. So this is a full android, 10 smartwatch, with a large 1.6 inch ips display. You have dual cameras, so 2 megapixel on the front and a 5 megapixel on the side. The watch also has a sim card tray, so you can insert a 4g nano sim card and you will then have 4g data anywhere, including all your calls and messages on the go. And then this becomes a full featured android smartphone on your wrist, and you can even download full android apps from the included google play store and then have the ability to make and receive video calls. So that means you dont even need to pair up to your smartphone. This can be used completely stand alone. Now, quick, look what we get inside the box, so we have a user manual. We have a magnetic usb charger for the actual watch, youre, also getting a standard usb a to micro, usb, cable and this cable is to charge the included power bank thats right people youre getting a 900 milliamp hour power bank included with this watch, which means you Can top up the battery from anywhere with this power bank? Now the smartwatch itself is quite chunky in design youre looking at 50.7 millimeters in diameter, 16 millimeters in thickness and it weighs 74.8 grams. Youve got ceramic bezels on the front, with some markings going all the way around the 2 megapixel camera actually blends in quite nicely into the bezels. You have a 1.

6 inch ips display with a screen res of 400 by 400 on the sides. We have two large round metal buttons, one for power and a back button, and just in between a five megapixel camera. On the other side, you have a sim card tray which can be accessed quite easily. No tools required now the side frame going all the way around is actually made from plastic, and if we have a look underneath, you have a ceramic back cover with heart rate sensor and your charger. Pins and ill quickly show you the charger in action. So its a magnetic usb charger, quite a secure connection, plug this into any 5 watt usb source. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge that 900 milliamp hour battery, so the internal battery is 900 milliamp hours and so is the power bank and it takes two hours to fully charge. But then you can expect the battery to last at least one day with normal medium to light usage. Now, if you go crazy with heavy usage watching lots of youtube videos playing games, video chatting for hours, then the battery will last around six hours. Furthermore, this watch is powered by the mediatek helio p22 octa core, with a generous four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage. So this watch has quite decent specs and not long ago, budget smartphones used to come with very similar specs now system. Os is full android 10.7, with a smartwatch skin.

On top, you can see its very fluid and fast in operation. Absolutely no lag, no matter what you do and you can run full android apks. You have full google services, including youtube gmail, google maps and the google play store, so you can download and run all your favorite full android, apps and games directly on the watch. Now there is also bluetooth version 5 built in gps, dual band wifi, and this supports 4g lte, nano sim cards. You can make and receive whatsapp video calls and whatsapp calls, and you can also send and receive messages all directly from the watch. Furthermore, this watch claims to have an ip67 rating. Please note: if you read the small print, it says that this watch is not waterproof, its not designed to take in the shower with you or in the bath, its just splash proof. Now these straps are made from silicon finished in black and they are quite easy to remove and replace with your own 22 millimeter band, and this is how the watch looks on my wrist and in case youre wondering i have a wrist circumference of 7 inches. So yes, it does feel like quite a big watch for my wrist youre, certainly going to feel the bulk and weight on it and to give you a better idea of how big this watch is, i will bring in the samsung galaxy watch for classic, so here They are side by side. The galaxy watch is 45.

5 millimeters in diameter. With a 1.4 inch, super amoled display its 11 millimeters in thickness and weighs 76.4 grams, so weight wise. They are quite similar um, although you can see the difference in size now, if you thought the galaxy watch 4 classic was a big watch, the lem15 is actually much bigger and much thicker, so that was just to give you an idea of the size. Now lets check out some of the watch features beginning with watch faces. So here is the default watch face. If you want to change, keep the center press for a few seconds and then youll be presented with a rather large choice of different watch faces that you can instantly change to and when you get to the end of the list and its a rather long list. Youll see a plus sign, you can hit the plus sign and then youll have a whole bunch of watch faces that you can immediately download. So just tap the download button. You can see the download size so thats less than half a megabyte and it took less than 10 seconds to download and install that watch face. And if you go back, you will then see that watch face. We just downloaded and there you go its applied. So there are a lot of watch faces built into this watch, so you can use the built in cameras. Add your own photo and make your own watch face if you want so, as i usually do im now going to give you a few examples of some of the nicer watch faces built into this watch: Music, Music, okay, so lets check out the watch features if You swipe down from the top youve got your connection information, so sim card, bluetooth and battery.

If you swipe to the left, you then have some quick toggles for aeroplane mode, bluetooth, wi, fi, brightness, etc. I just want to quickly show you the brightness level, so thats completely low brightness quarter, of course, good enough, thats, halfway three quarters and then full brightness. Now, if you swipe towards the right, youve got your notifications. So all your notifications from your smartphone can be pushed and not forgetting. This is a full android watch, so you can download all your full android, apps and games and all their associated notifications will appear here just like it works on a smartphone. Now, if you swipe up from the top youve got some tiles, so the first one is related to your health, so step counter calories and distance. If you swipe left, youve got music control, any music thats playing on your phone can be controlled from here, and you do have 128 gigs of internal storage. So you can fill it up with your favorite music and play it on the go. Yes, you can hook up your headphones, your bluetooth, headphones and control, the music from the watch stand alone. People and then you have your local weather, which needs to be updated. And now, if you swipe towards the left, youve got your apps, so we will go through them. Together. Youve got phone contacts, sms settings, heart rate, breathe training, web browser, camera gallery, calendar alarm, clock, music, recorder file, manager, weather fitness, desktop settings.

