So five weeks with the lenfo iwo w37, the apple clone smart watch lets review it. So this, my friends, is the five week review of the lenfo iwo w37 apple watch clone. If you guys like this video, i would appreciate you hit that like button and subscribe to the channel, so my friends, basically in this video, were gon na talk about the pros and cons of this watch and the overall should you buy it or you shouldnt. First thing i would like to start off is remember: this is only 22 Music, not 300, not 400, not 200, not 500, but only 22 dollars from aliexpress. I will leave a link in the description down below if youre interested and, if you like the video and want to check out the product so lets get right into it. Now with the discussion, this is your basic uh interface before you actually get inside the applications. As you can see off the bat, its a picture of me and my girlfriend – and this is her watch – we are using – and she added this by herself – so thats – amazing – that this watch for the price gives you option to customize your interface going inside. Like so or pressing with the knob you turning it, you can change. Different watch faces, which is really cool, were going to leave it on this one. So now were going to press inside and it takes us us to the interface which also with the turn of the knob, can adjust the sizes which i think is really cool if im not mistaken.

This is the same as on the apple watch itself. If im wrong leave it in the comments down below and tell me as well, if you guys think this is complete crap compared to the apple watch, leave it in the comments down below. I would like to know what you guys say about this, so you can, like i said, turn make them bigger, smaller, etc. Now you have many things here that are connected to the phone like, for example, were not going to go into it because its not really that important, but you have the what the camera right there. You have your settings. This is important, so, as you can see with the setting, it gives you many different things you can do. You know reboot, restore shutdown, password language, sound and vibration. Do not disturb raise your wrist, meaning like this, like this itll turn off itll power on like so. You know basic gestures like that. You have your dim, you have your brightness, etc and then over here only only remember through this watch face, you can go to notifications options as you can see right now. The power bluetooth is off so its not connected to the phone totally and ill get into that. You lift that up from the bottom. Here you can see your notifications. I just did some tests to show that it does receive so thats cool from facebook, whatsapp instagram things like that, not for other really ones well get into that as well.

Oh, you have also on the side. There tells you again the time the date uh the hour, everything weather so many different options. Okay, so lets go now into the phone okay were here, lets go into the app which is called where fit pro. My friends, you got ta rating. The app on google play for about 2.6 3.6 rating, which is kind of terrible, but from what i see of the app not so bad so lets see in devices as you can see its connected here. So there is some things youll be able to do, but not all of them. For example, you wont be able to receive calls. Yes, my friends, this bad boy can receive calls. You can speak directly from the watch itself. Lets go down here. Lets power it on. Okay lets go to notifications, so there its loading, so thats loading desperately its very difficult for it. So, as you can see right here, the notifications, the phone can send to the watch, meaning what the watch can receive. Sorry about the dimming every second, that is kind of annoying ill, still leave it at that, because i like the annoyance but anyway so here you can receive phone sms telegram, thats, pretty cool whats up thats, awesome, instagram, gmail, facebook, so other stuff is missing. Like tick tock, maybe notifications from youtube – you know many other things im sure but like again, a reminder, its only 22 dollars, 22 22 22 from aliexpress very cheap, pretty damn good.

Okay guys! I just wanted to show you real, quick ill show you the notifications, how it receives them and and also calls stuff like that, but just real quick. I wanted to show you guys something. So here you have your heart rate, monitor okay right there. So, yes, it can detect the heart rate. How good the quality is? Im, not really a doctor that i can say even on the apple watch, if its perfect or not, i wouldnt really count 100 on these. Things like you would on uh actual professional machine designed for it. I could be mistaken. Tell me what you think, but yes hey. Where is it? Maybe i got out so it stopped right there as you can see it does have the options. Look how the color is glowing, so that is showing that it can sense. Like your heart rate and stuff like that which, like i said, i dont know how accurate it is, but it does do it and theres other stuff of um ratings. It can do. Let me just see um, oh you have like for cycling. Outdoor sports sit ups, everything so it somehow it keeps track. To be honest, i never really use these things, but it shows it and it shows that its turned on. So if you guys buy, you can check it out in depth more and tell me what you think so were just gon na stop that and lets go right into the testing of the notifications.

