Is it any better than my personal favorite, the id 205l let’s get in Music. My most popular video, by far like not even not even a close margin by far, is my review of the let’s fit id 205l smartwatch, which you can see up here or here or in the link in the description below it, turns out that let’s fit saw. It too, and they actually sent me their latest smartwatch, the iw2 to test and review. They also sent me their latest earbuds, which are actually pretty good. You should check that out in the description below as well and while you’re ready just go ahead and subscribe, just kidding now, i’m going to be referencing and testing against the 205 for the rest of the video. The iw2 is essentially this thing’s successor and it’s 20 bucks more at 50 bucks, 30 bucks. So what do you get for your extra 20 bucks? Well in it, we have a much larger 1.55 inch screen, which appears to be a lot sharper than the 205 customizable watch faces. Finally, with tons and tons of different combinations to choose from, as well as choosing your own picture as a background, the usual step sleep and activity trackers with options for many more sport modes, typical clock things like the time and alarms and timers and such a heart Rate monitor and a blood oxygen monitor, which is actually pretty accurate, gps tracking for your outdoor runs and walks water resistant up to 50 meters for around 10 minutes.

Basically, you can go ahead and swim with it with no problem which i did android and ios compatible with notifications for all of your apps, and even with all this extra features, you still get the incredible 10 day battery life, which i can attest to even at Max brighton’s, now all of this syncs up to their new let’s fit app. They finally have their own app now, so no more third party apps like very fit pro Music. Okay. So last time i told you guys a story about how people kept mistaking my 205. For an apple watch and if you thought i got a lot of comments, then this ball, i don’t put these side by side and you tell me honestly, which one is the apple watch, honestly, the more that i look at them. The more the iw2 looks like an apple watch than an apple watch. Now, with this bougie exterior, we have much more screen real estate than the 205 and much more customizability in the 205. All you can customize is the colors that’s pretty much it here? You have lots of color combinations, tons of different watch faces and, as i mentioned before, you can have a background with any picture you want. The bands themselves are kind of short compared to the 205. I don’t know why they’re shorter swiping through the watch is perfectly fine. The lag between turning your wrist and seeing the time is still kind of there, but it’s definitely much better than the 205.

Music okay i’m gon na. Try, though, so in my testing, i found some quandaries and some of them have to do with the let’s fit app itself, and this may be because this is a brand new watch. It came out march 2021 it’s just under four months ago, and the app itself is fairly new it’s, not even a year old. As a software developer myself, i understand the struggle of trying to launch a brand new product. I feel your pain, so i will give let’s fit the benefit of the doubt and not immediately bash them, because probably these things could be fixed with just a software update. So let’s start with the app itself. You cannot have two watches synced up. At the same time, they can be connected to the app, but they won’t be synced to your phone. At the same time, this is a bummer, because now i have to take this watch back to the very fit pro app again and this is with the let’s fit at. So i need two apps to run two watches. But i guess this is kind of unique for me because most people aren’t going to be wearing two watches at the same time, but still, if you’re getting two different, watches it’s not going to work. But when i did have them both connected to the let’s fit app, something weird happened: okay, switching between the watches in the app did not change the step information in the app even after uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again.

It shows that i have 12.8 000 steps, even though it says 10 000 on my watch. The only remedy was to actually completely disconnect the 205 from the app and that pretty much fixed it. I thought this was kind of weird and shouldn’t be happening at all. So i contacted the quality engineer there, let’s fit, who i have already been in contact with, and he told me that the 205’s hardware is not optimized for their own let’s fit app. So there will be issues, but if it shows in the app store and the list of compatible devices that the 205 is a compatible device, why is it on the list of compatible devices if it’s not 100 compatible? I don’t know about that Music. Okay, so the app is a bit wonky, but how’s the watch also a bit wonky. So, for the first few days of testing, i was getting a lot less steps on the iw2 than i was on the 205 like a lot like 4 000 steps, less that’s weird. I had them on both of my wrists for three days straight. My sleep data was identical on both watches, but my step data had a huge discrepancy so again contact the quality engineer. Why am i getting so few steps? You told me here we go. I have to go into my account settings, not the watch settings. My account settings and change my stride length in all of my years of using smart watches.

