Smart Watch on the web at smart watch ticks calm. I have a lympho box. Man lympho, like every other watch. I'M. Reviewing is a lympho these days, we're gon na. Take a look at the lf3, but before we do that, I want you to see something I haven't seen before on the bottom of the box in the corner check this out it's like a paper hologram, you see it reflecting in the light it's a verification for Genuine goods, China is verifying that it's, not copyrighted or stolen or plagiarized, or copied another design. The lympho label says that you can scratch for a verification code if need be to certify that what's in this box is a limb foam art watch wow. I have not seen that before. Well, congratulations, lympho and welcome to the world of what you call tech, secret protection capabilities and prevention of fraud and counterfeit we're, not open the box. I revealing to you an exquisite really: nice, really big, solid metal back sides, front Android, standalone, SmartWatch phone, this one's, the LT f3 and directly from limb foes Aliexpress store. This thing can be ordered, can be yours, check, the show notes down below for a buying link and a discount coupon working with them. On that to pick this thing up, you say it looks familiar yeah kind of looks like a fine. Now watch could be. You want to see a comparison it's up to you. You mentioned it in the comments.

If I get enough, if you wanted to see how this one shakes up and compares to the final similar watch, I'll do that for you, but for now, we're gon na run through a quick review to show you we're looking at a 4G watch as they all Are nowadays the LTE 4G Katrien antennas are in them it's a one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte watch with an unfortunate 2 megapixel camera in the era of 5 megapixels standard and 8 megapixels showing up on some of the lympho watches. Well, it's a you know for casual shots. It'S not gon na be a screaming camera for you. These are the basic specs pulled right off of their sales sheet. Just to show you it's a good size battery. They say over 450 milliamp hour they're, usually around 500 600. In these watches standard 1.3. 9 inch. 400 by 400 pixel screen, and yes, it does do the always on screen. Think we'll show you that in a minute, but first the rest of the box reveals a charging dock. So this one's going with the dock. It has a little pin with the protectors, and it goes right there and of course, of course, you're gon na peel off the back right and take that thing off and you're gon na feel off the little plastic cover on the front as well and not leave All that stuff on there when you get yours, I wanted to wait to do that.

To show you there's no extra cover on the sensor. As you saw, there was a hole in the plastic and you can charge it with that plastic on, but because it's, a solid metal back. You don't really have to worry about sweat. Doing anything on this watch. It'S, a it's gon na be nice back here in the band's, well there's. This combination of TPU on the bottom to help prevention of sweat, absorption and leather on the top yeah nice, a set of holes all the way along its gon na, be better for a large arm. Just got ta be honest with you when you strap this thing in it's gon na look relatively big I'm, a medium sized guy and it's starting to look good size on me. So I wouldn't say: it's a ladies watch or a thin wristed person's watch. It is large, we turn it on in a minute, and I want you to check the bezel out as well or the screen. Actually, the inside of here we've got a tiny little tool here, that's an odd screwdriver thing, which we presume is meant for taking off. Where do you put the SIM card in it? I don't know. Is it underneath here? No, the speakers are there. Is it underneath here no it's, not there, you know what you got to take the whole back off of this that's characteristic of fine, now watches as well, and this one looks very similar to another one of fine house yeah and I mentioned, and the brand name Either but we'll do a comparison.

If you guys want to see this is your standard micro USB, it could be the same thing that plugs into your phone as long as you don't have the the new C version, but you're gon na take this and plug it into the side. Here on the charging dock and put the dock on the on the watch and that's how you're gon na charge this thing up: yeah there's a wire out if you don't like the dock idea, there is a wire available. Where did I see that before mmm? Maybe you'll end up getting a wire from one company and a dock from the other and you'll be all set there's a screen protector for those of you into plastic. You watch the Graduate right. That was the big advice for the Graduate plastics young man. Plastics always need plastics. We have a manual here with a pretty color picture on the front. Doesn'T say what model it is or anything, so it could basically be used by anybody for any reason, I'm gon na go up there and I'm, not sure how it goes, but you can freeze frame it and move them around as necessary. It is giving you a little bit of information there, the user's manual for Smart Watch, what comes with it and charging information about the camera, whether yes got the weather thing going on in it. It is running Android, seven, one one, so that's good we've seen that operating system many many times now and the ambient always time display that we're.