Okay, guys, as you can see, i got an add on of the iphone here with me to do these tests, so you guys can see how everything is going, how it works, etc. I love saying it and im gon na say it again. My friends remember its only dollars: 22, 22, 22, 22. 2. Very, very cheap, so everything im doing remember to always keep in mind of the price factor here. Okay, so lets start first with the notifications. So i want to show you that you can receive notifications to this little cute bad boy, so even if its off, as you can see there is on it, turns blue, there is off turns gray. Now, when its in gray as you can see, you can still receive notifications but theres other things you cant, which i will tell you first lets do notification, so you can see it works so its like that i will just send a test whatever and we will Send it okay send so now were gon na go to the phone, sorry to the smartwatch and there it shows it automatically, as you can see its showing nothing of what its supposed to say, you see that its showing nothing okay, nothing is here present, so lets. Do another test sending another notification. We will type this time, hello for manners. Okay, should pop up right away if im not mistaken, or i think you have to go into it there.

It is. I just felt the vibration, but it doesnt show it because the screen is off, so you just press that and it shows it right there, as you can see its not telling you what the person is saying to you. Sometimes i noticed you will get a notification and ill tell you what it is, but generally this is how it will come up. So you will know you receive the notification from the app you are using as well from whom it is or what it is. So keep that in mind: okay, so thats pretty much it for the notification, nothing really crazy. We can go to do like a facebook instagram, but its gon na be basically the same principles. So keep that in mind now. The next thing is that i want to talk about is when this is off. You cannot receive calls directly to hear that you will be able to hear the sound and you will not be able to listen to music through the watch. Yes, my friends, you can also listen to music through the watch, which is awesome so lets check these things. Out. Put this aside for now, when i first check out the speakers that will be aside, lets go into here and go make sure that it is turned on so when that is on, you will be able to receive calls as well youll, be able to hear music From the phone sending it to the smart watch when its turned off, you wont be able to do neither of those two things as mentioned, but you will still be able to receive messages.

So first thing is with music, and here they are so we will do the first one: Applause, Music, Music, Music and another one, so Music, so thats pretty much it for the sound testing, which is really cool. How you can listen to song through the smartwatch. How far have we come in this world with this technology, my friends for only 22 dollars? It drives me crazy. The amount of money you pay for what you receive. I think that is freaking awesome, okay, my friends. The next feature here is, of course, one of the most interesting and important feature that a person would want and expect from a smart watch now, if youre wondering why i have this right here, youll find out in a minute: okay, the feature that were gon na Do now is the calling answering and speaking and listening through the watch or smartwatch so lets dive right into that, and do it and then youll find out why this is here? Okay, so a call is going to be coming in so youll be able to see exactly how it looks, how it sounds, etc. So, as you can see, this is the sound coming from here, and that is why, my friends, i put the tape for privacy purposes, but there it shows incoming call. You can see everything and you can hear its ringing right now. Well answer it and we will start speaking hello there hi hello, hello. How are you fine? How are you very good? How do you hear me on your end of the line? Ah its good okay same here very uh, its clear thats, good? Okay.

So my friends, there you have it, it makes calls and you can answer you can speak everything. So now i will hang up. Thank you very much bye bye. So that is pretty much it my friends, so it makes calls you can answer. You can hang up. You can hear everything it is awesome, but i have to be honest with you people the thing that drove me crazy and what i really dislike about. This is the fact that, from other smart watches, you can do something, but in this one you cannot and what is that something lets see. For example, now youre wearing your smart watch, okay, im wearing the smart watch right now. The problem here is with this specific smartwatch from what i know is when i would receive a call, you will see it and everything, but if i would answer from the phone, you will hear it through the smartwatch, which is a really big. No, no in case you want to have some privacy with other smart watches, its vice versa. If that would happen, you would be able to hear the call from the phone and not from the smart watch at all, unless you would allow it to be answered. You know what i mean like unlocking the incoming call and speaking, but with this one you cannot do that. So keep in mind my friend again i will say if you receive a call from the cell phone, whether you answer it from the smart watch or you answered from the cell phone.

The sound will come out from the smart watch, a hundred percent. So you guys keep that in mind other than that issue minor issue, whatever you want to call it other than that its an amazing watch and i think, its worth every penny and more for 21, 22. 25. Even 30 dollars for something like this, i would say, is definitely worth it and definitely a buy. If you can get past that one positive and negative feature that i mentioned of the calling which is a bummer but other than that, its amazing, so thats pretty much it for this video. My friends, if you liked it, i would appreciate you hit that, like button subscribe to the channel, leave a comment down below what you guys.