At smart watch ticks calm and I'm in the process of unboxing Wow I'll. Do it later make sure you take that cover off back here as well? This is the front one when you open up your new device. Lympho has asked me to do a special video for you for a couple of reasons: there's some tips and tricks that are really good to cover for you. When you first get your watch and if you haven't bought it yet it is holiday buying season and they would love for you to drop over to their Aliexpress store and take advantage of holiday. 11. 11. 11. Double 11 pricing. If you've missed that Black Friday Cyber Monday, if you've missed that, then the coupons that they're gon na give me down below in the show notes to get yourself. One of these le empties they're, really amazing it's, like a phone on your wrist. So in terms of some of the tips and techniques, a lot of them come from the special website: WWF all Android watch com, different tech, folks participate there, they're doing twork, bing and firmware flashing and recovery stuff and really heady stuff, but they also have some nifty Little tricks, like the one I'm about to show you when you have your watch and you've booted up. Of course, you've charged it up. You'Re gon na go over to settings you're gon na scroll all the way down to about watch now in another video we've done with a different watch concerning firmware update, you're gon na learn how to do the wireless update process properly and how to come down here And check your kernel version and build number to look for the dates of the latest update like Thursday September 19th.

2019 is version 1.4 underscore and then there's the day to get so all of that is there and that video and that process is something you want to do. What we're gon na show you today is something pretty cool. I bet you haven't seen this trick, for you see the Android version number there see this finger. They'Re gon na come together three times like like Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz, clicking her shoes and we're gon na leave this universe and go into the world of Oz. One two three: there you go I'm now in factory test yep. This will test. Basically, all the different aspects of your watch – and you can do a manually one by one and I'll – show you when you come in here, you can test the speaker SIM card everything. If you have a SIM card make sure you put it in your watched in order to test that you could either do it now or later and all these other things are going to be tested, and you can do that automatically to then you can to produce A test report which is basically telling you what past and what failed and you're the one testing. So you hit the pass or fail button and you have a an LCD test and a LCD and speaker tests that are completely separate as well. Let'S do those first that's, pretty simple LCD test is going to give you different colors, including black and white, and cycle through those.

Now, what you're looking for is on the display to see if any pixels seem out of place, there's, three primary colors, right, red, green and blue that are illuminated, and so in the old days. You know you used to look to see if you had bad pixels. Now it's, not such a big problem, but this is showing you the the color scheme. White is the combination of all of them and black is the absence of any of them. That'S pretty simple: now we have an LCD speaker test. Can you hear it Music now pay attention to that sound, because there have been some issues reported and a fix for it in case that sound is a little tinny or distorted. Let me tell you what the fix is. What they've discovered so far is because this thing is all hermetically sealed, it's sort of like how would you say, shipping a bottle of water from one place to another when you tighten the lid and in the bottle sitting there with some water in it, it's got The basic air pressure that it was ship with, if you ship to a higher altitude place, then the pressure inside is lower than the outside. Where is it vice versa? Anyway, one one place the can't. The bottle is going to look like it's going to expand, especially those thin Costco ones. You know that you can think she's gon na crack on you the other way it'll condense it'll squeeze in.

So if the pressure inside the watch is inappropriate with the one pressure outside, then there may be pressure on the speaker. You know causing it not to vibrate smoothly like it should, so. The fix is to grab the screwdriver that came inside the package inside the box and take off the sim cover just that's. All you got to do just open it up that lets air come in it balances, equalizes the pressure inside and outside screw it back on it's, sealed again, but now the pressure matches – and you should have really good clean audio it's sounding good here, I'm, a relatively Low altitude so – and I think shins in – is also low altitude, it's, not way up in the hills, so I'm pretty much balanced, but the rest of you guys, depending on where you are, may need to do that. Balancing test there there's your first good tip. Well. Second good tip getting in here is your first one: let's run the automatic test and we'll go through these items. First thing: it's gon na do is give you all kinds of data. Your version number your system, the model number the build time and it Scrolls on down. If there's errors, you can report that and all it's going to do is go in the port it's, not gon na. Let you edit them so just say correct for that. Now you see it flashing. Can you read real quick what it says in red, okay, it's? Basically, monitoring that says: watch the screen, backlight and keypad light is flashing.