Mentioning is the black and white version. You know where you get. The analogue watch face the one that the Collins family, um, designed an actual watch face just like that that anybody could install on their on their particular watch. Well, that's, the one that shows up in the ambient screen mode it's, not not the new generation that's just around the corner, coming out of dual processor watches, where they're supposed to be a color version of that. Always time display that's not this, but this is like a bunch of the others. We'Ve reviewed already that have that capability. This is all Chinese on that side and I've already opened it up. I'Ve already installed a bunch of apps I'm, not gon na waste. Any time at all I'm pressing the button to turn it on and as it comes up, you'll notice, something about the screen. It looks like it went through the dryer on high doesn't, it it like shrunk. It used to fit. It fits in the pictures in the advertisement why I don't know folks it's always that way when oh yeah sound is on and loud when you always look at the ads discount. The photo shopping of the screens that fill the whole thing there's very few edge to edge, watches out there that do all of that stuff, yeah it's a small screen and it's the same as the one we've seen from fine out and live with it it's all.

I could tell you they have not perfected the ability to make this screen go full width I'm, going to get you to a watch face where you can really see that a bright one edge to edge that's the edge of the screen with a big bezel around Here now some people really don't like the flat tire at the bottom, but you know the exchange for having a flat tire at the bottom. Is they don't have to put the electronics all around the edge, so the screen can go all the way out and that works really well well, anyway, let's get into this thing: we're running Android 7.1.1, which, as we're all familiar with you, could slide down to get To a row of goodies up here, the first of which shows you your power level date and whether you're connected to your phone with Bluetooth, and if you have a SIM card and it's gon na give you information here about your cellular here. You'Ve got a bunch of things. The first one is your sound on or off you can turn it into quiet mode. You see by activating that one. This is typically your brightness level. However, I'm running that special app I talked about in most of these Android watch is called the brightness slider over here display brightness see the percentage sign changing, and I love this thing because it floats all over whatever you're running and including the watch faces, and you Can adjust the brightness it's not in the Google Play Store anymore, though unfortunately, but I do have an archived copy of it for for you, if you want to download it and use it, the link for that will be in the show notes down below, but otherwise You would press this and you'd have low medium and high as the brightness control on it.

You also probably see that little dot floating over here it's called floating touch or that's. Another app that I use that will pop up a kind of a floating launcher. On top of the screen, where you can access all kinds of different things, like all of the apps on your watch, whatever whatever you're looking for there, and that also is no longer in the Play Store and again, that same link will take you over. If you want to download that and install it on your Android watch but I'm walking through the features here, so we have the sound I'll turn it back off, so we can have sound your brightness. This is the twist the risk to see the time function that you can have on or off airplane. This is cellular data, and this is location services that activates GPS. This is bluetooth when you're tethered to your watch. You are phone you want to have that turned on, otherwise keep it off and that's Wi Fi and same thing here. If you're gon na be on a Wi Fi network turn it on, but otherwise turn it off turn off all the radios you don't need. If you want to get longer battery life, so that was the second panel. Third, one is kind of a master clean up kind of a thing again. This is all straight Android, 711, this before a music player that will play on board music and you can increase or decrease your volume all the way up, 15 different levels, I believe, and then you have, whether once you sync it and you're on Wi, Fi or Cellular you've gotten a connection, so it knows where you are with location services boom.

You update that and it'll show you your weather in both centigrade and Fahrenheit these days, which is really nice, so that's the top level. When you swipe up you get into a step count level. This is your weekly average. I haven't used it yet right out of the box and set up a little bit. We'Ve got a step count. Kilometers walked and calories burned, based on that step, count and then on here you'll have little bar charts weekly of your progress. Okay, then, if you go to the left, you'll get notifications pushed to you from your phone. If you have any waiting for you as long as you're tethered when you go to the right, you get into the app drawer and if you go to the right again, you don't go anywhere now some versions of seven 11 Android you go to the right and You'Ll get into a fitness area in this one. You have to actually come down to where you see the fitness Wow there it is, and when you go in here, you get this area, and this is the fitness that otherwise you would get to. If you slide to the right, but it's not implemented on on this type of a watch, one of the things we like to check is whether or not when you're doing runs and walks and cycling. Whether it ties in with GPS to give you that data, or not that's kind, of a discriminating factor, so let's initiate an outdoor, walk and I'm gon na press the button, and you need to see how it just says go.

