I touch this spot, for example, it goes right into the fitness program. You can begin your run or your walk or whatever you want to do touch here on the little sunshine and it'll. Take you right into the weather, forecast touch here Monday, the 27th and it's going to take you right into the Google Calendar which you can set up tie into your account see all of your appointments.

Make changes right from your watch on the Google Calendar touch down here, where the hands are covering the heart rate, and you turn on the diode and it'll start monitoring your heart rate. So you got activation of fitness activation of heart rate, calendar information and more. I just want to get a heartbeat, for you show you that it's working, I got the tip of my finger right now covering the diode there we go and come back here. That'S been updated. I believe you've got digital time year, analog time there that's, where you got into our fitness stuff, and you see the little propeller twirling around on this one. What did I say? It'S a camera watch right. Well, how about launching the camera directly from here? There is the top facing camera. Do it over here on the side, you can see a little bit better. What it looks like high resolution 8 megapixels it's, the highest resolution that we can get on Smart Watch these days there. I just took a picture switch this around and now I'm in the front facing camera and, of course, it's over here, because normally I'd have it on like that, but check this out. I can move my hands all over here and I'm, not covering the lens that's. What I'm getting out with it on my arm, it's gon na, be way over to the left, so it's gon na work really really great. How do the pictures look? I know I'm jumping all over.

They look really good. Here you go there. You go that's. What we've seen out of these cameras, but when you go into outdoor photography, here's an example yesterday that I shot in the car, mrs. tix, driving shooting out the window going about 30 miles an hour. I want you to see the clarity of this yeah. It does not support the pinch and zoom. I knew you were gon na. Ask me that, but it does do the triple tap that you can get in here. You'Ve got nice colors when you're taking the pictures outdoors, you don't see the colors. You see basically a black and blue black and white image, but the colors are all being recorded when you take the picture with the camera you're just being able to frame your shot outside in the bright sunlight indoors like this like right now, you'll definitely see the Colors here's another one: little fun fruit stand, sukhothai, cafe, yeah and on and on and on. I got a bunch of pictures in here in terms of details on this. It is shooting a 24 48 by 32 64 multiply it out you're, getting an 8 megapixel landscape view image from the top of the watch ideal perfect. Now back here to the watch faces and here's a fun one from al rod. This is a digital watch, with a focus on heart health and what looks like an EKG it's animated, of course, across the top, but it's an active button that, when you touch it, is going to take you directly into the heart rate.

If you get the exact spot and, of course, it's doing it again, get your heart rate come back here, that'll be updated and you've got an easy way to monitor your heart health, while you're out doing things and you'll see it outdoors, which is what's ideal and Yeah this particular face is focused for that here's another one. I really like it looks like a regular analog face but check out the 10 and 2 positions that's the digital time branded Genesis with our power level, everything really great stuff, so jumping a little forward. Now I'll got more information about this charging dock, which turns out to be really incredible, not only as you saw earlier. Can I drop it in here and charge the watch directly from it, but I can wear it yeah I'm gon na see, if I can do this first time, I've tried this I'm gon na set this on my arm. I'M gon na drop the watch into it. Like so I'm gon na reach around, and I can put the thing on it's now locked into the dock, I just pick a hole toward the outside here, because it's gon na be a little tight. There we go Wow, you see it automatically turned on and it's fully charged. So I've got the four diodes going. Yesterday I tried they're running the watch completely down, I mean to zero, it it's shut off. This was fully charged. I put the watch in the charger.

