If you know what i mean let’s get into it and let’s make it simple: greetings and salutations my friends, my name is travis aka dad and welcome to dad. Does tech i’m just an ordinary dad who loves tech and camera stuff, and my goal is to help you find the right gear and get the most out of it and typically on this channel, you’ll find videos about gear relating to audio or video or cameras and Photography, things of that nature, but today we’re going to be doing something a little bit different and we’re breaking into the wearable space. This is the let’s fit iw1 model smartwatch and it is ‘.99 yeah it’s, cheap let’s. Put that in perspective for a second, you could go and buy one of the new apple watches for ‘9, or you could buy 10 of these for everybody in your family. I mean there’s, definitely value in price. I guess we just got to figure out. Does it work well enough to warrant even paying the ‘ all right time out for a second? This is dad from the future. Well, the future of making this video i’m in the process of uploading it right now, so i guess it’s the past for you now, but the point is i’m in the process of uploading. This video and i wanted to interject here because i went out to the website for let’s fit to link up the product to the video so that you could go there if you wanted to buy the watch.

However, i noticed something very interesting and i wanted to interject here and let you know about it just in case this is still happening, so i went out to the website and there’s two things i found one. The price has changed: it’s now 44.99 on sale, which is not a huge deal, it’s still good value still wearing the watch still love it. However, the bigger thing is it’s currently out of stock and while that’s normally not a huge deal. Everything on the website looks to be out of stock right now and that’s that’s kind of strange so, depending on when you are where you are, or i guess how you are, i have no idea if this thing’s available or not so before you decide. This is the one i’ve got to have it. You may want to check and see if it’s available, so yeah back to you past dad. So as far as charging this watch goes. All you do is you would take this end of the cable here and then you would match it up with these pins that are located on the back of the smartwatch and it’s magnetic. So you would just kind of like set it down and it just connects right to it, but it only works one way so apparently it’s this one. Now that you’ve got the watch all connected up to your phone, it is ready to roll in its basic settings, but you can get into the menus and make different customizations and take full advantage of all of its features.

Some of those features include 7 day battery life, 14 different sport modes, heart rate, monitor blood, oxygen levels, music controls idle warning system and believe it or not, breathing exercises i don’t know anything about breathing exercises. The screen is decently sharp and it has good brightness, which is nice, so you’ll have no problem seeing it in daylight. I keep mine on 60 brightness and it’s, set to light up on my wrist, lift so other than lifting my wrist to look at the watch. The screen is almost always off. Overall, i think this watch has a pretty good look to it, it’s a little bit on the thicker side as well as on just the overall bigger side. I don’t know if i would recommend it for people who have smaller wrists. It fits me perfectly, and i don’t have any issues with it whatsoever and i think it looks fairly balanced for someone who has wrists roughly the size of mine or bigger. But if you do have smaller wrists it’s, definitely worth noting that it might look or feel a little awkward when these sensors on the bottom are flashing with green lights. That is when the watch is checking for heart rate and when they are red. That means that the watch is currently checking your blood oxygen levels. The watch band on this watch definitely has a more durable feel than some of the watch bands i’ve seen on other smart watches. However, i will say that this durable watch band lacks a little bit in the comfort side.

So if you’re somebody who is looking for more of a comfortable watch band versus a durable watch band, i would say you may want to consider trying to get a new watch band for the smart watch. The nice thing about this smart watch is that it has quick release latches on it, so you can take the watch band off super easily and i’ll link down in the description down below to some of the watch bands that i use on my watches. Currently my favorite straps for the silicone straps are the archer bands. You can get those on amazon and they’re not very expensive. This is not on a sponsored video by archer band or anything like that, but i do like the archer straps an awful lot on the front of the watch face. You’Ll find the date the time, as well as your steps. Your current battery life notification, as well as a little chain link up in the left hand, corner the chain link if it’s green. That means it’s currently synced to your phone. If it’s gray, that means it’s currently not synced to to your device now what’s odd is. I did find that there were a couple times where this randomly just wasn’t synced to my device, and i wasn’t getting notifications. It hasn’t happened often, but there has definitely been a couple of missed notifications, because this watch was not synced to my phone i’m, not sure if it’s, because i was super far away from my phone and then i came back to my phone and it didn’t just Pick it back up again or what the deal was, but as soon as i opened the app all of a sudden, my watch was then synced to my phone again.

