I mean any of the others on the market because it does something that none of the others do you want to see? Okay, let me first tell you where you can get it and what it is. Hi everybody, i always land on my reflection. I don't know why it's so interesting. You can get this thing from banggood gang it's, the lympho l e m, p. Okay. It is very, very similar to the cospet prime s, which you can also get from banggood and in a minute i'm gon na go over the specs, but for now unboxing same as always: okay, there's, a charging cable and a manual and blah blah blah i'm gon Na turn this thing on – and i want you to see something right up – front i'm, gon na. Take that thing off the film didn't come off. We'Ll get that off later. I guess yeah there's film and then there's a screen protector and sometimes the film doesn't come off, which you can tell. I just got it um, so you just lift the corner on the film if it doesn't come off with that little pull tab and you can take it off. What i want to show you, while this is booting up, is the flagship optimus.

2.. Now i know you've heard about that. One and it's got the rotating camera and it's super expensive and everything, but it like all of the others. Has this uh special dual mode thing going on when you swipe down you come over, you have all these controls pay attention, pay attention, pay attention! You go over here.

You get the system mode thing and you get this cleanup thing that's this one booting up when you come back over here and you go over, you get all of your apps, i mean all of them, including third party ones, that you install you come over here. You get your fitness you're with me: okay, we're, going to go over all this a little slower in a minute. Some of you guys are in a hurry. I know: okay, remember this i'm going to hit system mode i'm going to turn it into light mode. Now, it's switching gears to this really super low power mode. This is the big big biggest uh flagship phone that we've got almost slipped up. There i come down. I go over and look it's gone. I have no controls anymore. I can clean up. I can come down here. I can go to my apps. Most all of my apps are gone. Okay. All of my third party ones are gone in this special mode and i'm, stuck with that brightness i'm, stuck with being uh in the communication mode that it's set up for i'm just playing stuck, but not with this one.

It'S now booted up check this out. I come down here here. We go that's that same looking thing wow, i can go in and out of airplane mode and i can adjust the brightness on the fly. What we are in the special sport mode, that's, the mode here that you can't, do that on it's not available in the flagship phone same thing turns out, is true on the prime s, which is right here and i come down, i go over and look it's, Not there same thing now, both of these you take them out of the sport mode and you go back into the main mode and you will find that yeah all of the access is there as before, but you got ta pick your brightness.

If you're going outside, you got ta make sure that puppy is bright. What'S going on, i don't know you got ta, crank it up and uh or or crank it down if it's nighttime, because as soon as you go into that sport mode, it's going to be stuck at that level of brightness. So this is the only one you see now check it out nothing. I can't change it. This is the only one on the market that has that capability when i go out of the sport mode i'm back just like these are into the full mode where i have access to all of these things, but the main thing is, i can turn on and Off airplane mode – and i can also change the brightness if i want to as well wow oh there's, a galaxy watch for leak.

Oh my gosh we're going to be busy here. Have you subscribed, i hope so that's it for for really the difference between these two other than this really neat feature, which i hope we're going to see in firmware upgrade on other uh flagship, dual mode watches, especially the uh optimus 2., but for right now the Biggest difference is the ability to control those two functions when you're in sport mode and the fact that the lemp i got my special sticker. So we can keep track of who's who here, as we go through the review, the lemp has more memory and more storage than the prime s.

Hello that's it case is the same. Sensors are the same you're about to see pretty much. Everything else is the same. You'Ve got more memory, four gigabytes of ram versus one you've got 64 gigabytes of storage versus 16., and let me tell you: one gigabyte is not enough to run a watch. I know you hate it when i do this, but i want to make a point you want to have at least a couple of megabytes and four uh is really really good uh that gives you uh gigabytes. Sorry, you give you get enough space to do all kinds of things. For example, let's finish the unboxing and then i'll go through the specifics bye to those of you who don't have enough time. Please give us a like and the rest of you that have time.