30 minutes later, this was down to one diode lit. This was charged to 32, so you get about a third of a charge in a half an hour from the dock, and he designed this thing and by the way this is not a microUSB. This is a USB see so he's using the new advanced technology. He'S got it set up so that if you want to go intervene, iasts you can plug that into your IV and you can be fed all your nutrients electronically seriously. If you got this thing going and you're you're doing whatever you're doing at your desk or something and you want to give it a quick charge, you just plug this there you go into your basic USB. This thing being fully charged now is recharging. Both the watch and the bank from here, if you happen to deeply that and deeply that you got this thing three thousand milliamp hour beautiful design, little awkward, but if you've got one of these watches that only lasts for five hours or so and in its dead. This is a great solution, so very impressed with what he's come up with in a design that should definitely vouch be patented. I would think oh and speaking of patents, here's a fun thing. Little fun fact: let's show you another face. This is cool. This is a Elrod's mirror face that looks this way and that way, so, if you're really inclined to want to wear it on this side or if you're, uh wearing the watch, the other way, doesn't matter, which way you put it this face, will give you the Time and you don't have to read it upside down, so that suddenly makes this watch totally Universal.

This little face – and I got ta – remember I'm – so used to having the camera on the right from all of the companies that have put it out that way, but it's on the left on this one. This, I think I mentioned it, but I didn't really show you honestly, if you have a watch with it like this, some people have really had problems banging it into their wrist when they lift it up, not to mention you get in the way when you're touching Over the camera lens, this is so much better to have it on the left and watch face. This particular watch face can flip either way. Okay, let's spin around here with a fun little fidget spinner. That gives you the time Genisys power level, just a playful one. As we move into the next thing, power power is always a big concern that has been from the very GetGo, and this is a balanced approach to using a reasonable battery in here, not to trying to cram 3000 milliamps into a watch. It'S got about at eight hundred seven hundred and sixty something like that. The M power battery about the same battery we saw inside this one that's in the watts so they're comparable. However, you've got this really fun power savings thing when you press and hold on the button here and just again for you newbies to this, that don't know about Android watches you've got a circle up here when you touch that it changes to a square, and if You hit cancel when you go into an app and will look at all the apps later, that app will change from being filling the circle to being in a square.

So classic example is Google Play Store where the menu you know to get to your current apps and stuff installed. Apps is off the screen that will make it rectangular. You can tap right on the menu. You can tap here again change it back. It cancel and you're back full screen, so really really valuable thing, but this is what I want to show you. Is this power safe, yeah you've, seen this on other watches, but it's been improved and worked on here. When I tap this, I am in this mode. You notice it kind of went down in brightness just a little bit and if I hit cancel, I go into an ambient display now it's, showing digital time and power level and that's all and folks. This will last forever like this. So if you're all jonesing out there, that you don't have an always on ambient mode screen on this watch and if you listen to my other videos where you do have that kind of thing on a Thor 5 Pro. But when you run it in ambient mode. The watch lasts only five hours before it dies, even if you're not doing anything at all with it just running the display. Well, you know that it's a balancing act between having an ambient display and power. Well, this is the best of both worlds, because this will jeez it'll go for hours and only lose maybe five 10 of power and it stays on for a good long time.

You can press the bottom button watch carefully and the screen dims even more yeah. Now it's in that zone, where, if you're outdoors – and you did that, and you did that and you're just looking at the time – and you got the Sun reflecting off of man, you got yourself one great watch with significant power savings capabilities to get out of it. You just simply press here and hit the power thing again. It comes back to the main screen and now you can cancel out of that and you're back to your normal display, it's a little dimmer now, because it's it's modified your brightness. So I'm gon na raise the brightness for being indoors because you went into power savings and the screen light is one of the biggest power drains. So this automatically takes care of all of that. It lowers the CPU. It gives you a nice digital display. You get long life and, if it's not long enough well, you just saw how we can charge this thing sitting on your arm or sitting on your desk by the way. If you want to get extra one of these, you can Jason's gon na. Have those Jason's gon na have extras of this? The earbuds which I haven't really talked about yet either. This is included in the package for those of you that are pre ordering now and I'm gon na tell you at the very end what that's all involved.

