I made this list based on my personal opinion. I tried to list them based on their price. On their price quality durability and more to find more information about these smart watches, you can check out the description below and also do not forget to subscribe to stay up to date with the latest technology reviews. So let’s get started with the video. We start with number five: it is the fitbit versa. 2.. This smartwatch is a refined upgrade from it is predecessor that adds built in alexa, new software, advanced, seep tracking features and many other great features. This one has customized training programs which can help you a lot during your fitness sessions, a solid battery life and insightful sleep analysis which i mentioned earlier. It works perfectly with both android and ios. It has a pretty nice design with great build quality. This company has proven once more that you do not need top notch features to make an amazing fitness watch. It is aimed at those that are looking for fitness watch, rather than those that are looking for productive and classy watch. It bridges the gap between the wrist and the phone by offering ways to control your smart home setup, offering message and calendar notifications and playing music from your phone. While in a workout session it has a squirtle design and it looks almost like an apple watch. It has screen size of 40 millimeters and it can fit most wrists on.

It is watch. The fitbit branding has been removed from the bottom bezel, which, in my opinion, is great because it makes the bezels on this one much thinner. Versa. 2 has only bottom, which sits on the left end. It serves as both back and select. It has a nice bright, amole touch screen which protected by gorilla glass 2 and it is capable of hitting up to 1000 nets of brightness. Overall, the 300 x 300 screen looks amazing and thanks to the ambient light sensor that this watch has it can adjust the brightness according to the environment you are in, and that alone is amazing. I should also mention that this watch has an always on option, which is great, and now there added plenty of new always on faces, because there were only the default analog and digital option before the battery life of this watch can last up to five days, which Is great the only thing you have to do to access the app launcher to swipe from right to left? If you swipe down you get access to notifications and also by default, you can access music controls, fitbit play and quick settings. If you long press the side bottom or swipe down on the screen, you can access alexa and the anything that this voice assistant cannot do on this one make calls or respond to messages. Overall, it is an amazing watch that has plenty of features. Number four: the fossil gen 4 east florist.

This smartwatch is a uniquely designed piece of tech that runs where ios, and that means it can be used with both ios and android devices. It also includes every single feature that you would expect from a flagship smartwatch, including nfc, for contactless payments, heart rate tracking gbs for tracking your runs and many more great features that you should check out and see. If this is the smartwatch you were looking for anyway. Let us get straight into the topic and see what this one has to offer when it comes to design the fourth generation. Fossil explorers is a very good looking watch taking. Most of it is design cues from the previous 3rd gen model. At a glance, the watch resembles a traditional mechanical timepiece. More than most of it is smartwatch rivals. Thanks to it is large flat glass front, notched, bezel and crown style buttons. It is a pretty classy watch that you can wear whenever you want to further more. This watch has a rotating crown that can be used to scroll through menus, which can be quite tricky when the watch is worn on your right arm, something to consider for left handers. The fossil gen 4 east florist comes different colors from which you can choose, but regardless of which one all of them perform equally and the color is the only difference. As i mentioned earlier, the nfc is a great addition, and it will only take a few minutes to set up the google play and making a contactless payment at the supermarket is very easy.

You should know that it work without an internet connection, so you can pick up something at the shop on the way back from a run, even if you have left your phone and wallet behind. Also, if you swipe right, instead of changing watch faces, you now get direct access to google fit, which also received a sizable update. To sum up, i would say that the fossil for explores is a must, have and considering all it is features, and it is fluid performance. You would never regret your decision because it delivers more value than it is price conveys number three samsung galaxy active ii. It is greater smartwatch and, as you may know, most of fitness watches come with designs that make them look like some alien technology, but not this one. This one looks great on almost every occasion. It has a great design, nice rotating dial, great battery life and many more great features. The only thing that might be a bit of a disappointment is the price, as it comes at an expensive price. But if you want a top notch smartwatch, then you should consider taking a look at the samsung. Smartwatch comes in two versions available in terms of size, the 44 millimeter version and the 40 millimeter version, which both very light and with their aluminum bodies, weigh 26 grams and 30 grams respectively. When it comes to color. This one is available in aqua, black cloud, silver and pink gold, all of which look good, and the last thing you need to worry about is style because, no matter which color you choose, it still look good on you.

