Uh let’s review my new product uh that i purchased uh, it’s noise, smartwatch, nice, color, fit ultra let’s, see what’s inside and what it has got: Music let’s, unbox, Music, Music, Music. This is cable Music. The watch here, some user manual Music, do so let’s boot and see how it is Music isn’t. The display great. This is one of the best displays i’ve seen in this budget range, Music and very clean, and even the body quality and the strap quality is really good. This body is made from aluminium, which is military grade, is what they are claiming, isn’t it looking beautiful. So it has music control, Music, sleep monitoring, breathing uh trainer, basically for breathing exercises. Stress, monitor, monitor, and here is where you can see. All the stacks Music even watch faces are plenty to choose from Music, so you can sync with your phone and you can transfer them to Music. So i have been using this uh noise products and i’m really happy that how the brand has come up. So to give you guys a view, let me show you their first. First ever smart watch noise ignite around four years back. I had purchased this and still runs like a charm. Only thing that has been changed is uh, the strap Music you can see it had heart rate, monitor and all those things and the touchscreen is not touch clean, but otherwise believe me, this there’s no problem, then, to add to the lot.

We also have color fit pro in our home, so you can see it’s really good this itself. We used to consider it as a very good premium upgrade in this brand, but coming to ultra it’s the fit and finish, and everything is really good and it’s. Waterproof too, i have taken this into water many times and Music. This is looking really good Music, so isn’t that looking good, they have straps. Also, so you can get the straps from the go: noise store and it’s, ranging from 600 to close to 2000. There are different varieties, you can get. Silicon, strap leather, strap different kind of straps, so that’s again, a good thing in this price budget, it’s easy to swap the straps as well just pull this here, and this will come up and you can put another step. This is the app Music really intuitive uh good lot of options. You can see a lot of things here uh. Then you can shop their products Music, then coming to activity. It will show the activity if any since it’s a new watch, there’s no activity over here and oh boy coming to watch faces. There are plenty of options and you can customize too, you can have your own photo or any predefined watch face and there are really good options. So, almost every day you can change, and these are some of the settings. It has lot of features as we discussed and coming to back your backup.

It gives us nine days of battery backup and i feel it’s really good. You don’t have to carry around the charger everywhere you go and the step count and other heart rate accuracy is really close to perfect our dependability, wise it’s really good. As i showed you, the noise ignite, which is uh almost three and a half years old, is working uh, really good even today, and no issues whatsoever, so yeah it’s, a dependable prank coming to charger. There is a magnetic charger. Music one can consider buying it. I don’t see any problem other than maybe, if you guys want, if you guys, are preferring uh to have a call feature, then this doesn’t have call feature, but it it will definitely show a notification when you receive a call or any sms or something so notification Support is there, but file feature is not there.