Okay. Well, we haven't even taken the tape off of it to charge the buds. This is so cool he's got it all set up for this. He'S used these extensively. He says he's had went through five different sets work with them for a couple of months, each and and zeroed in on this one for its size as quality and the big battery inside of it for charging the watch as well. Anyway, as you saw in the box, this is gon na be included and it's got that little space for it right up here with his logo on it. It'S gon na be included in the package that he'll be sending out in the first production run. For those of you, pre ordering after that, you can pay extra to have it in the package or you can buy the whole watch itself without it, but either way the price that you're gon na be able to get it for right now. One hundred and fifty bucks, okay I'll, tell you right up front he's launching this thing for a 45 day window at a hundred and fifty bucks, then it jumps up to a hundred and eighty five and that's all gon na include the earbuds later on when all That'S gone, the first runs done, and these will be available as an add on for 40 more dollars on top of the one hundred and eighty five and twenty five dollars extra for another charger.

So your best bet, if you like this thing, is to preorder it for sure, because that's that's gon na get you the best deal possible. Oh and I was mentioning about patents, I think, which is why you're not gon na see knockoffs of this thing, like you did the Janis, I mean once that Janis cut going and everybody jumped on, I think there's still another one coming out from lympho that's gon Na be pretty much identical to all the other ones, with the side, camera you're not gon na see front facing cameras on every other company, because when we talked about patents, Jason patented this design in China. Now we know I'm reading that China isn't necessarily the best it's sticking with copyrights and honoring those around the world, but it turns out if it's copyrighted in China, it is they don't violate the copyrights of Chinese copyright anyway. Just know that this Kronos blade Genesis is going to be the first for a long time v. Only another watch face for you, this one. I really like this is so cool. This has got that flip card kind of thing. It and it's got heart rate and step count and power and date, and all of that just another another way of displaying time on these and we went through with Al rod and looked at all ifs premium faces and and picked out the ones that not only Look really good on this watch, but also look really good outdoors in the bright sunlight too.

So we have covered a lot. Let'S just go through the general operations of the watch. As you know, when you pull down you get these different screens there's your power power level. This is all Android. 7.1.1 stuff. You got your GPS location services. You can turn on here and yeah. It is tied to the fitness app. So when you do a run or a walk or whatever you'll be getting the track from the GPS coordinate as opposed to it, calculating distance from steps cellular sim in there you've got data here, airplane mode. This is your twist your wrist to see the time. Of course outdoors, you don't need that, because you're gon na see the time, no matter what but you've got that capability: Bluetooth, Wi Fi, all of that they're, your basic clean up for the whole thing: music player. One more goes into your whether you've got notifications when you're tethered to your phone. Yes, I'm. Sorry to tell you it's still, it still uses the why watch tethering app as all Android watches do if there's one thing that needs improvement, it's that silly app we've got incredible: apps for tiny little fitness bands out there and we don't have a decent app. Yet for smartwatches, but when it's updated, all your Android watches will suddenly be able to do all the new capabilities that that that tethering app will do and yep Pablo 11 is working hard to get revisions to the firmware and revisions to that app implemented.

And he is tied in directly with Jason, on the firmware that's going on in this watch and the updates to it. So when you get in here to the app drawer, first of all, I want to show you how smooth it is. Three gigabytes of RAM is very helpful: 32 gigabytes of storage. It'S got some core apps and it's got some new ones that I've just installed for play. Let'S run through the core apps they're, all the basics, contact phone and messaging have to do with the sim card. As you know, Android 7 watches don't, yet support Bluetooth, calling like the old android 5.1 watches did so. You are not able to tether to your phone and make and receive phone calls talking through your watch, but making the call through your phone. You have to do it with a separate SIM in here. You got your settings download clock camera. We showed you that we activated the camera from a watch face, but otherwise you would need to slide over scroll down tap camera to get into the cameras so it's. So cool that touch button faces are coming out now that have these capabilities built into Gallery for that music, sound recorder file manager, your heart rate, monitor your fitness, and we showed you this when you get into it. You'Ve got all of your different activities that you can do and you scroll over if you've recorded anything they'll show here and you come over here's where you can turn on GPS and when you're done.