If flicker is correct, then you're you're good to go so it's testing the ability to turn the backlight key light on and off there's the speaker again. You hear it it's right here on the side. You can muffle it if you need to by the way some folks are reporting. If you wear it on your wrist and a call comes in and you don't want to be disturbed. Just go hi hi, everybody, hi and it's gon na shut the sound off. You hear it so in a way, it's, a good placement of the speaker, so you can manually mute it or at least soften it, so that's playing it's. Okay. Five seconds later, if there's ringing, you hear it it's like those old digital alarms, hopefully it's picking up by the speaker, it's pretty loud in here and that's correct. Then you do the sim card test. If you have one in there, it'll test that out for you now we're doing that same screen test that we did separately now, I am recording and it wants me to speak into the microphone hello. I am talking it's just a little short snippet and it plays it right back and that was correct. Here'S the SD card information, it's got 32 gigabytes, 25 Giga bytes still available, and a ram is three gigabytes. How you can tell from the system test what your configuration is now I'm feeling it vibrate like a call coming in or something the whole watch is vibrating, so it's testing the motor vibration.

I can't show that to you it's a feel kind of thing, here's, something odd mm, hmm, maybe we're. Looking at the orientation of the screen itself, I don't know what is it? Oh, oh look at that. I can write on it. Please judge, touch, touch, screen, stand or fall or fail. Oh it's touch. It was just touching the screen and I get red lines on there. So it's testing, the capability of touching it shake phone case. If XYZ axis data is changing, can determine chip work, sick. The G sensor – I couldn't, get this one to do anything. I'M gon na shape the case all different ways. Nothing happens for me, so it may not have the G sensor in it. I don't that's an overall general generic test. I think here's, the battery information it's not giving you the overall size, but it tells me my level that it's, normal and so forth. It would be nice if it told me two more things: what's the actual capacity of the battery and how many chargedischarge cycles has it gone through so far, but it doesn't. This is just the basic information you can get out of it. Now we get to the Bluetooth that basically I'm gon na take it off camera, because it's got all my numbers in it, but it's uh, it's scanning my overall Bluetooth network and showing you what devices are in range that I could connect with I'm gon na hit Correct on that one, and then it does WLAN, which is your internal Wi Fi right, and it shows you all the devices and their associated numbers that are within your Wi Fi zone as well again, if they're showing up you can just hit connect, and that takes You to the GPS yeah: this is the map of the sky, it's activated the GPS module it's.

Looking at the satellites I am indoors, and normally with these watches, you don't get a fix, but look at all the green coming through. These are the satellites that it's connecting into and I've got a good, solid GPS connection indoors. So when you're doing a fitness thing in New York City, this may be able to track you, probably not the high rises, but maybe in between the buildings. Okay, GPS. Looked very good, whoa hi everybody, it always spooks me out what I'm suddenly on camera. Okay, the camera is working, although the scaling of it is awkward now. One thing I noticed just since it's here they put the camera on the right hand, side on this one. If you remember the LA m4, it was in the kind of the upper left or the center. I think this one is just right in the way of the buttons if you're gon na do anything on the screen or try to come over here. Your thumbs gon na go right over the button. I really would have liked to have seen the camera on that side, since it has the ability to be on both sides and not be interfering with you finishing your your chat with somebody. By sticking your finger, Adam yeah, well, anyway, cameras working there we go now we're doing the heart rate monitor test on the back, and so you would do the whole diode thing and let it sit for a while and get your heart rate and then confirm that I'M, just moving fast cos, we're done.

