Only today do we have a brand new, full Android, 7.1.1 SmartWatch from lympho but I'm going to tell you. This is the first one off the production line and it's the lympho lem 10. This is awesome, doesn't. Even look like that. Wait'Ll, you see this thing. What is it well? I could show you this on the banggood listing, which is just now coming out in pre order. It looks like a rectangular apple like looking watch full of memory. Look at that 3 gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage, it's 700 milliamp hour battery and the whole thing just totally amazing, so check the show notes for a buying link to banggood to get in early early early on this pre order. Opportunity a course will have coupons, but I got a feeling the price is going to be lower than I could even hope to get you as it usually is on an introductory product. Lympho also has it in their original official store, but it's, not populated, yet it will be soon. This is on Aliexpress. Of course, I'll have the link for that for you as well, so what's it got in it. Well, it is a full on Android watch it's using a 360 by 320 screen 1.88 inches in size. You'Ll see it here in a minute claiming a 780 milliamp hour big battery. That should give us some decent life on here. Android 7. One touch screen: it's got a 2 megapixel front facing camera, that's a bit of a letdown, but at the same time a lower pixel camera for just the front facing image is going to help make sure you get quality.

Video chats you're not sending huge amounts of pixels to pick up every blemish on your face, but you're getting what you need so in a way, I'm kind of happy when it's a low resolution front facing camera it's, not a dual camera wat see you don't have Another one on the side anywhere, but we do have a camera and you can do video conferencing with it I'm sure these are all of the different languages. Folks asked me to show the language is on the watch where I'll show them to you here, I'm. Not sure I can get to them in the watch but we'll see and of course it ties to the. Why watch tethering, app we've done many many reviews of that, including a separate one just about it. So I won't go into the whole tethering thing with you on this one, but check the show notes for links over there to check out the tethering app again big, bold, red Ram, three gigabytes, ROM 32 gigabytes. You should be able to run Google assistant on this. You should be able to do offline speech to text recognition on this and it's a 4G watch running all these different bands and, as we've seen the improvements in 4G technology across all these smartwatches it's. Getting there it's really getting there so that's a really nice feature. As well, okay here's the display information, heart rate sensor, battery capacity 700 they're claiming they're 780. There, hopefully it'll all settle down when they get the darn thing in stock and can actually check it out and the different things that are supported.

You ready to dive into the box. I am let's, see lympho, okay, it's, your classic white box, but now they've got a sleeve. This is something new LEM, 10 Wow Wow. Are you ready? Oh there? It is Oh complete with this little thing: hello, lympho. What are you tossing in this box? For me, I know they're watching this, who did that? I don't even know what it is. Cute I'll save that one for posterity here's, the watch, that's kind of a big sucker it's a little bigger than I thought it was gon na be kind of dusty. Again. I think this one's been through the rounds and they've played with it. Put the screen cover back on and whatnot, because literally this is a production prototype. If you understand what that means, it's like the one of the first, if not the first off the production line of samples, usually there's about ten of them, Wow that's, a totally different band anyway, they send these things out, they're supposed to be the finished product. In case there's any issues they can rec rectify them before they go into the full production, but it's basically good to go with a box and the charger and everything else you'd normally see so I'm. Going to try to put this thing on. This is a that's really stretch. Have you ever seen a band like this? What do they call that Melanie's? Sorry, if I'm butchering the word something like that, Melanie's mayonnaise it's got little velcro connections, though Wow Wow whoa.

I think I'm gon na have fun with this there's a SIM card slot that you put stuff in there's a little slot. There I'm guessing a speaker supposedly ip67 waterproof a button here, a twirly knob there. It actually does twirl and it pushes, and so does that but we're not gon na turn it on yet inside the box. Whoa is a, I was gon na say something off color, but I remember this is a family channel, so I will call it a specialized screwdriver how's that, with it very unique tip on it, I presume that's what you're going to use to get into the SIM Card, why it's that big it's, probably cuz that's, all they had in the prototype to throw in the box? Let me know when you guys get your le m10. If you get something as big as this or if you get something like as big as this, which is really more appropriate, here's here's, the charging dock and it's got a guide pin. I saw that in the pictures you see that right in the middle there I know I've already got it on I'll play with it, showing it to you later. Magnetic coupling for pins should be as your standard USB charger and they do have a little manual already produced for it in black and white. Your manual, maybe a little bit more sophisticated when you get it, but this is a get. You started kind of a manual talking about charging and the buttons and your first boot and sliding operations mm, hmm main menu functions, it's a basic I'm, pretty sure, basics, standard, Android, 7.