You just end the session and it saves all of that stuff. Your weather updates, stuff voice search now, a little bit about this voice search is kind of basic Google and when you tap it, you get into the equivalent of the okay trigger word followed by Google, and you have a woman's voice. Talking to you, you can do way more than voice search. You can change things like set volume to maximum. If you want to or that kind of stuff it is available, and you can install the Google assistant on this one which doesn't comes stock in it, but is easy to install from the Google Play Store. So you go in and set up your account in the Play, Store and install assistant. Accept everything train it on your voice. You can do the whole okay trigger directly on the watch and, of course you can do in context. Activity like it gives you a restaurant name and number, and you just say, dial it, and it knows which restaurant, because the number is there that whole assistant thing not this assist that mind you by the way it's got Google Maps as well. This assistant is the assistant for connecting to your phone. You use this QR code when you scan it with the app and that'll connect you up with that, and then you can do things like remote camera. Remote music send and receive files find your missing phone. All aw that's been lumped into assistant.

Yes, it comes with Google Chrome installed in it, so you're tied in with the browser there. Instead of that, crazy Chinese browser named browser that's, usually in there, that when you search on something comes back in Chinese yeah, yeah calculator, this is the Google calculator jason's refining. What calculators going to be on here. I won't go into detail on that, but that's me in the works. This is the Google Calendar as opposed to that crazy, useless one, and this may or may not come stock if it doesn't just install it from the Google Play Store because he's with the help of Pablo 11 down in Australia by the way he's doing great. If you guys know him and you're worried about him he's back in his house, they survived the fire. He'S got internet he's back online anyway. Pablo 11 is managed to work around that restriction, that you could not install Google Calendar on these watches because the other calendar, the stock one, was named the same thing and they would conflict bottle a little that's gone that old calendar is gone, there's a hole here For calendar, if it doesn't ship with one just install your choice of calendar, but if you install Google Calendar, you could integrate it a course. Through your entire Google domain, your computer, your phone, whatever hangouts, is not normally on there. I'Ve got that because I use that to talk with my team and and it works with the front facing camera and while you're live on hangouts, you can switch from the front facing camera to the forward facing camera.

If you want and back seamlessly, even though they're 8 megapixels on this one and 5 megapixels on this one, they it does it YouTube doesn't come stock, but you can easily install it system, optimization, we're, gon na get back to that. This is cool. I really want to tell you guys about this one, because what you're looking at on this watch has been has been influenced by this one. The fonts seem pretty large and readable here: don't they that's not because it's a 320 by 320 screen compared to a 400 by 400 AMOLED screen it's, because I increased the fonts, yep and that's. What you can do in big font. You can change the font size throughout everything in your watch, if they're too small to read which, for me, they kind of are especially the sub fonts of the sub fonts like when you get into system and look at the build number, those kind of things I Recommend a hundred and twenty five percent I've tried a hundred and fifty it's just too big your weather overlaps when you go in they're, just too big 125 is what you're looking at here works. Great google fit does not come with it, but I installed it to play with there's the Google assistant with those dots by the way, a lot of the active faces coming out now, with the touch buttons if they have the ability to activate the okay trigger. Word. Google thing it's gon na be through assistance, so you're gon na want to install assistant anyway, and this is a point where I want to mention to you guys whether you get a Genesis or a prime or an optimus pro or any of those they sometimes come In two different configurations: three gigabytes and 32 gigabytes, or one gigabyte and 16 gigabytes don't get the one gigabyte kind assistant won't work on it.

