I want to do a quick, unboxing and review of the kumi gw20 and i want to give a big thank you and shout out to heka for sending this out free for review. So big shout out to them: they got us the hookup with this watch and as you guys can see, it looks really cool. So i had to check this. One out lets take a look around the box here, nothing crazy going on, but it is a nice high quality feeling box. It says business style, health, monitor and sport mode, so that is cool, and this part of the video that im doing right now is just going to be the unboxing but im going to have the full review in this same video im just going to you know Through the magic of editing ill be able to hook it all up, so you guys will see so anyways today. For me, this is just the unboxing so wow here we are again a very high quality image is actually raised, which feels really cool. Nothing else really around the box just a little bit about their app on the play, store and the app store lets go ahead and unbox this here. Actually, i think we are going to need a knife for this because they have the sticker right here. So lets go ahead and whoops slice it like that there we go and now there we go pops right off hello, and here we are uh english, please there we go so if you want to read that go ahead, but i am not going to right now.

We will set this to the side open this up and that is an interesting presentation. Im assuming it fell during shipping, so i think its probably supposed to be something like that that looks so cool wow all right. I think you guys know what this design might be. Imitating you guys probably know here is a quick look around. The watch itself looks super high quality and its got some weight to it, and this is metal. It feels super solid wow. I am very impressed already. So lets go ahead and peel this off there we go theres the screen very interesting. Looking watch, i mean this is very unique. You can see even in these straps, these holes are filled up im, assuming they pop out or pop to the side, any juice nope. No juice lets see what else we got in the box so well set that right here, all right. So in the box we have a magnetic charger, which i definitely like. These are super convenient, but it is usb a which you know im trying to phase that out in my life, but hey for a little watch like this lets. Do it so here is the user manual looks see how big it is actually its, not too bad. There is an app so im going to download the app there and see what it is so lets set this all off to the side, so that is the quick unboxing portion of this watch.

Uh keep watching this video, because im gon na have the full review. After like a week or two of testing coming up right now, all right guys, so we are back in and its been about a week and ive been using this watch every single day, along with my garmin, so ill have this one on this wrist and this One over here, by the way, just to give you a size comparison uh. This thing is a pretty big watch. So keep that in mind, if youre, not a fan of big watches, this one might not be for you, but this one is pretty big. I thought it looked pretty cool on my wrist. My wrists are not big by the way, and i still think this looked really good, so you guys can see there kind of how it looks and it drapes over the wrist pretty well, because its got the silicone band. So not a huge deal. Girls might not want it just because its so thick and big, but hey to each their own. Now the color of this i thought was awesome. I really like this color. It doesnt really match the gold iphone too well, but its close enough from a distance. It just looks good and then the design of this is actually really nice. So the strap here, as you guys, can see its a soft touch, silicone band and then under here you guys, can see the modules here that can take your blood oxygen and your heart rate theres only one button on it, but the whole screen is a touch Screen so if i just press that here it comes right up to life and you guys can see how crisp and clean that looks now, there is one thing that might stand out to you, and that is, if you look closely the minute hand, actually is not Perfectly sweeping its like the refresh rate of the screen is not its, maybe its a like one, hertz or something i dont know, but thats.

The only small thing about the screen that i didnt like this is a huge screen and its super nice to just scroll right through it. The colors are super vibrant. These are the most vibrant colors that ive seen on any smartwatch now last night. I did not wear this to sleep but ill. Show you guys the data here in a bit well swipe through some of these. This was probably the last reading. I dont know when that was keep scrolling. You guys can see the colors on this look so good music controls, camera breathe and then were back to the top. Now, if you tap and hold, you can actually switch your screen. So if you didnt like this one, you can do this one any of these and they all look really good. Personally, this one might look good on camera just because so blocky you can also change these from the app and theres a ton more. This is what it comes with by standard, but i thought this one looked really good, so lets go with this one. Now it does have a pretty good vibration motor in it as well. Design of this, you guys are probably gon na, say. Okay. That looks like an ap royal oak and, i think, im sure thats the design they were going for here, but it just looks good. So if you want the tech version and much cheaper version of an ap royal oak, look no further.

This ones pretty cool. Now, if i swipe down, i can get to the settings, i can see the battery the bluetooth status, the date the vibration brightness and settings, so i can dim it or make it a little brighter. I think it dimmed itself im not entirely sure, but i just today it was super dim and i didnt know why might be because the batterys low pretty incredible. I have not charged this one time since i got it so when i got it, i charged it up one time and then i havent charged it since and its still got that much battery left thats, pretty good lets hop into settings here. You guys can see. We got timer reset about power off and qr code, pretty basic stuff here. Just a timer start stop reset. Now. Unfortunately, this little wheel over here doesnt really do anything when you twist it in fact youre probably not supposed to twist it, but it does work as just a button and hey everything else works by swiping, so were all good there. Let me turn this back up. Real quick now, if i swipe to the left here, you guys could have your messages if you sync them up with your watch. I personally dont i choose not to so thats just me, but there is a quick overview of the watch. Lets take a look at the app and i will show you guys some even more cool features about this watch.

Alright guys. So here is the app its called da fit kind of interesting name. There lets go ahead and let this sync up, so i just turned on bluetooth, because i dont keep bluetooth on all the time. So well let it all sync up here and well see what we got so sleep ignore that, because i took it off right after i went to bed last night because i decided that i had enough sleep data. I dont like wearing watches to sleep. If i can help it, i really like this interface. This is the best interface of any of these chinese smart watches that ive tried. I really like this one, so its super clean. I can just click on steps here. I can go through see how many calories i burned. How long how many miles i actually walked. You guys can see some days. I couldnt walk because it was rainy or stormy or something now. This is interesting here. It says than 59. Similar users go much. So the english is not the best here. I dont know where its getting the data. I dont know what its trying to say, but you guys can interpret that as you will then i got week here. That was the day view we got week view and then weve got month view and you guys can see up here. The bars from when i got it to when i wore it every day and stuff like that, and you guys can see the steps and if i want, i can drag this little icon here and see the amount of steps that i took so super cool.

