This is the let’s comms smartwatch. This is model, let’s come gt01. So as i open this box, i just want to say this is a review unit from let’s come and they made this available to me and now i can actually say whatever i want about this watch. There are no strings attached and, if you’ve seen my reviews before, you know that’s exactly what you’re going to get go to my main page on youtube and check out my smartwatch and fitness tracker review, playlist and you will know, i call them as i see them, But i love assessing these technologies to bring you the best of the best and i kind of specialize in the budget end of the market. So this has a magnetic type charging cable, and this smart watch does uh continuous heart rate blood pressure and i believe blood oxygen. Saturation is, if i look at the back of it, looks like it’s going to have both red and green diodes. So i will let you know: um i’ll get this guy charged up. The quick start guide looks good pairing, the very fit app okay i’ve encountered that before good looking uh manual, color that looks really good. A warranty card scan how to take blood oxygen measurements. I, like blood oxygen saturation of a lot and then at this again this comes with a full user manual. This is a rare um lots of pages lots of descriptions, lots of lots of figures.

I like that this, these devices come with full manuals, let’s peel off the face covering – and you know how much i like this – oh – that feeling of taking the screen cover off something brand new. Let me press the button see if this guy comes to life here. Uh boy let’s see what happens come on wake up. No there. It is so there’s the bar code for me to scan with my phone to install the app i’m gon na. Go. Do that and uh. You know like i said. If you know me, you know i’m gon na go, wear this for a few days and come back with fair and honest review. If you don’t know me if this is my, the first review of mine, you’ve seen um just know i’m gon na go wear this for a number of days and come back with a fair and honest review and i’ll. Tell you the skinny and give you the scoop, so you can make an informed decision. Okay, guys here, we are i’ve, been wearing this watch all week and have a pretty good feel for it. At this point, uh you can get the the face to light up by pressing the button on the side. Now you can also use the lift your wrist feature, so the watch face will automatically come on when you lift your wrist or turn your wrist. I always turn that off on my devices just to save battery life, but you press that and you can choose your watch faces.

This came with a few, i want to say four or five, okay and you can scroll through your various modes here. If you press and hold that watch face, you can look at other watch faces like i said it came with a few i wore. I saw this one most of the week, but a couple days ago it actually did a firmware update and i got more watch faces, so i chose this one instead, i like this one much better and you can choose the style. You like nothing uncommon there. If you press that button again when the clock is on you get into all your features and functions, okay from top left to bottom right, you have your daily summary of your steps. Your kilo calorie burn mileage uh. All of that you go back and you can choose your exercise mode and there’s a list here, it’ll list it all on the description wherever you’re buying this, so i won’t run through them all. But let me just say: it’s got a quite a number of different exercises. This is not a gps watch. This does not have any sort of mapping functions with it, but you can pair it with your phone and the app and get location services from your smartphone. You can get heart rate, okay, and i have this set to take it automatically throughout the day i’m. Not wearing it right now, so it won’t give us a measurement.

You have a stress level indicator here now. This is kind of interesting it’s. An interesting take on hrv and i’m used to hrv, but really this is like an inverse of an hrv, because it gives you a stress level either it gives you a score and the higher that is the more stressed out. You are the lower, it is and it’ll give you your maximum and minimum over the course of the day. So just think of this as inverse hrv, okay, uh blood, oxygen, saturation – okay – i like this and here uses the red diode for this and, as i always say in these reviews, uh, you know i, i think what sets a you know: premium budget watch above the Rest of the budget watches is the integration of a red diode. In addition to a green dial, this watch has both. So i like that very much it will give you some breathing exercises here where you it will just tell you to focus on your breathing over the course of a minute inhale exhale, you know man, i don’t really need that. Um don’t use it it’ll. Give you your sleep. Okay, you get the weather again. You have to have this paired with your smartphone and turn on this weather notification. For it to push to the uh the watch. You can control the music again control the music on your smartphone. This is not an mp3 player, you have a a timer, you have a some alarms that you can set, so it will vibrate to wake you up.

