A really beautiful smart watch got all kinds of controls here. You'Ve got your pedometer information and heart rate on one screen or individual heart rate testing available and last night's sleep time when you swipe the other way, you get into a whole bunch of things, including data from your sports, a robust sports section, not integrated with gps. Mind you, but with the step count you can get your distances in walking and running, and things like that for all of the sports. You'Ve got heart rate sleep time and now blood pressure and blood oxygen readings as well with summaries in a chart form all of those measurements are available too to be taken instantaneously from the tethered app you've got a music player, you've got weather in centigrade or fahrenheit In whatever city you put in there and a built in stop, watch that's relatively robust, but it doesn't run in the background. So you got to keep it on stopwatch to use it. Messages pushed from your phone find your phone and over all settings, which is just basically your screens, languages, vibrations, qr codes and system, where you can turn the watch off or reset it. You also have messages pushed from your phone, but that's just the phone section. Folks, right here are integrated earbuds that are in here left and right. True, wireless stereo, really good nice balanced, sound and decent volume. All in all it's a really nice watch full on smartwatch.