Google app youve got the google play store. Google maps youve got optimization watch face store, there is a secondary, app store face, unlock and assistant now lets go through some of these apps just to give you a taste so phone and once you log into your google, all your contacts will appear here and you Have a proper dialer, so you can actually initiate the phone calls as well. If we go back, youve got contacts sms again, you can initiate text messages. So another thing i want to show you is the camera. So if we open the camera app, the camera is ready to take pictures or videos, so just tap the button and it takes a picture just like it would on your phone. You can change between video or photos, but you can also switch cameras so back camera, and now this is the side camera. So here are a few samples of both cameras to give you a taste of what to expect Music all right, so heres. Some video footage with the side: 5 megapixel camera. So we are now shooting video with the front 2 megapixel camera, and this is what you can expect in terms of video quality, so quickly check out some of these android apps. Now ive downloaded a few android apps. So weve got youtube: instagram, whatsapp, um ive also downloaded a game, beach buggy racing. So first of all, i just want to quickly test out youtube, so you can see full featured youtube there.

You can see there are some things cut off due to the aspect ratio, but you can change that by keeping the power button pressed. You will then get a choice at the top circle screen or square screen. Then swipe back and you can now see a square display, so everything on the screen is more clear to see and when i play a video i like to go back to full screen here we go Music, so thats. What youtube looks like on this watch lets. Just come out of this: alright, so were going to quickly check out a game called beach, buggy racing Music. So, as you saw beach, buggy racing is working absolutely fine and we also got to test out the gyroscope control. So this watch does have a working gyroscope built in now. The watch also supports data transfer, so you can plug in the charger directly to your computer, so ive plugged it into my mac and there you can see the entire file structure, so you can copy to and from all your images, music movies, etc. So file transfers working fine on both windows and mac, simply plug and play Applause. Music Applause, so heart rate sensor is measuring. This is my medical grade, oxymeter its called the o2 ring, so you wear it on your thumb and it will basically give you an instant heart rate and a blood oxygen reading, so proper medical grade standards. So you can see its already got a reading.

There 96 blood oxygen and 96 beats per minute. Heart rate, so lets compare that to 136 beats. That is way too high. It thinks im running a marathon, but it is lowering itself so lets give it a chance. 111.. So weve got 89 heart rate 94. Its going to 92 91 89 heart rate, 89, 87 beats per minute and, in actual fact, its 93 91 94 96. That is quite accurate right now. The watch took about one minute to get in line with the accuracy of the o2 ring, so theres, no spo2 or blood oxygen monitoring, but the heart rate sensor seems to be quite accurate. Um takes a minute to get there, but it gets there in the end. So very quickly, i just want to test out the screen on hand raise on this watch. As from my past experiences, lemfo doesnt do it that well, but lets see here we go im going to raise my hand one two three, so it took about two seconds. Two split seconds to turn itself on and then every time i move it kind of turns on and off it turns off a bit too quickly. After i see the time yeah and it flashes twice, i dont know why it does that that doesnt make sense. Lets lets do that again. One two three so screen on hand raise im looking at the time and then before i read anything else, screen turns off then turns on then turns off and turns on yeah, so strange things happening there for the screen on hand.

Raise now, let me show you, the king of this feature. Samsung galaxy watch boom, read everything to your heart content and it turns off in good time. Do it anytime, you, like it wont, disappoint. You absolutely stunning screen on hand race from the galaxy watch. Four lets. Do it together boom so much faster but practical because it stays on long enough for you to read any of that information, this one just does a flashing uh things which doesnt really make sense, so lenfo lem 15 screen on henrys people. So before i conclude this video, i want to quickly bring up my smartwatch chart, so this is my top performing smartwatch chart for 2021, showing you the latest, watches and seeing how they all compare with each other and, as you can see, lemfo lem15 has taken position. 21 on this chart, so there you have it guys that was the lemfo lem15 a well made full android smartwatch, its a big bad boy, design, large bright display youve got the mediatek helio p22, which is probably the most powerful chip ever used in a smartwatch. So far, camera is okay, it does the job nothing special, but for a smartwatch, its quite useful to have, especially for video calls via apps, like skype, whatsapp, etc. Now the battery life does drain a bit faster than what the retail specs suggest. So heavy users will probably need to carry the included power bank with them, otherwise medium to light usage.

This watch can technically last you all day, although due to the bulky size and weight its probably better, to take it off before you go to sleep just to protect your partner from any accidental bruises, so the lenfo lem15 will allow you to install apps, shoot photos. Videos take video calls, do all your regular social media, stuff on instagram, twitter, youtube, etc. Basically, you can do it all on the watch and leave your phone at home. If youre looking for a full featured fitness watch, then this is not it. You can take all the health features with a pinch of salt. If you are interested in buying this watch, its most likely going to be for the full android features, including google play store, google maps, whatsapp etc. Any questions you guys know what to do.