It’S got a countdown timer too, so you can set this to countdown from whatever you want. This gives you your summary of your workout logs and what all you’ve done, and you can tap into that for a little bit more detail to see uh. You know what your statistics were so that’s kind of neat there’s a find your phone feature and then you can get into settings where you can change uh many of the oh, my finger’s too cold right now, but uh. If we go into the settings uh, you have there’s your r lift your wrist wrist uh feature real time. Heart rate i’ve had that turned on do not disturb watch face dimming. I have this on auto right now: power off and restart. I like the fact that you can actually turn the power off of this thing, uh when you take a shower or you’re, not using it just to save battery life, and you can see i’ve been using this all week, long and there’s still about i’d, say 50 Battery life, yet left let’s go take a look at the app. The app is pretty straight forward. It gives you your summary, your steps for the day uh your activities, your training, that you can look through and tap in and see all your training days uh. This is one where i went on a particularly long hike. It gives me my continuous heart rate throughout that it gives me my heart rate zones, whether it was you know, warm up, fat, burning, aerobic, anaerobic or extreme gives me my paces steps per minute, really like that that’s really good data to have this was a gym.

Workout, i did where it really just measures your exercise time and monitors your heart rate in real time over the course of that workout. It gives you the same. You know heart rate zones, analysis again. This is not it’s, not a gym tracker. It does not track movements in the gym or anything like that, so those are the basic statistics. I like the sleep tracking, it seems to work really well. This was my sleep over the course of the week it gives me. My averages gives me a sleep score, which i kind of like it. Does the analysis of deep sleep versus light sleep you can do that by day by month, and you can, you know, get an idea of what your sleep looks like again, very useful, very handy if you’re tracking, your health, this is the continuous heart rate mode. You can see that over the course of the the day and again by the week day month. However, you want to look at it, um all good, stuff, stress level. Now this is the that inverse of the hrv i talked about, so it gives you a score between the 0 and 100 and it actually tells you what range you fall into high is 80 to 99. Medium is 60 to 79, and normal is 30 to 59 and relaxed is 1 to 29. I spent all of my time in relaxed to normal, which is good. If i go and look at the course of the week here looks like i was a little bit more stressed out on wednesday for some reason: um don’t know what happened wednesday, but i guess i was a little more stressed so just think of this as an Inverse of hrv, it gives you a stress level, it does the blood oxygen saturation again gives you your averages uh for the day and the the week the month and gives you a high and a low and this weight box.

Here you enter that in this. Does not measure your weight in any way, so this is just you have to enter in your weight keeps track of your training. You can start this on your smartphone. This would engage the mapping when you’re paired with your watch. This again, it gets the location services from your phone a little bit about the device battery life. Here, still 52 percent i’ve been wearing this all week, so that’s great um. You can change the watch faces in here and you know here’s where all your settings are. Your message, notifications, what you want to send over to the watch and i’ll point out here. A lot of people leave comments on previous reviews asking hey. Why am i not getting my text messages? You know it could be just you. Haven’T turned them on in the app so go check that out. You can get alerted for emails and calendar events and there’s a bunch of other stuff. Here, too, that you can turn on, and you can also turn on the weather too, and i have that turned on and let’s see. You know it gives you some badges. Give me gives me some messages can change my settings all good stuff. You can change the units and you know that’s. Basically, the app it’s pretty basic it’s called let’s fit. I like it. It gets the job done so there you go. My bottom line is, i think my job is to tell you whether i think this is a good value for the money and i’d say for under fifty dollars right now, selling on amazon.

This is absolutely a good smart watch, uh for under fifty dollars. It’S got a lot of features in it, it’s waterproof to five atmospheres: it’s uh, i just i like it, it’s it’s a quality product. It feels good. I, like all the functions and features on it, to get to your messages you just swipe down from the top of the page, and you can tap on your messages and it works. Just fine again be sure to turn this on on the app to send your messages and any notifications over to your watch. So i i like this device. I would highly recommend it if you like this video, you know what to do. Just click that, like button below that’s, all i’m asking you don’t have to subscribe or ring the bell or anything like that. Just simply. Click the like button i’d appreciate that very much just to know that i’m appreciated and until next time i wish you the best.