Oh we're done. Okay, errors are detected as follows and none are detected so that completes the test report for the automatic test. So how about another tip? Okay, let's talk watch faces here we are on. One of the stock watch faces from lympho and if you scroll through all of these and go to the very end where the plus sign is like you do on any Android watch and you tap that you're gon na find there's new watch faces in here and Lots of them – I mentioned this on just about every Android video I'm doing right now, because I'm, not sure which one or two, maybe that you're watching so that I can catch everybody about it. But look at these. There are all kinds of new designs and they're available, but also notice that they're primarily round darn. Alright, what I've done in my spirit right is go through a bunch of these and pick out which ones like that, one that looked like they could work on a rectangular watch and look pretty good. Yeah. Okay it's still got a little blue circle around it. Black. On the edges, but digitally it's, alright, I'm gon na show you a few other ones that are even better now, while I do that I'd like to mention, it really is valuable to read the comments here in the under the videos and also the the comments and Interaction that's going on over in the full WWF ol Android watch comm section because you learn some stuff that's really good and one of the things you learn is all of the faces that you see in that little plus sign are also available in the Y watch.

App that you tether to the phone or to your to your watch from the phone, so the ones I'm about to show you you don't, have to scroll through from the plus sign. If you don't want to, you could actually go to the app hunt them down and install them here's another one that's round, for example digital. But you have to look really carefully to see that there's little lines defining the circle of the arc of an analog watch and there's a second hand going around it, but for a nighttime, low energy sweet little watch face. You could put this one on there and it's just basically giving you the digital time with a little bit of activity happening that's. One of these faces that are available easily downloadable directly from the watch or transferred over. If you tethered to your phone here's. Another kind of circular, one that this has been around for ages. Some of these watch faces now that are in the system have been gosh nine to ten nineteen, twenty fourteen, maybe twenty fifteen. This is a nice little spiral, that's moving around with an analogue hands on it, here's a Merry Christmas one that's available right now and is into Christmas season and that's a fun one to just wear to Christmas parties with your big watch, talk about double ways of Getting attention huh, what's that oh that's, my Merry Christmas watch, Santa's been really good to me. Mm hmm! Okay, couple more! Here we go another one.

That'S analog with, I don't know a circle looking through it. Some beers, maybe here's one that looks sort of like a heart wave pattern going across and digital time again. All of these are available, although it's a circle. The way these lines cross across here it doesn't. Quite look that way. It looks like it's almost meant for a rectangular watch as well here's the thing with whatever these are little lights on us on stream, fireworks getting ready to go off stars in the background mm. Hmm, this is fun. This is now back into the world's cup. The old old ones they're still there when you scroll to the very bottom or swipe up in the app you'll, find the old World Cup app. Is there and this believe it or not? Is one of the very few kind of active fullscreen watch faces that's out there, and that is from the world's cup, nice, okay, few more here's, something else just paying attention what it looks like you'll be able to find it and download it now. You know what it'll look like actually on the watch yeah. I should peel that off but I'm not going to yet okay we're still playing with it as brand spanking new. Here you go another little accent. Digital watch here's something with a little flame going on in it in a different font, uh huh and the seconds happening a eclipsed face. Don'T worry there's. The best is last in this video.

So hang in there here's another interesting one that's using triangles. To tell the time that would be really cool to show off this one unfortunately, has been taken off all of these sweet analog ones, which you have the date or battery power like I have here the ones that Tim and Pierce Commons design, based on the always Time watch face, it was on some of the earlier Android watches are no longer available. However, I do have an archive for you over at, slash, android, watches and if you go in there, you'll find the folder that has the archive of all of these specialized watches in different colors and all kinds of things that the Commons clan created for us. That'S, all of the ones on the server that's, the one that's, not on the server and now I'm going to show you just a few more of our rods new creations designed for the the Le MT size screen. Just so you see where he's going with that and he's got. Of course, a whole section for watch faces for different watches, the LEM 10. This is now the LEM T, watches and there's a little tweaking that's going to be needed for the LEM 11 faces as well, because a screen size is slightly different there, okay, that's enough on the watch faces last one here we go, looks like a TV set. Huh and good job with all of that stuff, so another tip for you for this next set of tips.