It needs a minimum of two gigabytes. So I don't know that this is going to come out in the lower memory. Lower price range it might, but I would suggest highly that you stick with three gigabytes 32 gigabytes G board. Is the Google keyboard I'm gon na be playing with that on here as well? It'S got the nice larger screen than those standard 400 by 400, pixel. 1.3. 9 inch watches and the thing about Google keyboard is you get the microphone on the side and, as you probably know, the microphone that comes in the stock keyboard or the keyboard that comes does not have the microphone ability in it and a lot of times. If you're in Wi, Fi zone and you've got that whole thing set up, it's a lot easier to dictate into your field or whatever you're trying to type in did to try to type I'm. Putting you on another watch face that's one of al rods. That'S got Genesis and his logo look at that. He'S got this sword with wings logo that he's put on everything, including his charging dock and now he's got it on his watch face as well. So really a dressy system all put together here. A couple more then we're gon na get out of here, here's another, really nice digital one, all interface together. I really like it when you can get your percentage of battery usage right off of the screen, and then this is a fun one that a lot of hands have been on this one I've been involved in it from the beginning.

Al rods picked it up and played with it and it's a really nice and true 24 hour clock so it's about what five till twelve right now and twelve noon is down here: full sunshine, dusk dawn and midnight and there's 22, 23, 24, so shades from nighttime. To sunlight it's, just a really overall nice professional, looking face on here, we're gon na toss that one in the package too so hopefully we'll see all of these. In the production version of this watch as stock faces, you won't have to daunt download them. They'Re gon na come installed on the watch and that's part of the overall teamwork that you've got with Australia and I think Portugal and the United States and China all of us each working together. Putting this thing together. One last thing: the Box: did you notice when I showed you the box, that I showed you all different parts of it, except one side, you're right? That was this one, because Jason, the owner and creator of this watch from Chronos blade. Yours truly mr. Dix of Smart Watch and the benefit of being able to reach you guys globally. This way through YouTube are all highlighted, highlighted, highlighted I'm, pretty highlighted right now, myself on his packaging here. So once again, by way of summary, you are looking at the Genesis: SmartWatch Genesis, one g1, whatever you want to call it with a front facing camera and a forward facing camera on the left side in the ideal positions for wearing this thing on your left arm.

It'S got 4G cellular capability in here. You can put a nano SIM in there to make it happen it ships with 32 gigabytes of storage and 3 gigabytes of RAM by the way, the charging dock. When you slap it in here – and you hook your wire to your computer, you can do data transfer. Data transfer is supported in the dock and, of course, in the independent wire as well and that's how you can load up your 32 gigabytes of RAM. A ROM and and put in 4 watch faces music videos whatever you want you're. Looking at a one point. Six inch transflective or reflective screen. That means that when you're out in the sunlight it does not get washed out as AMOLED screens. Instead it gets brighter. It changes to black and white, but it gets brighter. So it's perfect for camera work and taking pictures outdoors where Android, seven 11 Bluetooth, I believe, 4.0, eight megapixel scenic or landscape camera here and five megapixel 2 megapixel up interpolated to five, which gives you high enough resolution on video chat to to really look good. But not so much is this one to show all your pimples right, an 800 milli amp hour dock charger that's the battery inside of this one. I believe this is seven hundred and some odd. I should have the specs listed down below or a link to the digital version of the user's manual as soon as it's available so check the show notes to get the complete specs.

This is prototype folks, we're, two months away from probably from actual delivery of production units, so we're really at the very cutting edge – and it says, may include the wireless earbuds and, like I said, wherever I put them, they will be coming in the package for the Early early folks that are pre register to get a unit from the first production after that it's going to be an add on option. If you want to have it in here and yeah again, without harping it too much the front facing 12 o'clock scenic patented camera. On this Smart Watch who you've been watching Smart Watch, sticks we're a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch that I mentioned it comes with two leather bands and the nice soft TPU silicone kind of band with holes in it that breathe easily quick release disconnects Gon na have that on here these were just the first ones, but they're coming with the same kind of setup on it. What else can I say check the show notes, a buying link, a hundred and fifty dollar is the introductory price for this entire thing. That includes all of this after that it's going to pump up to one hundred and eighty five dollars for the set after the 45 days expires, so go into his website. Chronos blade, calm and just click the order button and you can fill out the form and and put in your pre order right there Doc's the special charging dot.