Something else i noticed was that here are two side bottoms on the device and also the double tapping on the screen. Activate samsung is bixby, smart assistant, which is great. Furthermore, on the front part, it has a 1.2 inch super mauled panel with a 360 by 360 resolution, and you should know that on the 44 millimeter version, you get a 1.4 inch panel. This one is equipped with a homegrown axions 110 dual courtship set clock. Speed of 1.15 gigahertz and 768 0 megabytes of ram that delivers great performance overall, the operative system work just like expected and samsung has ironed out every feature of the os, and it feels perfect. Overall, it has ‘ workout modes available at selection and they all work. Like intended, delivering excellency the digital dial is my favorite, a pretty great experience. Also, there is the ecg sensor on top of it is array of sensors which detects electrical activity and your heart perfectly. With a two days battery life that delivers durability, the samsung galaxy watch active of the best in the market without a doubt number two. It is the apple watch series 5, one of the best smart watches in the market. This is one of the most versatile watches in the market coming in with an astonishing design, great display and great battery life, superb selection of apps as well, optimized os, always on display and so much more. It has plenty of great features, but the thing about this one is that it is a bit more expensive compared to other high end smartwatches, something that i love most about this one is that the always on display looks great, and it is a lot more than You would expect from a smartwatch.

A lot of smartwatches nowadays only show off this feature, but this one does in perfectly. It shows you all the information that you may need on the display and you can customize it to fit your preferences, setting to show you the most used apps such as messages or workout. But then again you can also set it to show battery life and the weather, on top of normal clock, face another feature that i love is the adaptive ambient light sensor that works too perfection adjusting the brightness perfectly the biggest feature that came in with this brand New apple watch is, it is built in compass that may seem a bit confusing, but after a bit of messing around with the compass app, it proved to be one of the most useful features for fitness users. It can show you plenty of routes and trails for running and cycling which great the battery life of the apple watch. Series 5 is pretty good as well, but then again you will still need to charge it daily, as it averages about 16 hours before needing a recharge. However, i think this is not a deal breaker, but if you plan to use the sleep tracking feature, it might not be the best choice for you. The design is the same old, classic apple watch, which most of us have been big fans of, and it comes in three finishes, including space, grey, silver and gold. Aluminum look pretty much excellent.

It is one of the best, no doubt, and you should see what apple has to offer with this one number one it is samsung galaxy watch it is our top pick is the result of samsung is perfect craftsmanship that changed the smartwatch game forever. The reason why this one is considered as the best in the market is that it has everything that a smartwatch should have from the looks to the performance. It also has a very great build quality and it has many more great features that will help you a lot during your workout sessions. The design of this device looks very nice. It has a simple and plain design, and it is available in three colors rose gold, silver and midnight black, the one that we are reviewing right now it is the silver one, but one thing that all of them share is the excellent performance and the solid build Quality, the samsung galaxy watch comes equipped with a circular screen and rotating bezel that is attached on a 46 millimeter. That looks as good as it feels, but you will also have an option to customize the band by choosing any of the available straps that are sold by samsung inside the box as well as the watch. You will also find a large and small strap included a wireless charging dock as well as a travel adapter. Furthermore, let is talk about the other features of this amazing smartwatch. The galaxy watch is compatible with both ios and android smartphones, and the connection process is surprising.

It only take few seconds, which is great. It has many more great features that you should check out and see. If this is the smart watch, you were looking for. Also this one has ‘ total exercises and sex auto tracked exercises. Apart from it is ability to track your sleep and constantly notify you of everything you wish for something else that you should know is that this one has integrated, samsung pay, which you can take advantage of anytime. You want to purchase something while shopping, which is great to conclude. I’D say that if you want one of the best smartwatches available, that has everything that you need.