Stick around still with me: great let's go deeper here i got the spec sheets on the lemp and the uh prime s, and let me just point out the differences between these two uh. This one talks about having bluetooth 4.1 and 4.0. This says bluetooth 4.1 uh that might be tethering for, for i don't know what anyway they're, not bluetooth five watches. Here you go four gigabytes versus uh 164 versus 16.. It gets deeper, though now here is here's a problem. You'Re thinking. Oh, my gosh, the prime s with all that low specs is not the one i want, but wait wait when you get down to the cameras.

Look the camera front. Camera'S five side is eight megapixels and that's. True i've checked it here. You go this one. The pro the lemp is five and five, so your landscape photography, camera that's right on the top where you want. It is the same as your selfie camera, which is only five megapixels on the lemp it's. A true i don't know true, but it's an eight megapixel camera here on the uh lower level, prime s for under a hundred bucks they're trying to keep this one as inexpensive as possible, and they give you a better camera module or did they or did they There is a trick, you know called up interpolation or upscaling of the images, so it could be the same 5 megapixel module in both of these, except they have done a little software trick and mapped the pixels out.

So the images look like they are 8 megapixel but in reality it's the same fuzzy clarity, quality of images with both of them. Now i don't know, but i think that might be what's going on, because folks, these are from the same factory. I mean the same people built these they've just branded them differently and put different firmware on them, so that's a difference, it's the camera modules, the memory – and this is ip67 waterproof. But you know what i don't know. I still would risk wouldn't risk getting these guys wet. Unless somebody else does it and tells us it works i'm not going to do it.

Everything else is the same. We got the same screen. We got a 10 50 milliamp hour battery charging times. Everything else is the same, so it's pretty much the same watch now there are a couple of little differences. If i come over here and i go down to our um fitness section – which is way way down here – fitness now i'm doing it this way and as opposed to going and sliding to one more thing to the right, because those are um the same. But this is different. Now i don't know if it's a big difference, but this has got this colorful portrayal here, and this has got these tabs. You can see here, you can go in and set targets. If i do this well, let's not do indoor run let's get something that's outdoor.

I do this uh no goal um. I don't know how i would set a goal, so this has a little more flexibility. What are we looking at the cheap one, the prime s, my gosh, so you might actually have a better overall fitness app, but if you're not care caring about how long you know, timing, your ping, pong game, uh or something you might be fine with this one. When you slide over, you have your records here. If you had any they'd be here, i have used this one in the review and this uh you can use the positioning. The gps turn it on there.

So those are all the same it's just that that's a little bit different in the um. The way the fitness app itself lays out yeah, i have them on one of the few faces that's on both of the watches. I'Ll show you the faces at the end. I know some of you guys are wondering about um this low power mode uh. When you go over here, oh and by the way here we go, we got the same layout. This is a little brighter i'm going to bring it to a half like there. Now they're balanced, this seems to be more gold. That'S, more yellow that's got a little bit different icon to it. So you see there are some subtle differences, but pretty much the same. This is your hand. Bright screen right to turn your wrist to raise it to see the time when i come over here to the system mode, i want to go into what they're calling sport mode, which said 4g here and i'm coming into sport mode here now, we're in the sport Mode and it takes you right back to the watch – face and again you've got this capability here, but you don't have it here, but what i really want to show you is the apps.

When you come over to the apps you've got your heart rate: blood oxygen, sleep breath training all these kind of things. Somebody asked. Will the phone work i said: do you have phone capability when you're in that sleep or low power mode? Well, no here we go we're in the uh optimus 2 flagship watch uh.