No, no. I already know your question. No, this is a very unique design. They all are. I do not expect that this will work with any other watch. If I find one I'll, let you know, and then I guess you could buy the doc from Jason and use your lympho or z, blaze or whatever watch if it will fit in here in charge. But as far as I've seen all of these watch companies use proprietary docks or just the bare wires. So for now I can tell you this is going to be exclusive for here, but you can get an extra one for twenty five bucks. These will be about forty dollars will do something in that in a little while we're gon na test, these things out get run them through their paces, tether them to the watch. So I can check out the sound. Definitely if you're gon na put a sim card in this, this is great. Have Bluetooth earbuds tethered to your watch, make and receive phone calls, listen to music and use this silly thing to charge this and use this silly thing on your arm to charge that what a system Jason you're a genius so much fun working with you. We will see you again gang thanks for watching and have a great day. Oh yeah, I promised I'd show you what it looks like with another band on here's, the stitched, leather band and, of course, rubberized underneath so you won't sweat all over it.

And while we were chatting Elrod who's in Portugal, I found out for sure he he came back in any any and he updated. A couple of these watch faces there's this one and it's not active at all, no matter where you touch it, but I said: hey al rod. These are really cool, faces and we're doing this special watch here. That is by the way. This is one you can download just from the server I wanted to check and make sure that's working and it's working fine. I said we we really want to make these faces. Work well for camera use because well that's the main thing the outdoor screen and the front facing landscape now notice I've installed his new faces and I'm gon na hit this and that resequenced everything so you're gon na see his new faces show up right now. I haven't even looked at him yet anyway, I said: let's put the camera button on that face and that face so if they're hidden, but somebody could get into the camera like instantly, and here they are here, we go here's. This feature face which I guess you guys have noticed because I leave it on the screen long enough. Not only does it have this nice optical illusion, this sort of looks like a camera iris opening, but the digital time is jumping every 10 seconds or so changing colors time with seconds, and you got your inner data right there and lo and behold, if you tap The center he says there we go now we're on the camera and notice.

I have it on my right hand and guess what no matter, whether your left hand or right hand, because the camera is on the top you're gon na, be able to take great pictures either way yep, and we also have that now. Well, there's, two of them in there I got ta mess around with that to change that a little bit let's see where's the other one. Here we go, oh no. The two of them was because there's, two of them right, I put the new one in this. One where do you think? Where do you? You activate the camera course in the minutes: it's 1227 there. It is in digital andor, analog, and I touch that and now I'm back into the camera. Yes, I have a fire extinguisher in the corner. Everybody should have one right near their door. I didn't even notice that sorry for the wires all over the floor. I obviously have not set up the studio for this, but I'm, so excited Wow Elrod's got us a couple more creative faces. These will be in here replacing the other ones. All the other ones are in here. Some of them don't have any active buttons like this, but we wanted to have a few that can take you right into the camera. Now we're done got the bands by the way you can pick up the band's extra. For some reason you want more of the brown or black bands for ten bucks again just order them directly from Jason and, as he said, he will answer and reply to.

Every comment that comes to him and he only uses fast shipping. So even though there's a couple of months before the production units are gon na be ready. So you order it now, so you can get from the first set and it might be 2 months before they ship they'll get to you within a week. It'S not gon na, be typical, slow. You know six to eight weeks shipping, so the delay is on the production side, but you will still get it if you aren't ready yet, and you want to wait, make sure everything's copacetic, you can order them later, but of course the price will be much higher. Your choice we'll see you again soon. Now I told you at the beginning, you're gon na want to read this.