I really like that lets talk about the accuracy of the steps i have found that its not quite as accurate as my garmin watch here, but if were talking price, i mean this is like 60 bucks. This is like 800.. So keep that in mind. This is much cheaper, but its more of just a pedometer, so like lets say you are making a protein shake shaking the shake youre going to get like 100 steps just from making your protein shake, whereas ive noticed with this one, it doesnt do that as much, But thats, just my personal experience, so lets go out of steps here. Lets take a look at sleep, because this is even more interesting. You guys can see here. If i drag this, it says seven hours, seven hours, eight hours, eight hours now accuracy of this is very hard to tell like whats, actually legit, because i mean how are you going to know if this is accurate or not? The only way you can possibly know is by comparing multiple, so i wore this one and this one on my wrist at night. This ones really accurate. This garmin fenix success pro solar, this one uh. I looked at the clock right before i closed my eyes to sleep last night and right when i woke up, i looked and this thing was down within like five minutes. It knew somehow when i was asleep and when i was awake, super accurate.

I really like that about this. This one, its been off by you, know upwards of an hour before usually less than that, so you really just have to take it with a grain of salt, its something to kind of look at and you cant base a whole lot off of it. But it is nice to see so you guys can see here seven hours, 14 minutes thats, almost exactly right like when i was asleep, which is really cool to see. This is the garmin app by the way theres a garmin connect app. You guys can kind of compare here with the times about how much sleep i got. So you guys can see theyre a little bit different theyre, not quite the same between here and here theyre a little bit different um. But i say sleep is good enough and if i scroll down here, you guys can see you got your average heart rate, which is not 100 accurate. But i will tell you a quick funny story. There is a piece of plastic they put over this that i did not see until i was about to film this review, so they need to put some sort of uh something so that you know theres a piece of plastic. I dont know how much that affected. It because, honestly, the heart rate was pretty accurate that i found, but this is off by a little bit at night for sleep, uh, 70, similar users, sleep early.

Take that what you will, i guess its when people that use this watch go to sleep. So i do like this, i think its creepy, that they do this without you opting in, but at the same time, if they are actually collecting this i dont know i think its interesting to see you know kind of when you sleep versus when everyone else does. If its accurate, i dont know where theyre getting their data full day, heart rate, so i turn this on. I think it goes every five minutes, so itll take my heart rate, which is not the way that i like it. I like it to be constant, but that kills battery, so you guys can see kind of how it did there pretty much, not a whole lot going on go to week view month view – and this is interesting, because my heart rate was definitely above this, because when I go for a walk if i go up some really big hills and jog a little bit, my heart rate will go up a lot more than 79, so i found that interesting. I believe this is just when i clicked to measure the heart rate yeah on the 23rd, so thats not the full day, heart rate thats different blood pressure. I dont mess with that, because i have no way to really tell if thats accurate or not blood oxygen. I did not do that, which i probably should have actually thought that it did it on its own, but i guess i have to manually.

Do it not a big fan of that? I think it should do it on its own, maybe once or twice a day outdoor running didnt do that walking right here. This is cool because i dont think this is using gps or anything. I think this is using just me walking, but when we look here, you guys can see, the heart rate definitely fluctuates a lot more. So i wish that this would reflect in the full day heart rate, but you guys can see its super cool, because this is not using gps or anything. I dont think it just knows somehow and i did 3.8 miles, maybe so its close, its not perfect um, but its something its better than not having anything. So that is the today view. I just wanted to quickly give you guys an overview here. You guys can see the watch itself watch faces, you can go through. You can get more. If you want, i couldnt get that to work the other day. Let me see if it will now. This might actually load im, not entirely sure yeah. I dont know. Sometimes they load, sometimes they dont. Apparently this one you can edit the other ones you cant, but you can change the colors here, but lets go back out of this lets. Look at notifications, so if youre curious about which notifications you can actually see on this here, they are the specific ones themselves go back out of there alarms you can set multiple alarms, which is cool.

I dont use that, but i can understand why some people would want an alarm on the wrist to wake them up shutter, so you can use your watch to help you take a photo. So this is where you can get into some time. Formats find my device reminders to move full day. Heart rate ive got it set to every five minutes, so youre going to want to change this. I dont know what closed means. I dont know i that probably means its off, but i wish it had continuous. Do not disturb language unit format stuff, like that. You want to go in here and change some of this to your liking as soon as you get the watch, because a lot of this will not be set up how you want now for weather. I didnt actually turn that on before i just put in fort lauderdale right now, just for fun, but if you, if you give it location access, i think you can pull it from there as well upgrade. This is for firmware updates and, as you guys can see, i am already up to date, so nothing to do there and lastly, youve got your about me: you can change your goal, your health settings and your profile, so you can go through and do that as You wish so thats all i got for this one guys. Let me know what you guys think of this watch. I think it looks super cool trendy.

Its definitely unique kumi does have other colors. So if you dont like this gold, you can get something else, but i think it looks really cool. The app is nice. The tracking on this is probably one of the best that ive seen, and i think this things under 60 bucks right now. In my opinion, this watch is a win, so go check it out, links to it down below. I will also try to have a discount code for you uh if you buy it through hekas website, uh big, thank you and shout out to them for sending this out free full review. I believe they are rebranding right now, so uh their name might change a little bit, but this is the kumi gw20 uh. So if you want to look it up that way, you can do it as well ill. Try to link it down below thats.