You could set your target duration. Your target distance and kilometers and calories burn, but we're not gon na set any of that we're. Just gon na hit the button. Okay check it out, it's, giving us a notice. It says open location service for high precision. That means yes, this watch will interface with GPS to calculate your distance and that's awesome. So if you get that it says, go to setup, you want to turn this on it's high accuracy. You agree to this stuff, about location and in previous versions. You turned it off. You say yes to turn it back on again, you swipe to get out of here now, when you activate it, it's gon na actually be doing its calculation using GPS. You'Ll know if you're active, yet or not by whether this is flashing. You see the little blue flashing here, that's your distance indicator and if it's flashing, it means it has not yet acquired GPS when it does it'll be solid. So the trick is to try and get your location services set and active and linked before you start otherwise. You'Re wasting seconds because it's not gon na, actually calculate your distance it's getting my heart right now I got my finger over the sensor in the back and, of course, it'll compute. Your calories and all these other kind of kind of things will happen with the overall fitness now we've covered Fitness, many many times on all the other different kind of watches.

So, just giving you an overview on this one that's a typical example: you can save or discard that one, and these are the kind of pieces of data that are collected if you're doing a walk or a run and of course, you've got all these other different Sports indoor runs which, of course, the indoor doesn't use GPS it's not going to be calculating any distance bike, riding really important for bike riding, because you really don't have a good way of getting distance you're, not getting a step count from a pedometer with your your Body going up and down so you really need to have a watch that will interface with GPS for bike riding now these are the things: basketball and football and ping pong. These sports they're, just gon na calculate an estimate of your calories burned versus time. You'Re not going to give you much more than that and your heart rate, because there's really nothing more, it can give you there's no distance involved in it and that's all of this stuff related to the fitness. So we may, as well kind of walk, continue on down this path of looking at the the apps we've got your basic contacts, phone and messaging, which ties to the SIM card. You hear the birds outside it's spring yeah. You can make phone calls and and and do messages, but you need to have a SIM card installed, because this is Android seven one one on this and all these other similar watches you do not yet have bluetooth calling.

So you don't have the calling capability to tether to your phone and make calls using the SIM card in your phone that's coming. We understand but it's not here, yet you have to buy believe it or not. An older Android watch running five point, one Android or maybe Android six and get your Bluetooth tethering. That way, the newer watches as wonderful as they are don't support that overall settings are pretty much. The same. You'Ve got sound and display and remember check the display in here and see if you've got these last two items on any any Android watch, you want to make sure it has that always time capability I mean you know what that is when the screen goes off And otherwise it would be black. What it'll do is come back in a display that looks like this it's, an analog watch with the the time, and there because my hand is up, it switched back to the live screen. Now it went out and it's going back into ambient I'm holding it at just the right spot for it to do that, so you can see it flipping back and forth. If you have that feature turned off, you do not get this screen. It goes completely black, which is great at night. You don't want it having it flashing or at the theater, so you do have in the settings that option to turn that off in display just turn it off and it won't be on there and then this notification bright screen will allow the phone to wake up.

Basically, if you get a push notification from your phone, it will brighten the screen so that you're aware that users receive notification it's a little bit of extra battery, both of those do turn them off. If you're, really trying to stretch your battery out the app listening style is whether it's an arc or round you can show your apps in a circle. If you want to like that page after page see that or with the time in the middle for me, it's easier for these reviews to keep them in an arc, because then they're linear, like this and it's, easier to go through and not miss any of them. Your connection for Bluetooth, Wi, Fi and Wi Fi hotspot. Yes, you can put this in a hotspot, but it's gon na eat a lot of battery power and, of course, your your phone service has to support hotspot mode. But if you're in a in a pinch, you can make this if you've got a SIM card in it, make it a hotspot, meaning you could take your tablet or your computer connect to the internet through your watch over the cellular it's, pretty cool, very cool idea, But remember you're not gon na have very much time to do it because it does eat the battery a lot and you're, probably not going to get 4G speeds unless you're really close to a tower screen on raising that's the same thing we saw with the icon, A pedometer services, whether or not you wanted to even track your step count.

You can save some battery power by turning those off. You got a whole battery savings mode in here and using the intelligent power it's automatically on, but note that some of your stuff, in the background, may not work properly. If you have that on and it's gon na show you what apps have been using what power and about how much time you have left, this is at 93 turned on 13 minutes ago, and it says I have 6 hours left and I haven't been doing anything. So are you gon na get a day's use out of these watches? I don't think so. Yet unless you really are conservative, it's unfortunate – and hopefully things are coming to improve that, but not quite yet basic language and input date and time resetting your equipment. If you're gon na get rid of the watch, you want to completely wipe everything out. You can do that. You can uninstall installed third party application right here. This is new. This quick, SOS you see on some of these watches. You turn this on and you can activate it so that the SOS function will work and in an emergency you can activate it. It will call a number send a text to a number all of that kind of stuff. I'M not sure on this one it's, probably you're, working with pushing a button a couple of times or it could show up when you press and hold this key.

