So here is the uh product i’m, just gon na quickly, unbox it. Firstly, the cover it. It looks decent and elegant uh. I guess these uh four uh circles are uh represent the different colors of the same smartwatch and i have the uh green version with me right now, as advertised so i’ll just open it by the way. The back has all the information like the price and uh the building uh, the building of the smart watch, etc. So this is uh. So this is a sliding mechanism. Unboxing uh. This is a simple plane, uh box with the logo on it. The lenovo logo. Moments later, okay got it so there’s uh this form it’s, probably for uh, preventing the watch from heating to the uh box. Probably so this is how the uh watch looks inside. There should probably be a charger inside i’m, not wrong and that’s the watch. Okay, yeah. We do there is a charger actually so that’s it. Firstly, the package of the watch inside it look. It looks quite good um so and that’s it. So i will be taking my time and reviewing this product i’ll be using it as a my daily watch. Okay, so i have been using this watch for a long time now and there are some observations that i made the main the mainly the ones were uh not from these specifications but uh from using the watch. I got to know the little little things that were of a huge significance, uh using it.

So, firstly, i found that uh the watch it’s. It has a square dial, unlike many other smart watches, which which are circular like the apple uh watch, and this is made up of a metal body. So that should be quite strong and, as you can see, there are two buttons over here which can be used to navigate through the watch. Uh one is the on and off screen button, while the other one jumps back to the uh, the other one. When used jumps back to the uh front home screen and uh, it has a it: has a ip68 uh water resistant rating. So what should be noted here is that ip rating doesn’t mean that it’s completely water resistant um. It means that it’s only water resistant up to a level of water after that level of water, the watch is completely spoiled and uh the ip rating prevents it from um protects it from dust, also it’s. Some amount of dust also so that’s a good thing and the design is actually very good. The build quality is also very good and wearing it, it’s really very comfortable. So these straps, as you can see, are removable and we can replace it with the other colored straps, also, which are available online. Coming to the back side of the dial. There is the uh magnet which is used in charging this i’ll get to that a bit later, but also there is the heart rate uh sensor over next is the functioning of the watch itself.

As you can see the um the front dial um it it it isn’t quite bright and that’s, because it’s the lcd display and this this small button is like a touch button. Uh. The watch is not touch screen, but here’s a touch controller which can be used to navigate through the user interface. There are things like the heart rate measures, and there is a special feature over here, which uh, which is the pedometer and also it tells us many other things. While we are doing activities like um like the walking and cycling jogging and skipping football, badminton, etc, and all of those, including uh cricket, now here is the notification bar. So notifications have to be enabled in the lenovo live app which we have to install from the app store or the play store, and so, after pairing with the watch, it does include messages that come into the watch directly. Its function works very well with uh. Almost all the apps like telegram, whatsapp mail, um and uh, twitter and facebook, and all of those. So after that uh there is the uh uh settings bar at the uh last, which i didn’t quite like, because um that’s, the most important part of all. If you want to control your watch according to your priorities, so a long push on the touch button takes us through these settings, which includes many things like um finding iphone. And yes, there are three watch. Uh dial faces um one of this um.

One of this is this one: the normal analog watch face the styles of the watch faces like this one, so there are only three watch faces available right now, but um. I would like to see some other watch faces, also after some updates that it has all the other functions of a smart watch and a fitness tracker. Basically, your pedometer, your sleep tracker, the heart rate sensor, everything of such sort and in these settings there are brightness levels up to four or five levels. Um now i have kept it at the brightest level and it’s quite fine indoors. Apart from that there’s a timer, a smart uh, a stopwatch and an alarm also so are the brightness levels now it’s at the maximum brightness level. As you can see, so the tracking part of the pedometer and the sleep time and the heart rate are also quite accurate. Through the lenovo live app now i was really impressed with the battery life of this smart watch, so this can last up to a week with one full charge, and that was a really good. Also. The charging uh speed is also quite good, so uh i’ll be i’ll, be showing how to place the charger um how to connect this watch to the charger. So this is our charger, basically for uh this smartwatch um. Now it looks like this and um as i showed earlier. This is the magnetic uh piece, so you just have to align the magnetic piece of the watch with the magnet of the charger and just close it like this um, so it’s like this, and we can connect this to any charger, even our smartphone charger, but not In but not an iphone charger, i i think so any uh android charger should work.

Fine, though there are pretty good points about uh, this uh watch the lenovo karma, but um as usual. There are some negative points to be noted. Only three watch faces, as i said, and um there is no option of our customizable watch faces where we can download our watch faces, um, which we want. The second thing is that the brightness levels, i think there should be more brightness levels because, as i said in in an inside environment, it’s quite good, but in an outside environment, where there is um the sun coming directly at you like like this, you really can’t See the see the dial at all like you really can’t, see the time and the other features because of the sun, so i think there should be more brightness levels. This particular watch is not um scratch proof i, as you can see, there are many scratches on the uh face of the dial, so you have to use it carefully, which i i didn’t know that it was uh. It wasn’t a scratch proof. So that part is a little frustrating thought problem. Is these two buttons over here? I wish there were some other controls apart from these buttons, because navigating through the watch is really difficult to eat with these two buttons. So, lastly, uh the lenovo karma smart watch costs around 3500 rupees and it’s available in two colors. One is the green one, another one one other one is the black one.

There is another uh one concern. The thing is: uh it’s not related to the watch, but it’s um it’s related to the lenovo app, which is used to pair with the watch and for the notifications also, so that just keeps running um every single time. So that drains a lot of battery and also it makes the phone very slow, so i think that needs to be sorted out, but all of these uh negative points that i just mentioned right now they are not. They are not seriously considerable because in the future there may come updates and uh. The watch may be improved as well. So all of these are the small things i uh noticed and uh at last. In the beginning also, i said that there were small things in the watch which were not related to the specifications at all which made this watch a special it’s that it’s very comfortable to use, and it shows the data accurately. It is really fast, like you can see from here, it’s really fast, so those were some of the observations i made overall uh. That was my review, and i really feel that um lenovo, karma smartwatch serves the purpose of having a smartwatch. It serves the purpose that a small thing can be replaced as your smartphone, which can be worn on your wrist, so um that’s, quite good, and one other important uh thing i want to tell you – is that uh don’t place it near uh dust or clean it.