I'M gon na switch this over to the other LEM T. The one I've got all my apps in first of all, the dot you've seen on the screen here now on this one is part of an app called floating toucher, and that brings up the little circle that lets. You do all kinds of things, including changing the volume. If you want to or even opening up your app drawer and looking at all the apps, you have installed very very handy little application and just below it is a little hidden slider that I've got on the screen called display brightness. Now, if these are brand new to you, I'm gon na invite you to take a look at the lympho lem 11 review. Full review that I did because I go into detail about how to those how to install them, how to set them up and how they work so the tip is they work beautifully here on the LEM tee, but that's, not the final tip. I want to show you for that. I need to go into my apps and find the one that I downloaded called engineering mode mtk test. I think it was called anyway there's a link to it in the show notes we go in here, and the first thing it says is for em2 work, it's an advanced debugging mode, and you need to activate the developer options. Okay, we're gon na get technical now we're gon na get into an area where you could create some real harm and actually brick.

Your watch so don't do anything other than what you're gon na see here. Once you activate the developer options, scary stuff, gon na go back up into our settings and we're gon na go all the way down to about this watch and you notice. It says: developer options mm hmm and when you tap on there, you have the opportunity to turn on or off debugging. This is a very stripped down limited set of options that are available to you. You need the full options in order to get to where that app. I just showed you will take you for that. You go to the build number and with your magic finger or I'm gon na use, my thumb, you tap it about eight times or so one. Two three four whoo, oh seven of them, there's three steps away to one and boom. I have now been promoted to being a developer and it's gon na stay with that mode forever. Even when I reboot the watch, the only way to get it out of that, I think, is to completely flash the firmware all over again. It'S turned on and somewhere down in here. You see that debug USB debugging is there, but you have all these other things available now, including folks stay awake. The screen will never turn off, so you don't need this button and setting up the always on infinity option. If you go into this deeper debugging level, but do not whatever you do, do not mess with the screen resolution stuff in here.

If you do that, the screen will change and it'll be different than where the touch points are, and you cannot recover out of it. Any way at all so don't mess around in here, okay, you needed to turn it on in order for this engineering mode mtk to actually function beyond that, just ignore and don't go in there. Okay, unless you really know what you're doing so now when I go in here, I have access to all these different tools, including telephony and play with the telephone stuff. You'Ve got all kinds of connectivity or Bluetooth and Wi Fi you've got hard we're testing. Another set of different ways you can test the audio and sensors and video and you've got location services, and this is where we could take a look at the GPS, similar to what we saw in that test, but way more robust in terms of what you can Look at and on and on and on and on I'm gon na come back here and I'm gon na go into audio, because the thing I wanted to show you is that you have the ability to tweak your audio section a little bit if you want to Enhance what you're hearing where is it out of that little speaker? So we go in here and look at this. You got voice and you can actually adjust the gain to enhance the volume. If you want to or let's go back, get that off the screen.

You have all the incremental index levels for individual gain, control that you can adjust as well. You don't know what you're doing probably best not to mess around with this or check out some more videos on the web to find out about it. When you're done, you can say Seth, I haven't changed anything so I'll just say: Seth settings were successful. I can come back that was on voice, but this is probably the one audio playback that you're gon na want to tweak a little bit. If you want to increase that say from one twenty four to one, forty four for your headset gain, you can do that clear that out and you have the range all the way up to 255. So you have a little room to play with here, but if you go too far, you might be able it might damage the speaker, so be very careful with what you do to adjust the audio playback but generally settings successful. If you want to enhance like voice phone calls or your music playback through the speaker in the watch, you have that here. In this whole section you've got speech, enhancement, capabilities and debugging and loggers and all kinds of other things, so very robust, app the engineering mode, mtk shortcut that's, the name of the app and when you install that and activate the developer options, you have tremendous control of Lots of capabilities that the watch can do for you and in a sense you're getting through the backside of the overall Android 7.

1.1 system, be able to take advantage of that stuff. So we've got a lot of stuff covered today. I hope you found this useful and if you are interested in the lympho le mt right now check it out at the Aliexpress lympho official store we're in holiday season pricing right now, so these are gon na jump all over the place. Depending on what day you buy and check the show notes for the best link over there to pick that up and discount coupons, if you're buying out a season to try to get the best price you can on this one. It really helps us if you do use our links to at least get you started at looking at the different products. You'Re interested in you've been watching. Smartwatch sticks have a great holiday season, we'll be back with a lot more goodies in just a little bit.