So take that for what it’s worth, if you swipe down on the watch, face it’ll bring you to all of your notifications, whether they’re text, message or other apps you’ve approved mine are currently mostly wise, doorbell notifications, because my children are currently outside repeatedly pressing the doorbell Over and over and over again because children, if you swipe to the right it’ll, bring up whatever shortcut you have preset in your mobile app mine is currently set to the today function, which just tells me all my stats for the steps that i’ve taken today. If you swipe up on the watch face, it gets you to some quick settings. Finally, if you swipe to the left on the smartwatch, you’ll get a full list of what this smartwatch can do and all of its functions. If you click into the workout icon, you’ll get a full list of all the different workout modes that this watch currently offers, and there is 14 of them, and i can’t tell you how excited i am that there’s. Finally, a badminton mode, i mean how many times i have been in a rigorous badminton match and just meant wished just wished to all the moon and stars to have a watch that could record my physical activity during my badminton match. We finally got it folks. We finally got it out of all of the modes on this watch, that is by far my favorite, and it is a little bit curious that something like that made it into this watch, but they didn’t put in something like swimming, which is a little bit curious Because this watch is constantly in the marketing saying it’s waterproof, it’s waterproof, but it’s actually ip68, which really isn’t waterproof.

It would survive incidental water and if it was really waterproof, there’d probably be a swimming mode. In here not badminton scrolling down you’ll be able to click on a heart rate to see what your current heart rate is, which is currently trying to detect through my finger and when you look at this you’ll, be able to see what it is right now as Well, as a graph over the last 18 hours, all right, the next mode is the blood oxygen level. So you click on that and then just click. The little arrow and it’ll start measuring you’ll notice that the red lights are starting to appear underneath the watch, and that means it is checking your blood oxygen levels. This could take anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds i’ve found. The next function is probably almost as useful to me as the badminton mode, and that happens to be the breath mode, and you may be thinking what is breath mode well, it’s, literally, a mode that will allow you to check your breaths and practice breathing. If, if you’re not familiar, actually, what it’s supposed to do is supposedly help you relax, you do breathing exercises and it’ll help you relax, maybe someone’s gon na find that useful. I just am not one of those people but let’s practice here. Well, it ended and i had 92 beats per minute on my heart rate, so i don’t know if i did a good job or not so comment down below.

If you know what that means, settings is pretty self explanatory, but music controls is actually kind of cool because you can use the music controls to raise and lower volume and play pause or skip tracks on your music that’s playing through spotify or whatever your music provider Is through your phone, so if you’re listening to your earbuds or something like that, you’ll actually be able to adjust those controls from your watch if you don’t want to do it from your phone or the earbuds themselves. Now, if you are somebody who is going to use this watch for fitness purposes, you’re probably curious about the exercise modes and the health features of this watch. The one thing there is to note about the exercise modes – and this watch in general when it comes to the fitness purposes – is that it doesn’t have a native gps built inside. So that means that you’re going to have to have your phone with you when you’re going on your exercise routes. Otherwise, you won’t be able to track like your distance as far as seeing how far you’re running and things like that, if you want to see a full route of where you went and everything it will record a map and everything you did during your routines. But you will need your phone within reach when you’re wearing this watch for exercises, for any of you who are having trouble sleeping or curious about your sleep cycles and how you are sleeping at night, and you want that data.

I would say that this watch is actually a good investment for that data, especially for the price in the mobile app i’ve found that there is a lot of really good data, and i like how it presents itself. Overall, i find that the app has a lot to offer and it’s very clean and pretty easy to understand. Usually, on these lower end watches, you find that the watch isn’t just the only thing – that’s cheap it’s, also not a great performer and usually the app – has a terrible ui, but that isn’t the case with this one, this one’s actually pretty solid. It shows you a daily weekly and monthly view, and you can see all of the sleep cycle you can see when you’re in rem, your light sleep and your deep, slight sleep cycle, as well as if you’re waking up in the middle of the night. Overall. My experience with this watch so far has been pretty positive. It’S got a lot of different things going for it if you’re interested in tracking your steps, your heart rate, your blood oxygen or your sleep, or even tracking your fitness during different workouts. This is a pretty good option if you’re somebody who’s just looking for something for notifications. This is also a pretty good option and it works pretty well. This watch is really only held back a little bit, in my opinion, by the fact that it doesn’t have a native gps.

It doesn’t quite live up to its seven days of battery life and it’s a little bit on the thicker side and may not suit all wrists. But if you’re interested in a smart watch that does a lot for a little. This could be a good option and, if you’d like to style a video with a more casual showing of the product as well as a wearable video, please let me know that in the comments down below as well. So i can know if these are videos that you’d like me to make in the future, because i had a lot of fun with this one. So i hope you like it well, i think that’s just about it and i need to get back to practicing. My breathing exercises got to be ready for this afternoon’s uh big badminton match and uh yeah. So if you like, this, video found it helpful or mildly entertaining go ahead and smash that, like button click, subscribe, tap the little bell icon to get notified. When i make new videos and i’ll see you guys in the next video later when it comes to the biometric readings, that the watch can provide, such as blood oxygen and heart beat 14 different, smokes 14 different sport modes that stuff’s all going to have to come.