I don't think so. It'S slightly implemented differently, and I haven't set this up. If that's important to you work your way through it and you'll be able to set that up, you nee have more. More is an overall area where you have your account. Your Google Play services. This is general for your entire Google account. So you change it here. It'S gon na change on your phone and everything else, there's this background cleaner now which, when you turn this on as a super battery saver and it's, already on to try to give you even more extended life, go away, birds, take it someplace else, Retta, Rome, goodness. Third party app adapter is another new feature. That'S come out by the way. A lot of these features have been introduced by the tech community, in particular Pablo 11 he's, one of the ACE Troubleshooters, and if you ever have any of the problems you need help on with these watches, if they get in bootloop, are locked up great to reach Out and and check in with those guys and and have them help you, and because of a lot of the things that they've seen in the watches they've been able to help the folks that put the firmware together create some of these new features. This third party, app adapter, helps some of the apps, especially the browsers, to render pages that are more readable on these round. Smartwatches it's kind of subtle to explain it, but it sits there and you can turn that on to improve visibility and readability of third party apps.

Then you got the overall stuff about your your RAM in them. In here notifications, app settings and again another data server. Here, which will allow or not allow unrestricted data access has to do now with your SIM card and your service plan with your carrier there's a lot to talk about with these watches each and every time let's get in here. This is the about the watch, and this is where you find out that this is the lef 3 running Android, 7, 1 1 and the security patch baseband and kernel, and your build number – and this is where you find out, particularly the kernel Thursday April. The 18 20 19 is the version of this one and and that's all covered in there. So that's settings we've got a few more stock, apps and then I'm gon na run you through some of the the testing. Apps. Ok, browsers your basic browser, not even gon na go in that you could put Chrome or Firefox or whatever browser you like to use. This is just a stock browser that comes with it. Downloads, hardly is ever used that's an area you could download stuff to your basic calendar is the monthly thing and you can jump around day by day, but it's, not your Google Calendar, you're, not gon na see your your events and whatnot on there. Clock is where you set up alarms if you want to your your camera now on the side is over here and we always like to do a little bit of a camera test.

Let me get my fingers going and take a picture if I can hit it. Just right, Wow, okay, hello, there finally got a picture I'm. Also gon na run a little short video for you, because we want to test some capabilities of the video as well. Alright, we got those save they're right here. You can access them through the gallery or through here here, I'm playing it nice and loud that's, one of the loudest I've ever heard. Now I want to check and see if we can zoom this thing by double tapping. It no no way to really expanded it. Doesn'T look like in terms of details. You can see it's HD us 1280 by 720, not F, HD, 1080, 1020, whatever it's basic it's, actually, the same video quality I'm shooting this video with. So, if you're, looking this on your camera on your phone or on your TV or whatever that's the quality, I use, because I don't need high resolution for a watch and it's easier on editing anyway. That'S, the that one and then here's the picture we just took, which I can get details on that show you that that's, the size of it 1920 by 2560, double tap to zoom, double tap to zoom or double tap goes back and no pinch and zoom on This, if it were, I could expand it simply by pulling on it once I've zoomed in. I can drag it around the screen with one finger, but I can't zoom it, which is really unfortunate.

Oh well! Well, once you export these to wherever you're going to keep them, you can do whatever you want with them, it's just how they display actually on the watch itself is governed by this okay and then, of course, back to the camera gallery. Shows you all of those pictures. Music is a music player. If you install music on here different than the tethered player where you control music on your phone, the sound recorder, I thought we'd have to do that. But you just heard the sound coming out of the speaker: it's good volume and good bass I'm impressed with the speaker file manager, here's, where you have your available memory and how much has been used to add those together for the total amount that you've got out Of your 16 gigabytes to play with I've got a lot of stuff installed here. I'Ve got a bunch of apps that I've installed and I've got my clock. Skin folder with some custom watch faces and more here's the basic heart rate monitor. You saw that working when we just did the sports things, so no need to go there, whether I can set up different cities and activate that weather from the the widgets at the top voice search is your okay keyword for Google. That will let you do: searches here's, the Google Playstore. You set up an account on that. You can download all kind of apps like the ones I'm about to show you.