1.1 type watch. However, if you notice from the the picture, we showed you on the banggood listing of the screen image, which showed some of the apps the app layout. The app drawer is definitely different than we find on a round. Android watch so we're into some new territory. Here, with this rectangular square, le m10 and we're way up there in in terms of a high level of Android high level of memory, high level of RAM. All of that, so yes, folks, we're gon na charge it up and turn it on. Oh well! This is fun. I'Ll see you in just a second Bing that was quick. I just pulled it from the charger. Now you can see that it's a really strong charging wire connection to the base of it and it's your standard four pin with the little slot right there, while we're at it let's take a look at the body. It appears to be plastic honestly. All the way around might be metal here. The screen, I'm, pretty sure, is glass. You'Ve got a buckle here that it connects and look. It is removable. You can take these bands off and put different ones on if you want to like we said we got two buttons, a microphone here. I think speaker there, SIM card. What else is there we've already peeled off the cover from it? You can see the camera a little bit right there and the overall screen with the bezel below and above and I think, we're ready to try turning it on.

I have no idea: let's try the bottom button see if that does it. It does. Okay, it's a little warm because it's been charging its booting up with the lympho logo and again it's got this really interesting, velcro kind of a strap to it from looking at it, you can get it in either a dark color like this or a silver color Body and then there's a variety of different bands that include, I think, a traditional kind of a sports band as well as this kind of a stretchy leather, not leather, but vinyl, no, not vinyl. What do you call that stuff? Well, stretchy band. Okay, come on I'm talking to try to cover you. Thank you things take so long sometimes, but you know what first boot is always the longest. They should make a song like that. First boot is always the longest, because it's got a load stuff. You know oftentimes it ships with its install automatic of whatever's there, and then it has to unpack some stuff I'm. Guessing it sounds, sounds logical and when it does, it goes through all this setup process, and so, while it's doing all that you just get the lympho logo. So you know what I'll be back when it's finished and we can actually look at it. There don't have to waste any more of your time, so you want to see languages, you got it. Let'S see, let's go back up to the top of the list.

Here they all are. Are you in focus, I hope so, a B C D, English? You saw a variety of them: there, Wow even Singapore, English now that's interesting South Africa, UK United States, Spanish French it's got a lot of languages a lot more than is shown on that sheet. Oh, I know my international viewers are gon na, be jumping for joy until they look and see that their language is not there. We have at least a few folks saying. Is he bros sippy brews supported? Is that hebrew there? I'M? Sorry, I don't know my squiggles to recognize what all these languages are. Russian. We want there's some folks that want Russian gon na make sure I touched the English button before I hit confirm, and we are us, is here: ok, so there's all the different languages confirm it gets us into the weight stuff typical to what we've seen before. Just confirm that and and then it gives you the QR code thing that you need to scan for pairing with the. Why watch to app again we're skipping that section, because we have whole video on that and you can you can review that video? It does that, and then it comes over here that first QR code was to download the app, but we have a link in the show notes. You can do that with this. One is what you'll actually pair with once. You actually run that out and when you're paired with it, then it'll be connected in the meantime.

If you skip through all of that which we just did you get dropped right into the first watch face, which is this one, then, if you press and hold most likely, you'll see the other ones and it's got some colorful ones. Wow I'm gon na get this watch. Just for that alone. Did you see that Wow? Ok, it doesn't take a lot to excite mr. ticks. You guys know that already we got a cityscape with some date and time stuff on it. Oh I slit down already. I know I'm drawing it out. The excitement it's been so long, we're gon na go through the watch faces first, these are specialized lympho ones. That was the opening one whoa there's a tiger for you, huh nice huh. You can see it pretty well on the sides too and there's a globe, and then that looks like something interesting again. Most all of these are some sort of an image with the date and time floating on top of them. That opening looked like it was a wallpaper, an animated wallpaper. So I presume the capability is here that you can. You can do that kind of stuff, now we're starting to see that one that they use in the press? That makes it look like an Apple watch with complications around the edges and such, but it is static. Those don't actually go anywhere or do anything we aren't at that level with Android watches. Yet, where these things are touchable to take you into other activities, they're just viewable and then here's the one where you can create your own picture.

And then this is the one where, when you're on Wi Fi, you can press the button and get into the server and download whatever watch faces you want after you do that. Remember you want to hit that button that recalibrates everything and then you can come back into whatever watch face. You would like that is super bright too so let's get in here and see what we can do to fix that Bluetooth connection. Yzma is there and if you have a SIM card, you'll see it there I'm at only 20, don't tell anybody, but I didn't charge it up. I just faked it. I wanted to get this thing going. I'M so excited, but I promise I'll charge it up for you whoa. This is a different layout, so we have our the typical stuff let's see: that's the Do Not Disturb quiet mode, that's, airplane mode, cellular data, location services, Bluetooth and Wi Fi gon na turn that on because I'll definitely want to put it on Wi Fi. Here in a minute, and then this should be yep the twist your wrists to see the time there's no overall brightness on this one, though that one's missing come over here, you got that regular, clean up the screen thing, the music player and the weather, which will Update automatically, once you are on Wi Fi in particular, to get it to sync, so that looks really familiar with just the exception of this being different in appearance and and missing the brightness level for control there.