I am in the light mode right and i come over here and look. I got phone contacts sms and then i go into all these same thing. Breath training all of that's. The same calendar alarm clock all of it: uh music, fitness assistant and bluetooth. So you have to be in the higher level flagship uh watches android 10 to be able to get that ability to do uh, calling, while still in the low power mode. Are you totally confused yet? No you still with me i'm, not trying hard enough. Let me see if i can flip you on this one. Here we go. We are still in that special low power mode right, sport mode, they're, calling it. I have limited access to. Only a short list of apps, but i double tap this i'm accessing a thing called organize drawer and look all of my apps are here, including things like the play store which are not available in the low power sport mode, but yet i'm able to get to Them i leave here. I come back it's, not there how's that possible you'll find out about that.

If you go over to the tips, tricks and techniques of review, i just did of the optimus 2. I go through excruciating detail of how to create that opportunity to tap long tap, double tap and get different things to happen. On your watch, i say that because another distinction between four gigabytes of ram and one gigabyte of ram is this: one will not support doing that.

You see it's a special thing called button mapper that we install to remap the buttons and when i load it here on primes, you have to go through and give certain permissions like accessibility, and i turn that on and i give it okay and everything's great and Then i come back and i do the next one and look. The feature is not available on this device, but it is on this one, both android 9 everything else identical. This has more memory. This can't handle it so on an lemp. If you want a good watch, that's an entry level plus it's the basic entry level like the um prime s, but with enough memory and storage to be a good watch and not necessarily the weight, the thickness and the money it costs to get into an optimus. 2 then, this is probably the choice and that's what i wanted to convey to you today in this video. So what about those watch faces? Well here? They are lemp on the left, prime s on the right. This is their flagship, main starting watch.

You got a big time here of hours and tiny little minutes here you got really nice minutes which is more important to you when you glance at your watch. Well, that might be a deciding factor for you right, here's, another fun, little colorful static one, and it takes a little while to respond here. We go and you've got that one there.

Okay, then get into this one after that one and that one you get into there and you got a nice colorful. Animated watch face this one that's another static face, there's that same one. We just saw on this one here's, the one we just were playing with. I think there's another static face here, there's that one we just saw on this one there's another basic round, one all right, we'll land on that one just for moving on this one. Not only do you have that, but you have this. This is on the hundred dollar. Prime s, guys you got all these fancy graphic animated wallpaper watch faces. Oh and now we're into my custom faces whoa, kick it girl. This is uh. One of my one of my fans made this amazing face and that's how i know we've run out of uh. The stock faces there's another one there's that one. So the prime s has quite a few more stock faces in it, including a nice one like that. Actual digital, of course you can download and install tons and tons of custom faces, and if you look at that, optimus 2 tips, text, tips and techniques, video i've got a whole bunch of custom faces, highlighted there.

This just goes on and on and on look at this they've even got a cospet one here for prime s: uh huh, wow, wow, wow, wow, okay and then there boom we've got the same uh custom face.

So you got to look at the stock faces. There are more of them they're, more colorful, they're animated. None of them had the touch buttons i noticed, but you can definitely put in faces that will activate the touch but touch buttons, of which i'd like to show you that one here. This is one of alright's creations that he made special for these new um watches that have the cameras in them and and the camera up here at the top, and if you touch the top one, it automatically will launch you into the camera and there we are. I happen to be on a front facing camera right there. I can tap and tap and we take pictures and, like i said 5 megapixel – is this front facing camera by the way notice a little different. You got this one squared off and this is just a circle with the shiny bezel there you go that's better, so the cospet is uh like that and and the lympho is like that – and if i i won't bother switching it around, but i do want to Show you that if i leave here, i can touch the bottom circle on this particular face now. I'Ll have links to alright in the show, notes and uh you can head over and pick up his faces.

He'S got lots of them just not hitting it just right. Anyway, that way uh you can launch into the gallery and that works not only on these, but on the optimus 2 and pretty much any of these android uh newer, nine and tens smart watches so that's the parade of faces as far as all the other things In there go back and take a look at the prime s, i go into a lot of detail and if that isn't enough go back to the original optimus 2, because i cover them all there too today we just want to give you a choice of which One, you probably would want for your budget and your size and your capability desires and the lympho lemp is sandwiched in there in a good place, yeah it's a bit of money, check and see.