Google Maps is in here. This is assistant, not Google assistant, but the assistant for tethering, and this is where you can get that QR code. I guess, and it doesn't even look like it here. You have to get it from the manual or from the show notes down below you can tie into the tethering app download the tethering app and when you're tethered. These are all of those functions. Assistant functions for using your phone like the remote phone button and a music controller for your phone that's all in there, then you got Google Chrome already pre installed as well. Now here's, some of the stuff I've put in well display brightness, just pops in the middle of this that's. That thing here that I talked about for changing the brightness on the screen. This is still a stock app the kaolin calculator right and that's, just a basic calculator. Oh look at that. It'S got your standard stuff and then it's also got when you slide it out from the side panel, sines, cosines and other kind of stuff, that's kind of cool, okay, there's Fitness. We went in and looked at that this is a specialized app store. That just has your basic social media type, apps, plus YouTube that you can download without even needing to set up the Google Play Store. So if you don't have a Google account, you don't want to do that. You still can get at least these apps, then the antutu report, we're gon na run this thing quickly.

Cuz. I already ran the entire test before 2909 t7. A number to remember. If we do the comparison, video I mentioned at the very beginning, if you're interested in seeing how this stacks up against its peer watch and that's an to to the floating, touches that little dot a ID a 64, where we learn a little bit more about this Watch jump in here quickly and show you, the processor information, set right enough: how about that it's the LEF three all across the board, there's your memory configurations for it here's a little bit more. This is on the processor, the quad core processor information, CPU utilization and the screens 400 by 400 160 dpi standard across the board, so that's pretty basic, setting search another app that's not available in the Play Store. I highly recommend installing this, because you can get into a lot of the operating system that you cannot because of the firmware overlay on here. For example, accessibility. If I go into accessibility and they go into magnification gestures – and I turn that on that folks is gon na. Let me triple tap to zoom in anywhere on the watch and because the font is so small on these 400 by 400 pixel watches. Unless you got good eyesight triple tap again, one two three takes it down: you may sometimes need to magnify, so a triple tap will do that. A triple tap hold and hold lets me move all over the place, left and right to see what I can't see.

Pretty nice huh, okay, that's in accessibility and that's accessible through something like settings, search again check the show notes jump on over download some of these apps that aren't in the Play Store anymore. If you want to play with that kind of stuff, the google translator is built in here that's another stock, app that comes with it, and then I put in speed tests that you could use to check the speed for a Wi, Fi connection or 4G cellular haven't Tested it yet on this watch, my prediction is you're gon na most of the time get 3G out of it. But if you're really close to the tower – and you have a 4G SIM and you're on a 4G network, then you'll get relatively good 4G speeds. But folks remember: the antennas are all meshed up in here and it's much smaller than a phone, so your net gon na get really good cellular speeds, like you, would from even a old phone it's just the way the technology is so those are the apps that Are installed and some of the test apps I've put in here we've, run through everything else, except some of the watch faces. So let me give you a quick look through at the stock watch faces. This is one that it opens up with that's their fancy, lympho designed and branded face. You'Ve got a few of these other ones. We just showed you that one, a lot of these have been available for a long long time and can be downloaded from the little plus sign at the very end of the row of all of these and now we're getting to custom watch faces here's a bunch That I've put in here just to give you an idea what it looks like lots of different sources on these.

Unfortunately, the Google G community went away and – and these aren't available through that venue anymore, so you have to hunt around to try to get them. We'Ve got a video up that talks about follow. Ups to the the G community, be sure to watch that video and check all the different links underneath it. If you want to download some of these different incredibly quality, smart watch faces they're available still out there, but you got to be a little bit innovative in hunting them down. Just show you a few just for fun, yeah great great designs from a lot of our talented designers out there all right this. Is it the lympho L e f3, one more time you can pick it up directly from aliexpress the lympho official store there. It is available now and, as I understand it, we're right into a real a special promotion on this. One so definitely check the show notes now, because now would be the time to buy it and if you're looking later rather now, continue to check that as show notes, because if I get coupons or advanced information on it, I'll of course include it in the in The information down below okay Wow – we wish right through this one. I love it. The lympho Elia f3 you're watching Smart Watch, ticks and appreciate your subscription and and your thumbs up or likes on these videos. It helps to get them more visibility through propagated through the search engines, and that brings more folks in interested in smart watches, which brings more smart watches here, for you, it's all a nice close circle.