When you go to the left, you get notifications, go to the right. Oh really, aw shucks. It doesn't do that. But can you oh okay? I'M! Not looking. Are you looking Apple don't don't? Look here, okay, we've got that's. What I want to do is go into system real, quick and show you. The sound is the probably basic sound. This is where we can adjust our volume levels, and you hear all that so it's got a decent speaker on it. You'Re watched ringtones, all those things are the same: here's our display brightness level. This is where we have overall control there's your lowest brightness there's, maximum I'm gon na lower it for the sake of the video. So we don't just wash everything out and then notification bright. Would brighten up the screen when you get notifications, you have 15 seconds up to 30 minutes of time before the display will dim out and that's typical of what we've seen here's our connections – Bluetooth, Wi, Fi, airplane GPS. When you got your SIM card in it, your gestures, screen, raising and pedometer services are on all this looks familiar power, saving languages and input here's, where you can change them on the fly. If you accidentally got the wrong language, you can put in keyboards text to speech output, all that's the same date and time you can adjust reset uninstall apps more. This is where you get into your accounts. Google Play services, all the third party, app stuff, app freeze that looks different system work mode that looks different here's, our storage we're.

Looking at five point, four gigabytes use of sixteen gigabytes. Oh, I thought this was a 32 gigabyte. Maybe they sent out the early. One is a one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte and the RAM is yeah. Okay, darn, but that's. Alright, they're gon na have two versions: one gigabyte, 16 gigabyte and in three gigabyte and 32 gigabyte – and this is the lower memory storage version that we're demoing on here. For right now and that's good, you can check yours in storage and RAM right there, app settings, data server and so forth. App freeze, freezing some apps to save power. The frozen app will be hidden and will not run in the background. Apps can be okay and it you can't scroll it, and it shows you some of the apps that are running in the background. I guess that's something new all right and then about the watch that's, where I was going with all of this to show you well. First of all that it is the lympho lem, 10 android, 7, 1, 1. The kernel is August, the 3rd 2019 and that matches here o 803 for the build number so you're all set with what level of firmware is in here when you're on the internet. You can hit wireless update and it'll check for updates and there may be a few coming because this puppy is so brand new – all right here with me so far. But what I want to do is change the app list style because there's no way I'm gon na be able to make sure I went through all of the apps chasing that bubble around now.

They'Ll be in this chicklets in a square kind of thing, and we have 1 2 3 pages of stock apps in here so let's run through. Are you with me? Are you ready it's, a 2 bright still on the screen? I didn't dim that way down get it up here. Closer contacts, phone and messaging will all be related to the SIM card. Don'T know about Bluetooth, tethering button. These would not be part of it. If they are there. We just went through settings. There'S, your music player downloads, your calendar, which is probably just a basic calendar yeah. It just highlights the day of the week, but you're not going into it. Then you have a bright basic browser, there's, your camera! Oh, did I comb my hair hi there, everybody! So this is the front facing camera and since we're here already I'm going to shoot a picture hi. Oh. I hope that oh no that's ugly as sin hmm, oh god, I hate doing this. Ok there's mr. tix, pretending to smile. It does look a little fuzzy that I didn't. Oh look at that I got editing I'm going to come back to the camera. How do I do that over here I'm going to try to hold it real still now? Ok, 1 Wow, a my hair doesn't. Look like it's in focus: does it there we go 1. 2. 3. All right! I want to at least try to get it still one for you not super bright.

It seemed to dim down a little bit yeah. It looks a little out of focus, maybe there's water, on the Thunder on the camera, though so let's try a video see what that does there now I'm shooting a little video section just so we can test it out and see what it sounds like and looks Like I do have pause capability and of course I can just stop it by tipping here, saving its landscape, or is that portrait so that's an idea? I guess of what it's going to be like when you video chat and if I come in here and get details, I can show you that it's a basic HD right 720 by 1280, which is about a 2 megapixel camera, so they're honest about what they're, shooting And it's not highest resolution for short, and do I still have a picture anyway. I just took one just for the sake of getting the details on here, but look you can edit it rotate it crop it. You got lots of capabilities and its size is 1920 by 2560 and that's. Probably 2 megapixels is up interpolated to 5 megapixels, but it's, not sharp overall from what I'm seeing so and the colors are kind of muted, as well and it's all washed out on the camera. So we got a lot of issues going on with the camera yeah yeah, but look at my hair. Can you see how it's fuzzing out right there there's more on my eyes, my mouth yeah, not sure it's, like this it's, like the camera's, a little off center Sol info check your stuff before you put this out on market, make sure the cameras in there aligned Properly, alright, that was the first page.