I have never been forced to input my stride length if you don’t know what stride length is, is the length between your feet when you’re taking a step, and you have two different strides – a walking stride and a running stride. Okay, sure, whatever i go in to do that, and i see that there’s an auto option for it to automatically detect your stride, why why wasn’t this the default? Why not just have it default to auto? Why do i have to now do this extra step? Look not everyone can just go. Ask the quality engineer a question whenever they want to so this feels a little unfair. I firmly believe as much as possible that technology should simply work right out of the box. This should have been just set to auto. I shouldn’t have to measure my stride. I’Ve never had to do that in any other smart watch. I didn’t have to do it for this. I am 90 sure this can be a quick software fix. But if i wasn’t here to tell you all this you’d go you’d get the watch and you’d get inaccurate steps and you’d think it’s a bad product which it’s not it’s, not a bad watch just be aware. You’Re gon na have to do that. If you get this watch, i am here to bring you guys the facts so, after setting the stride to auto it pretty much fixed it Music. This leads me to my third snag: the gps tracking yeah yeah.

Now this thing allows you to track your runs and your walks outdoors with gps, and you can see it on a map, the exact route that you ran or walked, or whatever and it’s pretty cool. If you can get it to work, it took me multiple tries of trying to get this gps tracking thing to work. So for the third time i go to the quality engineer and by this point i’m sure he you don’t, want to see my stupid face. No more i’m sure she’s saying oh my god, this idiot again either way here’s what was happening. Okay. So, in order for the gps tracking to work, you need to give the app location and background processing permission cool. Did that i understand what that means. Did it done so in my brain, oh and according to the instructions as well? I am good to go not so fast, not so fast there. So i go to my watch start the gps tracking and on the watch it says, and i quote: open the let’s fit app to connect to mobile gps. So that’s. What i did i go. I open the app blank there’s, nothing there there’s, no prompt there’s. Nothing did it work. I guess it worked. Okay, i go out on my run. I go run a mile that’s a lie. I walked a mile. Okay, i walked. I didn’t run. I walked. I walked. I get back home i’m excited to check my run open.

The app i check my run there’s no map, that’s strange. I thought it told me to open the app and it should work. It just showed my information for my run. You know how many steps my heart rate and all that stuff good info didn’t, show me my route here’s, why it wasn’t working and here’s how i fixed it by chance, okay by chance. According to the engineer, he just repeated back to me what the instructions say: you’re supposed to get a prompt on your phone once you open the app, but i never got a prompt, nothing popped up on my screen and the reason i didn’t get a prompt on My screen was because i didn’t have the app open. First, once i had the app open first and then started the run on my watch. I would then get the prompt on my phone to give location permission. The instructions and the watch itself both tell you to begin the gps tracking run on your watch. First, that does not work. That’S, not correct. It’S incur the instructions are wrong. What worked was having the app open first and then starting the gps tracking on the wall. Now, once you get this prompt it’s a one time prompt, you give it permission and then the gps tracking works all the time. Every time actually works really well very accurate, but getting there took almost a week of just trying and trying and trying. So i eventually got it to work by chance, but holy hell again.

If i wasn’t here to tell you all this, i don’t see how anyone would have figured that out. The instructions are incorrect and that is unacceptable. Music. If you are curious about how to operate, the smart watch check out my previous smart watch review down in the description below this watch is basically exactly the same thing. So is it worth it? The watch feels unfinished like like it should have stayed in beta testing. Just a little bit more needed a little more time in the oven if they could iron out these kinks – and you know, push out some software updates and update their instruction manual. Then this would be a great watch. It would be a fantastic watch. I would definitely recommend it, but that’s, not the watch that i got all these new features on the iw2 are pretty cool if you can get them to work, but i can’t ignore these glaring red flags, so no, i don’t think it’s worth it. I’Ve never had an issue with the 205, and now i believe it is still the reigning champion. I really hope let’s fit learns from their mistakes with this, because this smart watch could have been really great. It was so close to greatness so check out the let’s fit id205l. Instead that’s it for this. One don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, so you never miss a new video. Thank you guys.