This is actually a really nice watch right here. There you go first, look right there, pretty nice looking good premium quality. It almost feels like an apple watch. I really like it. We have only one button on the side here. Just to, i guess, control everything. On top we have this screen and on the bottom we have the sensors, for, i guess, heart rate tracking motion, uh, sleep tracking stuff, like that, and also the charger slot down below yeah there’s, no power, brick and it’s. Just the usb charger like that, you just attach to the bottom and it’s magnetic and you can just plug it in wherever you want easy peasy. So the price of the watch at the time of the recording is 38 on amazon 1.4 inch, touchscreen smartwatch with blood oxygen, saturation and heart rate monitor. So this one is actually ip68 waterproof. Smart notifications enjoy up to 30 days device standby time with just two hours of charging let’s go ahead and take it for a spin wow. This is perfect, for my rest. Look at the size, so the app is, you can get it from the manual. The app is less fit and i’m gon na install it. Now we select the watch that we are using, so we have the iw1 and oh there’s a pro version as well, but we’re gon na use this. Maybe oh, that worked okay. The watch pairing successful awesome. Look at the interface i mean look at that the screen quality is amazing wow.

This is really amazing quality for the screen for these cheap watches at this price. So this is the interface i’m, just not gon na look at the manual. So hopefully we can figure everything out here. So let’s see okay, scroll, yeah, scroll left. We have the abs workout today, blood oxygen, heart rate let’s go work! Oh, so you select your workout routine, auto, run indoor run indoor cycle, nice let’s, try outdoor run uh, so the watch uses the gps on my phone to track. My running process so do confirm outdoor run and play three two one and it actually track your movement and running and stuff like that. As you can see, the sensors are working okay, you press on the side and you can stop the activity right there. You can just select different types of activities; they have, basically all of your needs, included, swimming yoga, free training and stuff, like that and i’m just gon na go back to the main main menu. Okay, we have workout and what is today today, i’ll just give you a summary of what did you do today and i have zero steps, so he counts the steps and let’s go. Let me go down sleep, no record of sleep, no record of workout, obviously, and that’s just a report for the day that you are in at the moment. We have the heart rate let’s. Try that for that, for the testing, the heart rate, you actually need to have it on your wrist because it works with your blood stream.

You have to have it on my wrist, oh yeah, as you can see, 88 beats per minute. I think the uh good range is between 80 200 i’m assuming, but as far as this watch goes shows that the heart rate monitor is working all right going back to blood oxygen. This is actually a good feature, especially during the covet times, because covet affects your blood oxygen. This watch actually gon na help. You monitor your oxygen. Okay, so it’s measuring right now, i’m, just going to put it on my wrist, i guess being high on oxygen is good, so 98 percent blood oxygen. So i guess i’m in a good level for blood oxygen and you can retry it again. So going back to the menu again, we have more options. We have the breathing, i guess breathing, you want to try breathing for one minute. Oh it shows you inhale exhale. So if you’re stressed out or something you can try this mode just to relax and get more oxygen flowing in your blood stream going back, we have the timer, like any other timers on any phone. You ever use basically with timer, okay, that’s, actually very handy and useful i’m gon na use. Use that a lot when you go to the gym and you have the workouts for a minute. You just put the timer and that’s it pretty useful features on this watch. So we have this smartwatch too, oh it’s stopwatch so stopwatch is just the regular stopwatch boom and going back one thing that i noticed the toshi screen is actually good and sensitive.

I really like that. I it doesn’t mistake my touches and actually do what i want and also we have the alarm as well. Please add an alarm in the app okay, so you need to add an alarm in the app. I guess you can control it in the watch. Music control. One of the best features on any smart watch. Okay, so we do the music control play. Okay, so uh there’s, no speaker on this watch, so you can control the music on your phone. So if you have a headset, headphone earbud, whatever you can control it with this watch, and that is actually a pretty good feature to have on your smart watch, nice and also the settings we have general okay raise to wake. When you raise your hand, it will show the turn on the screen. Do not disturb night mode. Okay, one is night mode, just dim the light. A little and power saving brightness vibration screen time off. So the screen time off is pretty uh short at the moment. I’M, just gon na put 15 for the sake of this video. Okay. Did it work? Yeah, okay and you go back with the menu button on the right watch face okay. This is what i was looking for. Actually so watch face. We have the analog here. We have a digital, another analog and just three: maybe we have more options in the app i’m gon na look i’m gon na go with the digital.

If you go back and we go up, oh it actually shows your messages. If you have any messages received on your phone, you can see it see them here as well, and if you go down, we have re some some of this as quick settings. Here we have the night mode brightness and raised hand function. I don’t know yeah that one’s a setting and that’s pretty much basic stuff, okay cool so far, i’m, really loving this uh watch. The build quality is amazing. Is i mean it looks like a premium watch like an apple watch, but you only only paid like 37 on amazon and the screen. Quality is amazing, packed with tons of features, uh oxygen, blood, uh, heart rate, monitor so yeah. As far as the app goes up. It just pretty much shows the your activity report and simple stuff you so basically most of the stuff that you’re gon na need is on the watch itself, and this is one of the watch that i recommend you guys. If you want to purchase something light, i had other watches smart watches. I reviewed some of them on this channel, but this one i really like the style, uh quality screen and touch sensitivity, stuff like that and i’m really happy about it. I think i’m gon na use this regularly on a daily basis. Thank you for watching this video.