If we got a discount for you, hopefully we can bring that down. A little bit this puppy under a hundred bucks we've seen it as that cheap, which is a really good price for an entry level watch, but don't expect to do a lot with it. If you only want to do one or two things it's adequate for that, but not much more, this one, this one with that special sport mode capability to turn on and off airplane mode in the low power it's great too bad it's, not supporting calls. That would be awesome if you could also wait a minute.

Really. You think that if we long uh double tapped here and we went to phone his phone in here mg, elemento phone tap on phone call records contacts dialing pad. What do you think sure would be interesting, huh put in a sim huh anyway? I digress we're not going to cover that today, but we are going to tell you that it's uh, hopefully a little lower price than that and, like i said this, one is in flash for 110, but usually from banggood. If you go over to the special coupon page, that i've got you'll, find the link down below uh it's, even lower than flash deals whenever i can get a coupon arranged for that, so might be able to even get it 10 bucks off from there. So cheapest entry level watch decent watch same size, same everything with more capabilities and then, of course, the uh optimus 2 puppy is like the big flagship thing with a rotating camera with flash on it, cooks, your breakfast and tucks you in bed at night.

There you go thanks for watching everybody see you again soon, love it. When you give us likes here: okay, okay, i'm! Not going to leave you guys hanging i'm going to let you know what happens when you put a sim in each of these watches and switch modes, but before i do that, i want to ask a favor. Mr tix is getting really close to 150 000 subscribers.

Here really close, but not quite there yet and that's a magic number, um i'm, really hoping we can get there soon because, as you know, google is coming up with an update to the where os um samsung is doing some amazing stuff fitbit's now part of google. It is a lot coming, but having the numbers is really going to help. So, if you're a subscriber, thank you so much and if you have a friend that could subscribe, really really appreciate it. If you'd, let them know if you haven't subscribed yet it's real easy. Just hit the subscribe button help me get my numbers up and i can help get us some really incredible, watches to review. This does not have a sim in it. This is the optimus 2.. There is the sim uh icon and, as you know, when we come over here, you've got phone contacts and and that's when we are in the light mode. So yes, with the optimus 2, you can make and receive phone calls without any problem at all, because the apps are right here.

So no brainer, optimus, 2 sim card works. Fine, the prime s. Now this is the opposite. Exactly of the optimus 2. uh, when you uh put a sim in that'll change to the airplane mode when you're in the sport mode. The sim card is not in this one, either right now, just for demo purposes we're in the sport mode, as you can see, there's no way to change that from airplane mode, so you're not going to receive any phone calls to this watch.

Nor are you going to be able to place any phone calls either because you don't have the uh calling apps. Likewise, we could not get the uh the mapped button to work where we could bring up the phone in any capacity to be able to bypass all this in place a call. So when you're dealing with the prime s and you're in um sport mode it's, not a communications device, this one fully capable the lemb right in the middle. What does it do? Well, let's check it out here we are we've, got the two icons that are available that are not available on any other watch when we're in the sport mode right, and one of these is a toggle for airplane mode. So when you first put it in sport mode, it looks like this. We do have the sim in here. You do have it in airplane mode. It will not receive calls as soon as you go into sport mode, it's, giving you low power so it's turning airplane.

On you have to turn airplane off like that, so it switches back to 4g as an active cellular, uh radio in here and now it'll receive phone calls so android mode, no problem and on the sport mode problem unless you actually activate the uh airplane. Now, what about phone calling just like this one, you can't call out there's no phone icon that you can touch to make it call out. But as we demo'd, you can map a button in here to something like organize drawer or if you wanted to, and you use it a lot, you actually could map a long press or a double tap to be the phone itself.

You tap the phone icon and it's exactly as if you'd launch the app in the android mode you're there you could uh go to your contacts.