Then we get in the gallery where your pictures would be a clock is going to be your alarm clock settings that you can, you can create for it. Then we got a sound recorder. We'Ve already recorded video, but we'll do a recording of audio just so you guys can hear what it sounds like coming out of the watch. Yes done hit, save recording list and play it's pretty decent I'm, not sure how loud it is for you, because I tend to shout and I'm right next to the camera, but it's it's, decent it's it's a I can hear it pretty darn good and I would Say if that's the way phone calls work, then it's gon na be fine for phone calls to file manager. Here'S your overall heart rate, monitor it has the diode flashing. You put it on my finger we'll test that out and right now I got to admit it's really hot in here and I'm, starting to sweat. Again, you can see it beating up on my hands, dripping on the floor running a river down into the valley. Well, not quite that bad, but it's it's a challenge to do this in this heat, the heart rates coming in it started a little low. Now it's gone up now it's coming back down, so it seems to be okay. I should be probably in the 70s right now: it hasn't like vibrated and stopped so it's continuous yeah that's long enough.

I don't know if it will actually vibrate and give you a final number. It gives us the first number it gets and then it looks like it goes into continuous heart rate from there and I have the timeout set for 30 minutes. So if that's true, you could just wear this thing when you're working out and have a real time heart rate monitor going right on your arm. Here'S. The overall fitness section now is where we get serious. Remember guys, if you've watched a channel, we want to know whether we have GPS integration or not with our different fitness stuff, and we have the typical fitness activities listed in here, and this is the color screen version of it. Yeah all the way down to rope skipping, so they're all identical and the way we do that we go in like say outdoor run and we say well, first bad all right, we'll just do it, because you could also go down here and set targets for duration, Distance calories or or nothing and distance in kilometers are saying could either be from pedometer if it's not tied to GPS or actual GPS tracking. The only way you know is to say go and if it jumps right in and starts which this one does and the distance icon is not flashing, then that means this is not integrated with GPS, and so your pedometer is going to be used for distance, and So your overall fitness is not going to be that accurate.

It also means you won't have the track. You know recorded that you could look at later or any of that stuff. So, sadly, to report the le m10 doesn't have the new advanced fitness app. Another thing you can see is it has a fit finish button, the advanced version that integrates with GPS. It says long push here or something long hold and you have to hold it for a long time here. You just press and finish, and you could save it or delete it. So we have the older version of fitness in here. That'S not integrated with GPS weather is there. This is a voice search sort of like the okay trigger for activating your Google thing, and there, of course, is the Google Play Store. Google Maps and you can get your GPS tracks on that it's, just you're, not getting it from the fitness there's, the assistant, which is the things that will work when you're tethered to the Y watch to app. This is where you go to do all of those kind of things you have the Google Translate again. You need to be online for that, and then you have the App Store which is different than the Google Playstore right. This is the AppStore from China that has most of the social media apps in here and again, you got ta be on the network to download Twitter Facebook whatsapp, maybe a couple of others and those are all of the stock apps that come with it and then The last thing since we're, here from the watch face, we got notifications on this side, watch face all your apps and nothing more on some of the Android 7 1 ones.

You have another fitness section. So to do Fitness you have to actually go to the fitness app and if this works right, you go up and you're in the pedometer section. This is your weekly summary in a bar chart of your step count: here's, today's steps, distance, traveled and calories burned, and those four pages are always at the very bottom. When you scroll up we've got that and we've got all of these things. So it really is a standard Android, seven, one one implementation without brightness, you have to do brightness a different way by the way for those of you who know, we have that special app called display, brightness that you can put on the screen and even if you're, On your watch face, you can slide up and down or wherever you want to put it and adjust the brightness it's no longer in the Google Play Store, but you can get that one and a few are the other fun things that are been discontinued, but work. Well, on a watch by going to you ready, tinyurl t, iny, URL, comm, slash android, watches almond, word, android, watches you'll, see copies of those apps and download display brightness for sure, since you don't have brightness control. It appears in here that's your silent mode. That'S. Your raise your wish to see the time but it's, usually a round that looks like a Sun, that you would have to change the brightness interesting okay, we've run through this thing.

Now it is, it is about out it's available from banggood in the show notes. We'Ve got the link to take you into this page, hopefully be a pre order of pricing, flash sales eventually a coupon sale, but the prices gon na probably hover around this level because usually that's the introductory price it may go down, though so, keep an eye on It and of course, it's available from the Aliexpress lympho store and we'll have a link to that one as well. You have been watching Smart Watch ticks. We are a YouTube channel on the web. At smart watch, ticks comm and you're. Looking at the first ever lympho LEM 10, we appreciate your subscription and your participation because that's what helps us get these goodies here for you to see.